500 points!

finally saved up enough sephora points for this baby! I've been waiting a while to a get a good set!

Adventure time III


Today's adventure is crossing this old suspension bridge. originally built in 1889 and rebuilt in 1956 it is 140m long and 70m above the capliano river.
I noticed that it has many patch work done.. with copper? you can see the patch I posed with my favorite shoes.
maybe this is where all the pennies went!

my favorite wasn't so much the bridge but cliff walk and the childish tree top adventure!

of course a good incentive to do all this exercise is to bribe me with a picnic and my favorite cucumber sandwiches. 

adventure time II

today was a rough start, getting out of bed mainly lol. we first dropped by cruise ship area I think... can't remember 

so this picture is of Vancouver! could you tell?? it's actually really nice and quiet up there except... maybe the elevator went up to fast or smth I was kind of dizzy.

Next up was. cute little winery we pass by. I wish I wasn't so hungry I really want to learn the flavors of wine . it's hard because I have little guidance in it. it's highly suggested to go to kelowna for tours. anyways .. no wine today =P

here's today's outfit pic ^_^

cute hand painted antique furniture??
oddly there is a antique store in the middle of no where.

panago use to make this pizza and it was delish. however I never learned the name of this back then. it is called Margherita pizza, which has basil extra olive oil tomatoes and mozzarella.

this is my first time at Campagnolo Roma. I've always wanted to go to their othe slightly sketchy area location but had no balls to lol. their pizza is to die for!
I think they also said smth about local ingredients or smth as well.

aside from their hideously famous curtain. it's pretty good! 


many years I've not been here
the macarons here I miss so dear
for closure? what's this I hear?
I must go there before I tear!

your secret garden I will miss
where can I find another like this?
sitting quietly as I reminisce 
with a last latte cake and macaron kiss

summer days

King Crab Season!

I think so far I've had king crab three times are more I forgot.

this particular photo was when grandma declared she wants to eat king crab at a restaurant. 

Your wish is our command!

adventure time !


the morning starting off at de Dutch. my very first time there ^_^! I like the granola yogurt parfait thingy!

then we aimed to go to the planetarium and of course in broad day light or whatever I'm not sure it wasn't open.
attached to the space centre is Vancouver museum, and they so happen to have a exhibit about sexuality!

they talk about almost every aspect of it from sexy lingerie, political movements, media, evolution of "gadgets" and contraception as well as medical improvement for STIs.

we ended the day off at van dusen garden. we tried to make it to the maze but got lost. plus I wasn't wearing the right shoes anyways. or was it not dressed for the scorching sun..

Dramatic Chinchilla

every petal was a different color!


I should of got one myself to preserve >_<!!

some of the best moments


can you guess where I am ^_^! 
at one of my most favorite places in the world. I'm at my friends house !!!
tonight we made organic chocolate! it's to die for! raw organic chocolate made of the best ingredients.

great people and amazing food!!

=) I'm at the awkward age in this house 
not exactly old enough to be a aunt or one of the grown ups 

so I can still play beauty stuff with girls ^_^ and  PG18+ jokes and controversial whatever's over wine with adults hehehe

to end off today (which happened before the party)
Altiana (the daughter) showed me where to get this adorable macaron box necklace thing !!

today is too perfect ^_^

Hemingway Public House


an adventure in white rock!
I think I have found a cute tea pot to my liking!

the day ended off at Hemingway pub and some memorable quarters that got run over by a train =)

Obviously if you couldn't tell by the name it's a British up scale style pub. I love the chalk board cieling, dance/social floor, and especially the dark wood and paneling used in the dining area =)

Joseph Richard group really stands out by looks from the central Vancouver crowd.

closest I've ever been to the Caribbean

it's a little pathetic looking, but hey! it was  a Friday!

@ The Reef

STOP!! with the chocolate beer!!


honestly it's like I never learn!
a few years ago I tried a black chocolate stout. it was nasty. Stouts are definitely not my thing.
now, here I am again, years later trying out chocolate beer, at tap and barrel.

very good prices, loads of beer and wine on tap (or from cask)

chocolate beer
I fail to be able to taste the sweetness of it. the lighter beers just barely scratch out the sweetness.
they all have a chocolate aroma, breath, and taste
almost always finishes bitter and maybe powdery.

next time I'm there I am going to just have my usual favorites, cream ales and honey lager..

I wonder if they have wine flights.. maybe I can learn what I might like in wine 

their beer/wine flights are a great deal not a rip like other places 

Macaon Limoge Box


my collection is getting bigger, I have finally manage to get the box they display/sell it in!!

it still exists


I have just spent a few hours at chuck E cheeses. it was insane!

Early Grey

I often say I don't like earl grey, and I don't but I kind of do? it confuses me to.
Here we have a earl grey chocolate cake I love it.
I also ❤
Buckingham Palace ( blend of jasmine blossom and green/black tea)
French Early grey (notes of rose especially ❤ TWG version)
London Fog

and I also like the odd spot of Lavender Lady Grey

It's kind of funny as I finish up writing this post. I really dislike flowery teas especially rose and lavender I also really don't early grey to but when it's mixed with earl grey it is ❤

so maybe I do like it lol!

or just particular as someone usually saids

This time of year, the sunsets are beautiful


Beware of Pastis

Looks good doesn't it? Great date place isn't it? romantic and everything!
we picked a highly rated restaurant figures it's got to have at the very minimum decent food.

Was I ever wrong!
I had the special that day some sort fish with clams and prawns. It wasn't very fresh. the clams were fishy and a over whelming amount of lemon juice. Worst of all was the fish is raw.

honestly service was great. My server was great! I was given a different dish all together.

the next plate (sorry no picture) was grilled halibut (I think) on mushrooms and potatoes.
this time it smelled awful. it's like every time the aroma wafted over I gagged a bit, I'm sorry it's rude but it's involuntary. I didn't want to be rude and not eat any I attempted and it was extremely fishy, very close to rancid.
I thought maybe I should eat the things around it. 
the mushrooms and potatoes was fine the fish... honestly where do they get their seafood?!

anyways.. we left disappointed. my tummy settled by the time I got home or so I thought. I have never in my life vomited voluntarily. (always needed a little help if I really needed to) I pretty much puked before I got to my own front door and several times more when I got inside.

There are restaurants that I don't like and  don't write very good reviews, but this restaurant I highly recommend you to not go. I don't understand why Bistro Pastis is rated so high.

Fish Shack

it was quite the eventful day today. a visit to a coffee house inside house (very cute), happy lunch hour at fish shack and  BBQ dinner!

Fish shack is where Sanafir use to be (all part of Glowbal group),
it's kind of sad sanafir is not around anymore. they had very romantic second floor with beds you could reserve an eat on! (dam it! never got my chance )

so anyways, fish shack has replaced it. the oysters there is very fresh. I wouldn't order fish and chips there again I don't find it amazing, and at their prices there are plenty of other places.
the coolest thing on the menu is some sort of seafood bowl. you get a cute little hammer and that sort. it's like a high end Crab Pot (Seattle)

all in all
their buck a shuck is great

Moii Cafe

Lovely party night at Moii



Bet you were thinking I dressed up right?
Lolita is a Mexican restaurant. I find their sangria awsome! well worth price to =)
nibbles are great, the one you see in the picture is plantain chips and dip!



Today is full of forgetfulness. I was late out the door dressing up for a date. Went to a cute bakery that had delicious quiches that I forgot the name of and so conveniently blocked it out of the picture. 

To top it off that day I got forgotten in downtown.

I don't understand if your date looks like me obviously I've put extreme effort in my looks today how do you forget me? or forgot the time? because of bottle of wine?

Thierry: Black Forrest

Once again a beautiful day at Thierry.

today I tried the Black Forrest. They didn't specify if it was a cake or mousse but it has chocolate sponge. or lack of when I ate it. I'd say it was 75% cream rest is thick chocolate slabs thing along and a few deliciously alcoholic cherries ^_^!

Macaron is always up to their par, never worse.

March Nails

I'm partial to the flowers and especially the bows, but it did grow on me.

Ouisi Bistro

Not to eventful today
brunch was at teppan kitchen, it's not bad

Dinner was at Ouisi Bistro
love it!! especially the spicy tomato based dishes. definitely a place to get some comfort food.

Once again on a treasure hunt!


For brunch today we were at Au Petit Cafe a French/Vietnamese restaurant. (bottom right beef stew with baguette) If you want a true fusion cuisine I would go to places where another country had its roots there for some time, the war is unfortunate but the Vietnamese/French cooking is so dam good! their baguette is even more amazing.

anyways after a very delish! brunch it was off to geo caching. have you tried??
it's like treasure hunting through an app.
(bottom left picture) you are suppose to find inconspicuous boxes with log books by using GPS on the phone and hints.

sometimes it blows my mind when you look at the log, where was someone else only moments before you logged in.
inside the box is the usual log book and sometimes it has momentous which the creator wanted to share. sometimes there's contests going on, first to find gets a surprise!

What better way to end off a beautiful day then to settle in with my favorite drinks at cactus club while watching the sun set?

edited by Alex

St. Pats

What better way to kick off of St.Patties day with a golden luster Guinness beer macaroon?!
This is my first time celebrating this holiday; it has usually passed me by. 
We finish that night off at Cieli Irish pub with lots of kicking music and beer that is green?!! That's a first for me. I did discover my new favorite beer that night; Kilkenny cream ale. It's the lightest (not taste-wise) fluffiest softest texture on my tongue! 

edited by Alex

Cadeaux bakery and felting

Today, Alex taught me how to felt. my first animal was some sort awkward chocolate bunny.
While I vigorously stabbed my finger with a needle we and a friend had coffee and and sweets at Cadeaux bakery. I was particularly fond of the earl grey chiffon cake! just imagine if they added a hint if lavender to it!

bottom pictures:
After making my weirdly shaped bunny, I went on to make oddly shaped fairy cake, raspberry sheep and finally a bunny bear that looks as it should lol.

this odd form of art is very therapeutic. if you want to pursue it, buy a fucking thimble!

Table flip'n


The day started off having American Cheese steak somewhere on davie st!
what I this awsome food and beer serve to me in the morning!! it is AMAZING I don't know how to describe it to you!
my only advice is get one to share, they're big!

next was a nibble at Boat house.
It was really weird. The restaurant had weird old house smell. No matter I'm there for their view of the beach and happy hour! 

oh... was I ever wrong..
We wanted a table by the window but they said happy hour customers are welcome to the bar seating (while there was almost no one in the restaurant)

Anyways.. they realize their own blunder and gave us a seat near a window.
Our table was okay until I realize there was a lot of dropped food under the table..
the oysters had lots of sand..
I had as you can see grilled shrimp and one of them was raw. Our server took it away and gave me a supposedly another one. 
when it arrive it was the same one I had cut open thrown back on the grill...

to make one very happy customer is to throw a new shrimp on the grill not the same one that is now over cooked an burnt.

worst of all even though the server was apologetic but anyone can see she doesn't care, nor does management when they have the restaurant in the state it is.

Needless to say I am not going back.