Best Things to Eat and Drink in Vancouver 2011

I found something very interesting online,

Vancouver in general if you live here, is beautiful and boring. One thing that you can be excited about is food, because there are many secret gardens here =D

So on that list I've tried a few things and well, I expected better sort of. I hope that soon I will be able to finish the entire list but here is what I've done so far!

Goat Cheese and Fig salad
When I heard Rocky Mountain Flatbread was on the list I knew it would be good. I know their thin crust pizzas are dam good! so I was surprised that they were featuring the salad instead of their pizza? ok? I gave it a shot, it is exactly how they describe it in VM review but there was no wow factor =(. I ordered the pizza and salad combo, now the pizza was super awsome, avacado dressing on buffalo something something, doesn't it just look so good you know its good? ITS THAT GOOD
Van Mag Review:
Cuke, tomato, red onion, and greens get a little crazy with chunks of goat’s cheese and (the deal sealer) a sweet, tangy dressing built on black mission figs. Like everything at Rocky Mountain, it’s largely organic. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. 1876 W. First Ave., 604-730-0321; 4186 Main St., 604-566-9779.
I realized I ordered the wrong thing, out of being in awe going to the first restaurant on the list. I like a good breakfast place, and this really hits the spot! What i should of ordered was pancakes with frosted flakes!
Van Mag Review:
A West Side hole-in-the-wall rolls out immense servings of calorific staples, with clever comfort-food riffs. Top of the heap? A load of buttermilk pancakes with Frosted Flakes and strawberries baked in. Warns the menu: “Please eat responsibly.” Jethro’s Fine Grub 3420 Dunbar St., 604-569-3441.

Bolo bow (pineapple bun)
Now this is hands down the best, pastry? or is this bread? its like the asian version of something not even like a cinnamon bun (the idea of sweet bread) Make sure when your there you ask for it to be heat up and a slice of butter in it =D. It's made fresh daily, woe is you if you end up going on a day it's broken (has happened before =P) it goes fantastic with HK style milk tea.
Van Mag Review:
This traditional Hong Kong pastry doesn’t actually contain pineapple (its golden-brown outer crust simply resembles one) but its soft chewy bread is sweet heaven nonetheless. Order as soon as you arrive—they literally sell like hot cakes. Lido 4231 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, 604-231-0055

Risotto Cakes - Finest at Sea
the round one is a crab cake
I think it was made with Parmesan, wow was I ever disappointed. It had a powdery texture probably because of the cheese, like baked potatoes. A little bit tart I should of got some ketchup with it because it would have been fantastic with that! Oh and they suggest you to go to granville island, dont bother because they are under reno!
Van Mag Review:
The city’s best seafood market uses enough fat to keep their cakes super moist and flavourful when re-heated. The lingcod is good; these are better. Finest at Sea 4675 Arbutus St., 604-266-1904; 1805 Mast Tower Rd., Granville Island, 604-684-4114.

Ten Dollars~

I have actually been going over on my budget recently ... Thus the no post ness!
This lunch was last sat
Americano - $2.5? $2.7?
Soup and sandwich -$7
Manhattan clam chowder and braised beef with Swiss cheese red onions and Dijon.

I always thought VCC cafeteria manhattan clam chowder was always good but this place! Is even better
Not even a grain of sand nor shard of shell!

Ten dollars~

Today I was almost late to work so I had to skip breakfast

AND I over spent by 58¢ =(
What I got today

Pumpkin spice latte - $3.92
It is the perfect day to have an autumn drink to celebrate the beginning of fall <3

Roasted duck breast with blueberry gastrique pepper compote wild rice + veggies - $6.66
Devilously delicious!

The day to come..

Getting Ready For the day to come..
I couldn't get the nail set i wanted because by my birthday it would have grown out ugly =(
Instead i got these okay looking ones to get by till then... I'm so not use to it... doesn't have enough bling... I originally thought the picture of the nail set in the magazine was like a nude brown @_@ and pink spots apparently ... its nude orange with gold spots...
o welll....

on another note! I am finally having some success at the suji mori. I've got to admit I haven't really put my heart in to practicing to get the results this time and I'm surprise that I've tried less then 10times to get this I remember the first 3 times weren't the greatest following YouTube videos.

outfit run down
Dress Golds Infinity
Cardigan and shoes DreamV
Bag Bebe

Ten dollars ~

Hey guys!! I have decided to make a new tag!
"$10" is the name! Can you guess what's the game ?

I'm sure many of you have notice I really... really like to eat =P
So for the name of food I will sacrifice my non-existent shapely figure =D
I'm kidding lol!! It's really about what I can get for $10 during work days my breakfast and lunch money rolled into one =(.
From now on if you want to follow only these post "click$10 post tags at the bottom of my blog"

Today's $10 !
$2.58? Americano - Starbucks
$7.28 chocolate croissant and prosciutto and Swiss panini - 101 Bistro, Granville island culinary

I just cannot sacrifice the morning wake up call by Starbucks.. It just does it for me. Their coffee is much stronger then most local community corner coffee cafe. I forgot the reason why ...something about its bad for you... Smth smth......
Anyways! I need my daily fix !

the culinary school food
I notice they are trying very hard to make fancy food, It's not perfect but the price for it is.... Is very good for what is in it.

Cos & Effect 2011


I dont normally go to anime convention..
Obviously the age old argument if we are are in costume or not.I rather not be asked or hear the comments.. my way of avoiding?

Anyways I decided to give it a shot.... I do like going to have a look at the merchandise!
But this year I really wanted to try out the fashion show.
Sounds like super fun~
My outfit
Dress/accessories - BTSSB
Stocking - no names
Shoes - DreamV
During rehearsal Anne was telling us walk her and pose here.
That's when I realize " oh right we're suppose to pose"
I have no idea ... I did prepare for that part....
How am I suppose to walk? last time I attempted my bf told me I looked drunk
I wanted to walk fun confident/fun and pose evil coy
anyhow that's the best picture capturing what I sort of wanted to show

I don't even remember I got this picture shot =D looks pretty tho~!
Special Thanks to Emerald and Anne for yet again planning something so amazing =D

Tony Dang
Steven Lu
Jason Wong
Sukhraj Bhattal


I've taken up nails again!
The last time I got them done I think was last year for like 3 months...
GAWD they are soooo pricey
and the after math isn't good either
As a hairdresser i really do benefit from them a lot!
Especially when I finally found a affordable nail tech =)

Chinchilla Review

I ordered a corner hammock and various chew toys. This was the first time I could spoil my chin.. But I didn't have any idea what chinchilla toys looked like or what was safe other then pet shop chew toys and a plastic tube. So I had plenty of questions =) I search high and low looking for hammock that's looks well constructed and with a pattern that I like!

Communication 5/5
Quality 5/5
Will I order again ? 100% yes

I first saw this on a YouTube video of Pogo (a chinchilla)which had one in his cage
Plus I was urgently needing one too!
I emailed them several times to order before finally get a answer (people have lives right?)
I ordered on june 28 granted it takes them 2-3 days to make and takes 2 weeks or longer to arrive. After patiently waiting a whole month I decided that it's probably lost in the mail =(and should claim insurance and pay again and have them send another...after emailing them several times and checking junk mail everyday (apparently we dont receive each others mail) finally a answer ... That they may have lost the papers and need a few days. After a few days I'm sure it's lost and sent them a suggestion... Which was please send me another box because I cannot claim insurance and if both should arrive I will send them payment for a second one. No replies and it resulted me emailing them everyday thinking that my emails didn't go through.. After 5 days it seems obvious that I'm being ignored because my next letter was slightly threatening. in which I said "I really do not want to escalate claim on paypal, I would prefer the box.."
I instantly got a reply (aug.12) telling me they have replied me 3 time (I checked junk mail everyday) that they'll be sending another one to me in 2-3days... In return I replied them same day that they should also scan me the new receipts so that they wouldn't loose money or aggravate me more.
Since then I followed up on them but have received no replies =(
aug 15 the box arrives out of curiosity I had a look at the postage stamp.. It was dated and signed by forchinate chins in the declaration form july29.. Did they forget or something? It's definitely not the replacement box

Communication 1/5
Quality 3.5/5
Will I order again ? 15% maybe

I really want to order again for a back up hay box and the duplex chin house I also wanted to furnish my new cage by them but after this ordeal... I think whenever I have the money to throw away I'll order it again and expect it to not come...

Mail order girlfriend for Mei Mei!! I was referred from another site.. First time ordering on, the seller was extremely helpful guiding me through check out! The package came in record time!

Communication 5/5
Quality 5/5
Will I order again ? 100% yes

A new secret garden!?

A new a secret garden?!

yes lady and gents I have a new secret tea place... I know I shouldn't be hiding it but at the moment it's my little secret get away!

I've been going for the past two weeks ... having two servings of sweets!

They are the first i have ever complimented on coffee. I usually drink coffee for the morning wake up call, it's never been great (other then Starbucks specialty drinks..)

They also serve Kopi Luwak.... the most expensive coffee in the world .. because it's pooped out~!
I can't wait till the day I could try a sip of that!

Blueberry tart

Light taste with fresh blueberry and a dollop of cream topped with a macaron
taste like panna cotta with fresh strawberries.. if only there were more whole strawberries in the middle...

Strawberry Daifuku
first time eating a daifuku with an actual strawberry inside.. it was good

Cheese Souffle

a touch of salt made all the difference.. it is a very unique piece


Two weeks ago me and Bb finally redeemed our groupon kind deal thing for the ever so popular afternoon tea at fairmont.

Viki review:
Presentation is quite pretty, the whole of it is quite filling to the point of cannot finish. The one thing I am disappointed with was the savory part of our tray. there were only a few sandwiches spaced out far apart to fill a big empty plate.... =( i think they should either change their plates for smaller ones or fill up the god dam plate.

Over all it is the best I've had so far for price, taste, quality

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D'light Salon and Miss Asia North America Pageant

Miss Asia

It was way to early form me to do anything more for make up other then the basic light weight foundation and as much liner I had time to put on =(
It was a super busy salon, maybe perhaps the crowded salon I have ever been to.
It was a good thing I decided to do my hair in ageha style, once the pageant girls saw me it really seemed that they were more open to have BIG hair ! (they were worried their hair maybe to big) First things to do on the girls.. was to curl and pin up those curls looking a bit like the land lady in rollers needing a ciggy.

Gyaru in Business Clothes = Power suit!!

I think during some point in time I was chasing my two pageant girls around. Making sure I'm on top of it. ... you know the usual, fab hair no fly aways right before they run on to stage and touch ups while they change.
... everything flew by so fast... I didn't even notice I started around 7am till like 12am
There were pockets of waiting time for camera whoring!

The next day the only thing I manage to do was to crawl out of bed for breakfast

Out with Sweden

June 30
What I wore

Dress - Selfmade
Headdress - Selfmade

My good friend Vince girlfriend is from Sweden! Vanessa.. He told me she's also into Lolita as well.
I had hoped she'd bring an outfit to wear and we could go for tea ^_^!

Luckily she did! we quickly reserve a table at Adonia ^_^

Adonia now carries macaron, shipped from France. Of course.. being a macaron fanatic , I had to try. I heard from both Helena and Sharon that it is very good. So i have my hopes up.

I tried the mocha... and here are the scores
crunchy 3/5 because they are shipped frozen it isn't as fresh as it could be but I'm surprised it IS still crunchy
chewy 0/5
the inside is like crumbled sugar
flavor 3/5
it's a pass because it's not super sugary and had the mocha taste to it.
over all 2.5/5 it's a pass because it's not horrible but it isn't the best it could be

After our tea we were suppose to go to Granville Island to meet Michelle, she had said she'd dress up but she needs to work on some project and could meet us for a little bit.

It ended up that she wasn't there and didn't dress up and met us in Pacific Centre
Vanessa is very fair and has sensitive skin, it was quite hard to find a good foundation for her
The best we found was Armani foundation (is quite famous that it covers well, and is light in weight but only works for people who have clear skin)

In end we found Anna Sui worked not bad for her too plus ! she bought a very cool eyeshadow pen in which she had enough total for a free makeup bag with lipstick and mini perfume too!
plus! with all the Anna Sui products, they smell like roses!

Got a problem?

usamimi Aldo
Shirt Liz lisa doll
Belt MA*RS
Boots Promprom

Dress Golds infinity
Cardigan Zara
June 27

Today started off pretty bad.... I'm not sure what is wrong with the public, I don't see anything wrong with outfit...
Today's comments were something like this

some lady came to at the sky train platform to tell me this
"is your hair is fake?is it a wig *before I can answer she continues*, your eyes are fake... you need to learn to speak English, whatever your background is you need to throw it away to be come Canadian"


Just fuming by the time I meet up with Sharon , we walked all around, with her helping me look in the less expensive areas of shopping hoping I can find something nice.
I'm not saying that I'm rich and only buy brand, what I mean is I can't seem to find much in the sale rack or like in those 10$ or less range, but Sharon and her sister can find such good deals.
*time to learn*

and on the way home I got another lovely comment
from a pass car

Dress up

Bow Tralala
Shirt Tralala
Jacket Sex pot revenge
Shoes DreamV
Belt Ma*rs
Coffee Starbucks =P

God! Sometime ... Relationships can be such work. To continually make interesting moments happen and not merely just to be content at each others sight. For us we truly are narcissistic a couple, what we do is dress up for each other. It even goes as far as playing dress up in some store.

Charlotte Island body tint
By Lush

Every Summer for a short period of time, I like to be tanned! Gone through self spray, tanner and prof. sprayed. OMG with a tear drop, I get so orange I'm brighter then a orange glow stick! baking soda (Arm and Hammer brand) is your best friend should you turn orange. Mix with water into paste apply in circular motions, and rinse

Back to the product. When I tried it at the store I was sold, but when I got home I was ready to bawl my eyes out!
When I put it on, it started to become bits like glue on your hands after rubbing it off. It was super streaky and your able to... push the color around.

I went to their website to look for more information, why did it work at the store and not now?

Less is more!
Work in section ex. Top of thigh and bottom of thigh and left/right butt cheeks are different sections, I'd even say.. If you have fat thighs.. the inner thigh is another section!

So my final rating is 8
I like how I can be tanned instantly, also wash can off any time, color is not orange it's actually bronze

I don't like the smell, it smells like chocolate/ lemon grass, if u accidentally put too much ur screwed in that section plus you can fake a sun burnt look too..

To end off:
Look how cute Mei Mei is !!


Think before you buy a pet.
This poor soul I wish to take home with me. He has been neglected and or abused, because of this he's pulled out his own fur on both side of his hind legs and tip of his tail. One of the sales at the pet shop has the audacity to tell me they shaved the sides off because water got on his fur and it matted?! isn't is usually obvious if someone shaves off an animals fur in patches of straight lines some where. His fur has been clearly been bitten off... Another sales told me the truth.
Not only that.. I asked why he doesn't' have any hay, and the sales told me .." hay can only be given a little bit once a day because it's bad for them"

oh really?! did you know that hay provides calcium for them? did you also know that, they should be given as much hay as they want to eat? DID YOU ALSO KNOW the shit pet mix you give him will cause him to be picky and not eat his food? that it is only complete balance if he eats ALL HIS FOOD?!

The pet shop wants to sell him for $140 a 3 year old possibly abused chinchilla that is severely fearful and slightly nippy. They've offered him to me for less.

I hope somebody soon can take him away from the petshop. I hope no one will buy him out of pity, or without any clue how to take care of a chinchilla.

I do not have the money to buy him but I do have extra food/hay and extra cage and toys for him. If anyone would like to donate, I'd like to take him away from the petshop from loud noises and annoying children poking him.

Let's make it a date!

June 12
Let's Make it a date!
A day off with my sweetie! I originally wanted to go buy more stuff for Mei Mei... but I really do not want to travel to Richmond today...
You know that feeling that where ever you work, you don't want to go near on your days off?

I wore one of my ~*dream*~ Lolita dresses, Angelic pretty - Dreaming Macarons

After our morning fuss of which shoe I should wear and jacket, we headed off to downtown.
First off ! FIX MY SHOES!
dam it why is it that always our heelz stupid little nub ALWAYS wear out when we need that specific pair right away?

I got side tracked and went in to Sephora

First thing I wanted to do right away was touch up my make up, make sure I look good. omg my most worry some area is my under eyes. I will state this now, I photo shop my imperfections, I don't want to show you my panda eyes *glare*

Amazing enough NARS has a concealer stick working pretty well for touch ups for me, it's like perfect!

I don't have a definite answer for you what I think of this other then, it works~!

Second in line I squealed for because ! go figure what this is called by urban decay

Lip Love Honey - Infused Lip Therapy

the color is called.........

............ ............
.................. ..................

The lip gloss is nice and light, with a good sheen
as for a review I have yet to have a definite answer for you.. Sorry =P

After that we went to Ebi ten for luncheon, I tried their kimichi yaki udon

they said it was spicy! far from it!!!!!
It was too bad we had to go home early today as my eyes were getting super tired from the contacts
and if you haven't guessed it! BB surprised me with NARS and UD products after dinner!
sly dog! he some how managed to get it right under my nose <3
International Lolita Day
by Rill and Kurasume

I was super late to the party, I just could not find a way down there @_@.... they had awsome cakes and BBQ at Spanish banks!

I was super suprised how well everyone was dressed! (if you didn't get the hint from my past entries ...)

There was the Loli Olympic games too~ that I didn't join because I will sacrifice fun for beauty =P

What I wore
by Baby The Star Shine Bright
no name/brand?

After fiddling with curves/contrast/auto color
... complete fail in the last pictures
pointers anyone????