I realize if i do it really fast (which i did this morning) it only takes 15mins... though now that i think of it perhaps doing it slowly with control and fluid-ness is probably a even better work out.
I was bad today T_T and measure and weight my self
to my suprise there is progress!~
Weight 122.5


Day4?? horribly sick
Day5?? lost count

Even though I have a cough, after exercising my sinuses feel much better. I CAN BREATHE!

I still feel the burn I think it's pretty good. Some of you PM me asking what I'm doing.

1. elbows on ball, plank position raise leg to chest (10 times each leg)
2. hold position for 10 secs.
3. push up position with ball at ankle (a+b= 1 set) do 10 sets
A - do one push up
B - in push up position, pull knees to chest (roll boll along with)
4. ball on wall behind your back, bend at knees (90degrees) and stand up do 10X
5. lie down with both hands on the side, ball underneath ankle, raise butt, roll ball inwards do 10 sets
6. stay lying down, raise leg up and rest back on top of the ball (for stretching)
7. standing do leg raises to chest 15X each leg

1-7 is one set, repeat, do 3 sets.

8. hot bath as cool down


Yesterday I covered my boss, shift.
In the morning I felt horrible but later on that day it was uncontrolable coughing.

Today woke up for work and just ready to flop back over.
So dizzy tired sore throat the works
it's now almost 10 but it feels like 12am or 1 am
around there

I feel that maybe if I work out right now I'll feel better and it's very tempting but i fear the rebound of hurting myself


Day 2
omg everything hurts
Day 3
everything doesn't hurt as bad as yesterday, my friends told me careful not to over work. Apparently the pain you feel is because of "micro scars" which could prevent me from working out more. SO i decided to work out every other day.
So today doing the work out wasn't as hard as the first day, the suggested was to do 3 sets, each session.
The first day was like impossible. Today however wasn't easy but i managed.

My birthday

If my birthday can't be perfect which it can't, because it relies on other people.
If that cannot happen I want myself to be perfect beautiful !

I was talking to my friend next store about my birthday she told me "it should be only about you the people who are going are going because and for you <3"

So those who know and those who don't
I have two b-day parties, one if the afternoon with my secret life, you my darling Lolita friends! with you!

and another one with my boring friends you normal people which also make half of my life and made my teenage life bearable, i do not know where I would of been now if I did not have you!

So on another note all about this birthday party everyone has been asking what I want

I think it's best everyone if you'd like to get me anything a donation, towards my trip and towards student loan, but if you must have give me an item instead
giftcards to holt renfew, sephora, la senza

FAT sept 15

B 34
H 38.5
LT 18.5
RT 18.5

W 26
H 34
LT 16
RT 16
day 1
ahhh i can't all the suggested reps
T_T hurts
at least i'm sweating
come on fat! sweat off of me and never come back bitch!

what could I do better next time:
eat an hour half hour before hand so i dont have to eat big afterwards
find some sort of good snack to eat afterwards

Soon to be cruising

So to start off I dwl this app in hopes I'll blog more

Today it occurred to me that everything is finally happening.
Like it's almost there!!
Aka cruise oct9

I was starting to go crazy from not relaxing, I felt so over worked from Vancouver! My last vacation was in April 09. After that I started work at P-Salon. I wanted to be a good employee so I never took a day off except for my bday, which I still went to work for half the day. Even when I was sick I didn't take the day off unless it was serious. As I work there I realized that the job is high stress. The work isn't hard but the environment was harsh. The longest job I've held and still holding is Granville island. The boss is a doll the people is wonderful the island is beautiful. I had imagined that at the salon I would work non stop meet new people and do my own thing. Instead it became a prison. A promise of a better future that never came. If I could sue him for bullying and making me depressed and almost suicidal. I would. So here it is world! The reason why I was depressed a few months back. Being fired because I cared to much because I hinted to the new girl who i might add only worked 3days, that if she needed more time to think before she signed a year of her life away she can ask for it.
I know it was not my place. But looking at her I saw a reflection of myself, how hopeful and energetic I started out to be versus at the time no hope or energy to go on. so I said to her, one year is a big commitment.

I clearly do no have a commitment issue (still holding Granville island job of 3+yrs) I stayed at the salon even though I was treated like a dog, punished for having a personality that it is, and (not never) rarely loved.
There for I was not good fit.
So. Dear diary do you blame me for caring?

Anyhow this post is suppose to be about vacation!
the first trip is off on a cruise. I have been very jealous of my parents since they learned cruise is fun. It sounds extremely relaxing! Finally it's my turn though I think even though it's paid for I won't have much money to bring with for shopping?

Vancouver -> L.A. -> Vegas!!

Omg everyone this year of my family and friends all went to Vegas! And sad little me had to go work =(

After much day dreaming I thought of a wonderful idea! Wouldn't it be nice since I'll be bringing all my nice clothing, every evening or after dinner for a martini/cocktail at the lounge and attempt to be social-able with people who I will most likely never see again =P

I have trouble at hair shows because while everyone is mingling I'm wilting away because I'm shy!

But then again I also want exciting ness of flirting so I mean I could pretend to be single. Then again I'm not very attracted to any guy as I am to BB

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Parfait With BB

After all morning of girls picking through Shannon stuff I still have 2.5 bags left.

Went with Charles to show him, what a face care make up care.etcetc
Suggestions for shampoo etcetc

Afterwards I met up with BB, Sporting his new cardigan and his very hot new pants.
He tried on make up this time too
o got way too hot XD
Finally persuade him to eat parfait with me ^_^!