Seattle rush


Sometimes it's really hard to get out of bed when you are on vacation. Why the hell do I want to wake up at 9?!! Eventually, we left at 1130 ish. We went to our favorite restaurant and missed the morning special by 30mins -__-..... 

After eating, we went to the container store. I got another two acrylic 3 level drawers to organize my make up. Also, a stick-in pen for my diary. I also can't believe I forgot to buy the dry erase calendar.

After that, we quickly went to the mall. I found a great deal at Nordstrom, which was, buy any two Deborah lippman polishes and get a "turn back time" base coat for free. ^_^ I'm at this nordstrom because I know they have "Mermaids kiss" (limited edition from last summer?) in stock. I also got one of the spring reveries too!

We had another pit stop before we hit the heart of seattle. The award winning Bakery Nouveau. Rustic and modest looking, cutie pie is almost shadowed by the other modern looking stores. By the time we got there, the displays were very bare but we still found a few things to order.

The macarons here are pretty good!! We had the strawberry flavour, which had buttercream filling and jam in the centre. 

Also, we ordered a grapefruit mousse. I was very suprised the milk didn't curdle! The taste was so-so....they probably couldn't make it creamier because it was a citrus fruit, but I am very delighted it didn't taste like fake grapefruit! The cookie that it was on was soggy by the time we ate it at the hotel.

When we got to Seattle downtown, it was pretty late. We didn't know the bakery was so far off, (also we had to take a detour because there was a train crossing) if it weren't for the train it would have only taken us 10 mins.

Anyhow, we checked in at the beautiful but unfortunely dated Sheraton. We got the corner room, which had a very beautiful view. The most amusing thing is the location of this room. The floor plan is a triangle and the elevator is in the centre. I'm in the corner right? So when I walk out of my room I am presented with two hallways and they are identical. It's like being in some sort of freaky movie where you are lost, and given two roads that look the same and one will result to tragedy.

We went out and got my brows done and we had a run around nordstrom rack. Nothing good to buy this time. Then we had Vietnamese food. We forgot pho noodles the American pho served bigger portions....Well you get the picture right??

Time for movies!!! Just my luck, they had Austen Land! And Gatsby!! And it was up as a special for $4.99

We nommed the mousse cake and the delicious valentines chocolate cake with some decaf coffee

 The next day was going to be brutal, I'm sure you can imagine ! We need to be back by 12pm so we've got to start the day around 7am

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