VDO2014 - Minami $38 menu




Aburi Sushi Sampler
Minami’s signature sushi appetizer

- I loved it, I often think this is over priced but for dine out, it's not bad!


Slow Roasted Beet Salad
toasted walnuts, crumbled blue cheese, roasted grapes,
cabernet-cassis tarragon vinaigrette

Jidori Chicken Foie Gras Gyoza
truffle dashi

Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish
kale goma-ae, yuzu-miso sauce, wasabi relish

Soy Braised Boneless Beef Shank
warm potato salad, mulled red wine-peppercorn demi

- I was surprised to find out that for the main course, i get all of what is listed. It's like a bento concept. My favorite of he 4 is the sable fish. Its a biased liking because I Ike almost any baked fish. However the least liked is the braised beef. It could be fatter and more flavorful.


Apple Cranberry Crisp
berry coulis, crème anglaise, salted caramel-miso ice cream

-so many different elements going on in this dish. It was a very buttery yummy apple crisp. Was there cranberry?? I couldn't taste the miso =( it's a good apple crisp, with a unnoticed twist.  

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