Italian burger

This summer I'm trying out making patties! For me it's still hard to eyeball the right amount. As you can see I made a baseball sized patty (and I did squish it down too!)

my take on Italian flavors 
Ground beef
Crushed deep fried garlic chips
Tomato paste
Worcestershire sauce

Toppings of
Baked sliced mushroom with garlic olive oil
Shredded cheddar and mozza 

White wine Dijon 

The best burger buns are brioche. They also make fantastic French toast.

**baking/sautéing mushroom will make it sweat. You can use the mushroom au jus as sauce too!

** I'm not sure why but 
ground beef + tomato paste + wocestershire sauce = awesome ground beef! 

Bad days

That day was pretty bad, I felt like crap the whole. Luckily through all this I had baby, whom took the day off to cuddle with me.

All it takes is love 🎶🎶🎶

French Toast

I can't stress enough how great my little countertop oven is. The current style I have is not my favourite but it gets the job done. To give you an can fit half a 10" pizza in there. I prefer the previous oven better as it could fit a whole 10" pizza or 6 muffin pan ... Or a small chicken?


Today I made brioche French toast and as if the fat content wasn't enough I wanted MORE buttery taste. So this presents a small problem, it would mean that "I" (the lazy butt) would need to add/melted butter into the pan for finishing touches. Since you cannot add it in the beginning because it would burn. If you don't get I mean..when you finish making the toast and while it's still in the pan you add butter and swirl toast to get a nice coat or I could do what everybody else does and add knob of butter ontop of the toast and serve.

So bright idea and mistake brought to me a new method! ( why not have melted butter mixed into the batter?)

1. Melted butter in large bowl
2. Add milk (I only had cream)
*realize -shit! - the milk cooled down the butter and now it's lumpy. Continue anyways...
3. Add egg
4. Whisk lightly
-butter breaks down into tiny little pieces-
5. Dip bread in batter
-realize I get wonderful coatings of butter bits-
6. Pan fry in oiled pan until golden brown
-butter bits disappear -
7. Place in table top oven on middle wire rack at 275F, until ready to serve
- do not place on metal pan as it won't be as crispy -
8. Finish making the rest and serve

This accident made me a scrumptious and rich french toast! Try it sometime and let me know what you think =D

Working on old recipes

My partners in crime easily OD on the food I make. Which sucks because .. How will I improve if I don't make it 10x in a row?!

The first French onion soup of the year! And it one of the best I have ever made and I proudly say mine is better then any restaurant in Vancouver! It still needs tweaking but I got to make a stronger base for the soup. I also decided that I don't like eating croutons, because this little piggy munched on it soooo veraciously, i burned myself and scraped the skin off the roof of my mouth 😭.... I always seem to have this problem with any toasted or hard outer shelled breads. You'd think by now i would have a thicker skin but I don't. It also goes as far as "how to eat a sandwich" = squish it and in process crack the shell.... 

Duck confit on wild mushroom risotto
This one time i ran out of spelt(which is what I use for risotto), soooo..I tried using arborio and barley. I don't know why anybody would wants to use arborio rice. It didn't work for me because it's not very forgiving when cooked. It was too mushy for me and also the texture is like chinese rice. 
The I tried barley, it was easy to cook but omg I'm was drowning it with broth and still it would hold up its shape and texture(meaning it was quite stiff).
 I still like spelt most, it's not as soft like arborio rice but not as stiff as barley, so if you make risotto, give spelt a try!

Nitrogen Ice cream

Doesn't it look magical? 
This is the "new" cool way to makeice cream. While whipping the cream you pour in nitrogen to freeze the whipped cream therefore making ice cream. This technique gives a more fluffy and softer texture, but is it all fluff? It's like a bag of chips, it's half air. This is called overrun, because of this it can mask a shitty recipe. All I can do is trust when the board saids "local ingredients". Now you know why local craft ice cream is so dense. You get what you pay for. 

Lik N2 ice cream 
(Get the pun? Lick into ice cream ? lick nitrogen ice cream ?)

Love the little bits of frozen strawberry and peach. Most of all I'm happy to say it does not taste like fake fruit! It's a good mix and very very fluffy. Probably one of the best textures I've had!
If you haven't already seen my Instagram there is a video up of them making it!

Made by Mister
Isn't this novel? Not only made with nitrogen it also gets torched! This is the only flavor that is a custard ice cream. That means it contains yolk! It gives it a very convincing eggy taste and texture. I wish it had wider surface area I like the crackly burned sugar, but that's always how it is.. Isn't it? Always keep you wanting more.

And again if you haven't already checked out my Instagram there's also a video of this ice cream too lol

Final thoughts
Is it worth all the hype?? For the novelty of this, I think yes. Is it actually worth it? I have no idea.
But I can say it taste good and I had a lot of fun!

Where have I been for 2 years?

Hi guys!

Today I received a comment on a old post about my wild rose detox journey. It reminded me how I loved to share information about everything. So here I am again, giving it another shot.

If you didn't know I moved my blog into Facebook for the sole purpose to write about food and then I moved to Instagram because I became too lazy to write long passages. There I realized that it restricts me to write only about food.. How about my other opinions? So I made a another Instagram account for my other interests, antiques. Still I feel restricted, so here I am again. 

Facebook VikisFoodGossip 

Current update:
The past two years I've come to learn more about cooking. I enjoy this because I'm a control freak and I have a person cheering me on. From there I have improved immensely! I invested in a creuset dutch oven and realize the 6.4 L is way too big! (Can you imagine Staub has one double the size? Will the wire rack in oven hold it up?) I would like one around 3L and I also have my eye on the .9L as well. 
0.9L? Seems useless doesn't it? But actually it's very useful.. It's like assistant! My home has one of those countertop ovens and having a good size Dutch oven and other utensils for this little oven speed things along immensely. 

For example my mushroom sauce recipe  for steak

1.5cup? Mushroom measured THEN Sliced mushrooms
1/4 tbsp onion chopped finely 
1/4 clove minced garlic
a touch of olive oil (there will be more oil later)
Optional 1tbsp beef stock (scrape of bullion works as well)

-cover with lid and place in oven at 350

By the time you finish pan frying your steak, the mushrooms will be done. Whatever juices (butter Rosemary garlic meat juice) from the pan.. Throw that into your mushroom sauce!

Voila! You have saved time making sauce!

And now I leave you with my final picture. What to do with that last crumbs from nachos. 
1- mash up
2- add salsa and guac
3- eat like cereal

Waste nothing!