Binging with Grandma part 6


This very cold and miserable night we are having BBQ at my uncles house. He is an amazing cook.

So what's on the menu today

Cocktail shrimp and salad

Foie gras 

BBQ lamb

BBQ various vegetables

BBQ prime rib roast - biggest thing I've seen from home cooking. This massive honking thing just shy of 8?lbs

Oh no, but he's not done yet though, especially with the ever flowing bottles of wine.

Next up is soft ice cream and 20yr old port. In uncles new and very cool antique absinthe glass that can take high temperatures yet still looks like a very beautiful dessert wine glass ^_^;?

Anyways, port is one of grams' favorite. She likes it even more now with ice cream. 

She's learning so many bad eating habits, but she keeps saying "better do this before I die"

As you wish grams, who am I to deny your life's little pleasure?

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