Tired Day

Only BB

Lolita Anniv. and Melissa

Well the anniversary was a bit of a disaster... I can't believe Anne waited x.x she must of waited forever x.x... as I slept late last night from Lin's color.
  1. But you know what... Anne and Traci were the only one there, everyone else .. "change" to maybe status and then on day of cancel too..
So~! Thank you Anne and Traci the only ones that cared
and yea the people who had to work are excused -_-

We went to whole foods to have a small lunch and we also picked out a dessert we like and headed out.

Since we forgot to bring something to sit on we passed on the secret park picnic and wen to yaletown to look for awesome furniture shop.

Soon after Anne had to go catch the ferry.

George caught up with us and took me and Traci back my house.

Melissa came over to my house for up do. And then we were off to her bday party

Dinner was at Sanafir, food there is to share, as well if you book in advance you can rent the bed to lie around and eat too XD!

Happi Bday Mel~

@_@ Story of Lin

Hair History - Box dye and black prof dye and 4" natural black roots
Goal: not too warm blonde

Hectic Day

To start off last night, I went to bed early! like 2am early =P
next day I'm awake on time and met up with Kim, he drove me back to my house so I could cut his hair. Completely confusing and slightly pissed, I phoned him to plan a day to go to one of the warehouses together, and then he suggested maybe I could cut his hair after, I agreed.
I phoned him the night before today, to confirm and let him know i'm not at home he needs to pick me up from BB house to go to warehouse, and he's like "oh cut my hair first" so i'm like... okay..

In the end what really happened is that he "forgot" and he booked himself a haircut after I cut his hair and then going to hang out with friends?
What happened to "lets go hang out and go to the warehouse browsing?" and him replying he hasn't got anything planned fairly opened.
Wow..... way to go Kim! the point of today was the warehouse, i'm "sure" you forgot -_-
Anyways it didn't really matter, he dropped me off on Granville bridge and I took the bus down. Visited one of the warehouses in downtown, picked up a color for myself and then skytrained all way to commercial station to some other warehouse and just browsed.
I was there really took look for this one nail polish by Essie, Mint Candy Apple
The first time I lay my eyes on that color I was floored, I could not stop thinking about it. I've read some reviews about it, the color is very populare but there is some product flaw. That it streaks and needs several layers to be a solid color.
My review:
It only took one coat to paint my toes, and no the big toe didn't streak, none of them did
Durability isn't bad, after I painted my toes and let them dry i went and took a bath and shower, amazingly it's still there nothing is flaking off!Why I docked a point off:
the brush, is soo... tiny, maybe why people are having streaking problems because the brush is so thin! Unlike OPI brushes they fan out quite nicely!

So back to my day. I'm at commercial area warehouse. They do not have that nail color (found out later that night that this color was the winter collection..) So I picked up Shimmer Lights blue shampoo as my past teacher told me it wasn't bad and makes ur hair sparkle (boy does it sparkle) not very conditioning as my teach once told me. But what makes this special because it isn't blue, it's blue purple. Most silver shampoo (for toning blonds) are usualy royal dark navy ish blue, or some are waayy to purple.

Lets think of the color wheel! Directly across from blue is Orange, directly across from Yellow, is Purple.
Colors that are opposites of each other neutralize each other!

-For those blondes out there that are brassy (aka orange) needs a blue shampoo/conditioner but be careful too much blue will make your blonde green

- For those ash blondes out there or platinum you dont really like yellow or orange as the two colors are waayy to warm for you then you need a purple shampoo or a mix of purple and blue
how ever if your not careful! your hair will actualy take on a hue of blue and or purple!

plus the Shimmer Lights.. has sparkles in it i think?
oooh... shiney~~~
After being much dissapointed unable to find the mint nail polish I only picked up two nail files ( as i've lost the ones at home or they're dull-ing), shampoo, and a brush for Helena.
I then rode to metro and bought the ever so expensive nail polish at a actual store -_- for 5$ more *heavy sigh*

I walked all around metro completely bored out of my mind and tired so I sat for a while. Waiting for BB, because he said he'd come stay with me.

Since he took forever I went to Crystal. Guess what I found! a almost perfect puffy fur ball phone strap thing i've wanted for a WHILE from Jesus Diamnte AND I was willing to pay the ridiculous 100$ approx for it. Found it for 20$ saids it's suppose to be LizLisa but i'm skeptical since Crystal mall has many replica. I dont really care I just want the fluffy ball!
I also picked up a contact lenses case! looks like something from Anna Sui but i dont think it is, has lenses case and those tweezers that i'm not sure what they're for and bottle for the solution. I technically only needed the bottle but I wanted a copact box with everything it. If i had to bring everything not in a small compact box then i'd loose something some where @.@

Another macaron

wow today was completely the wrong day to wear a sweater...
it was cold in the morning so I wore my now new favorite sweater x.x

I was just dying in it some time afternoon.

Afterwork while I was waiting for Herman to come pick me up I decided I should go again!
to Stewarts Bakery? to buy another macaron! Today the oven must of been too hot, most of the macaron was a lil yellow brown and cracked @.@ none the less awsome then last time!

Since I had so much time! I went and dropped by La Baguette et L'Echalote bakery.
To my suprise! their over priced macaron is now down sized and slightly less expensive for the samller one!
I didn't feel like trying theirs just because they are a hit or miss, and usually its complete miss, under/over cooked
the odd time tho its PERFECT
Today I tried their small tiramisu macaron. MMMMMMMM!
the filling is perfect, the shell however was odd, were they adjusting their recipe?
It was crunchy but it was like dusty crunch like it crumbled to dust, not very chewy but wayy to sweet the dust was like just sugar cube crumbling to sand @.@ weird..


Can't sleep tonight so I'm trying the new sparkles..


After I get off work Helena and BB was with me. I had a long day so I was closing really slow, After that I did my make up, we went to the market....
I discovered that Stewart bakery they're attempting the French Macaroon again! and this time they are much bigger~ and they're actually crunch on the outside and chewy on the inside!
I had the raspberry and a chocolate one
oooh the chocolate one was soo good .. the inside was some really nicely made chocolate cream?

Finally met up with Alice and Kim...which they were 2 hours late I knew they were going to be late by an hour but now two... somewhat pissed.

We arrive at the alley looking like we're going to do something bad XD
We're going to the Storyeum.... complete disappointment ... it's suppose to be amazing and underground etcetc


Inside not enough people and sort... but it was nice we could see some pretty lanterns and such
It felt nice seemed like some exclusive party with entertainment too!

but I have to say.. it was nicer when they were at Trout Lake... with the forest/lake and stuff made it much much more magical..

After that we went to Guu gastown XD had my usual and my most favorite foods
sake mojito, sashimi salad, salmon and 7 friends, kimichi udon
now a days I think new combo like
sake mohito sashimi salad and salmon 7 friend is enough XD

before eating with BB I order everything I like
sake mojito, sashimi salad, salmon and 7 friends, maguro with 5 color sauce, kimichi udon, smth from the special menu

these days I really need to cut down on the garlic in take x.x
getting mild heart burns and of course the really horrible garlic burps!

Long Time No See

To start off, John was suppose to hang out with me but last min. flakes!
I woke up early to help my brother buy beer and in return he drove me to downtown so I can pick up hair color for Sharon... I'm suppose to do her hair color... if I manage to get it today..
and so I get home, rest a bit and then John tells me he's flaking...
I call everyone and the only person that answered my call is Lin.
^-^ we met up at the sky train and we went bargain shopping!
Specifically I'm looking for henna, because the one I got done is fading, and I want to keep it just a little longer!
We look all up and down Fraser and Main st. I found tons only one place got my attention.
We also found a decent pastry shop,
After that we still had plenty of time we went together to metro, because Lin tells me that Forever XXI has some good stuff ... just have to look

So we went there and I found the most perfect skool uniform type shirt ever! both me and Lin buy it together ^_^

on the way out we stop by Mimi Queen cause I spy with my little asian eyes a sale!
buy one get one free!
and I did spot a super cute summer dress ... to me the dress reminds me of icecream specifically vanilla, mint, chocolate ^_^

I tried it on and I think it looks really pretty but then when Lin tried it on @.@... so pretty on her T=T... jealous... doesn't discourage me as I really like it
in the end we also bought the same dress^_^
to our suprise (price tag saids 39.99) when we were there paying the cashier told us the total is
so in the end we spen approx 12$ when we split the price @.@

at this time I'm rushing home to do Sharons hair but then she said she's tired from work =/... ok..
plus i'm late>.< she must hate me by now..

On the way home, I realize my should the plastic bit on the heel is broken T_T
I ended up taking the bus and walking a bit to get home
because everyone who was about to drive flaked T_T

I get home and quickly change and kinda do my hair because Kim and Alice invite me out.
I suggest parfait at my new fave parfait place!


Well to start off today, I was expecting Sharon to still show up on time if not a little bit late, yet again I rely on someone else to wake me up and of course by now i'm late for my next appointment, Melissa....
and so.. by the time I finish I'm to late to do Kim's hair


Melissa asked for pink brown hair and we have it ! brown hair tinted with pink!

We then dropped by Michaels so i can look for glitter, no luck there because they came in ridiculous huge jars @.@

After that we went to Berry Good

and as usual ^_^ it's BERRY GOOD
small and quiet and limited desserts, very homey!

Helena Bday

I had planned today to the hour and min. and wiggle room too! But I relyed on someone else and that was my down fall of my perfect plan. I booked Helena in at 9AM to do up do (1hr extra 30mins just in case or to rest or take shower) of course I dont know how you can be late Helena! you are at my house almost every week -_-....
I relied on her to phone me (and she did) as my alarm clock to start the day. At 1030AM color Jarratt hair, cut his sisters hair and then wash his hair and cut too

Even though Helena was late I still manage to do everything at 2pm (started at like 11am)

Went with Jarrett to pick up his toner for his printer, he helped me out by going to Fruiticana in Richmond to look for Henna. I found it but then it's expired.... does that still work? is it bad for my skin? so I passed.

I then went to meet up with Helena bday party (they went for photoshoot) I met them at Meloty. I have doubts at this place as I went there along time ago, with not a lot of money and as a student too
10$ for a tiny triangle beef strudel and 10$ tea cup of coffee
Needless to say it's very expensive and left me ridiculously hungry. I went next store to one of my favorite restaurants Hon Ju, and had extremely tasty and filling Korean hot pot for about 6$.. back then..

However this time, with a better job and not a student any more but with a student loan. I'm better off this time and can afford it. I was looking forward to the "all you can eat" high tea Helena had told me about, or the dinner menu.
At the time arrive there is no dinner menu as lunch was just done and I could not order the unlimited high tea service either ( even though I was WILLING to pay that kind of money)
Instead I had the waffle+drink combo ($15.99) It's looks very good, the coffee is wonderful but...really 15$ for this for lunch? at this asian want to be decorated poorly western restaurant. Ok.. well it is kinda pretty though....
There's a VIP room too and of course them being asian, it cost 1000$ to rent it. No wonder they dont have any business and need to change owners (as rumors say) and always closed down for so called renovations ( which still looks the same as last time I was there)
I'd say this would be a nice place for brunch or breakfeast, at that price for light breakfeast in a beautiful place is worth it. But me being starved all day and stressed I can take my 15$ go next door to the korean place or go to the italian place people watch the artists there and have steak or modern cafe with AIR CON or comfort food at french canadian cafe for 15$ and I would be STUFFED!
15$ for this beautiful waffle is not worth it for lunch
they're other item was 3 pastries and a drink
One of the girls put it like this (she got caramel egg pudding, jello, fruit tart with only one scoop of fruit on it)
she goes down the line "safe way pudding mix, jello powder, asian bakery"

I would have rather gone to Sutton (26?28$incl tax+tip) With enough food to be full and still have some to pack for a light snack or picnic the next day. but as Helena put it, some people dont have the money, and that Meloty is much more beautiful -_- if you want beauty and good food to go up the price goes up, I would have taken the group to one of the smaller tea houses that look very antique inside.

When I go to these meet ups I feel headaches creep up on me, as the organizer, Helena does not take control of the meet. She lets everyone do as they please, even when we had a calculation problem, she was not present to take charge, of course I do and everyone will percieve me as bossy and un approachable.
If I didn't we would have dilly dallied for another hour not leaving because the table that was short 6$ doesn't know they're short 6$
Finally we were outside we take our group photo and they still yapping away with no direction. I dont mind this after we make a decision and they can yap all they want on the way. Of course they miss their 7pm showing of the movie, which doesn't really matter since they're so w.e they went for the 9pm
For me and when I organize a party, I know what are schedule is and it can't be too big as it's hard to move a big group, and keep them moving to different and beautiful views.

But I must remind myself, this is not my party, stay calm, young girls want to be leaders too, they just have to learn.

After much starvation today I met up with Herman and we went to Bonsai (retardedly pukingly huge sushi) I had California roll value of around $3 completely filling kinda healthy and completely filling while watching the Sun set over Iona beach.

We then drove about and had Parfait <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_fW7Hz_rYvm0/TEQWUF55pqI/AAAAAAAAAKg/zotb3Il1n_M/s1600/IMG_0637.jpg">

Un-expected Lolita Meet

I woke up late, but I wanted to try this new hairstyle on myself as practice before I did Helena's Hair. Three rollers on top and three on each side.
twist into sections and pin. Unfortunately my hair is too thing, and cannot look full even with back combing. instead with tons of extentions in my hair, I swept almost everything to the side.
Of course knowing me, I'll never make it to the lolita party on time, I played dress up! Finally a chance to show off my henna!

Finally after a VERY long time I made my way to down town at Centry House club/restaurant

The service isn't the best. It took FOREVER to waive the waitress down and there was only two other tables not including my table.

I ordered a steak medium rare, they took their sweet time making it, and when it arrived it was almost cooked fully. Which is waay to rough for me and i REFUSE to eat it. They made no fuss to make me a new one, I was thankful! The pricing there is fair, it is not expensive nor in expensive. You can expect a bill about 15-20$ / person for lunch.
Very beautiful decor there. http://www.clubzone.com/c/Vancouver/Restaurant/Century_House.html

Some of the girls had to leave by now, but everyone was nice enough to go with me to Sephora so I can fix my make up and buy new eyeliner. I am sick of the pen type. It's a great way to handle a liquid eye liner and I totally recommend the Shu Uemura or MAC but they both dry out, not enough of the eyeliner liquid comes out, so now I've got back to the pot type, it's easier now to use after I got the hang of the pen type! Urban Decay "perversion" is blacker then black!

We all went to Night Market as Anne has never been to before.
We had a wonderful time, I even got to meet up with Traci for a little bit ^-^

BB even bought me a Macaron fan!!!!!!!
BB hasn't bought me anything for a long time

Sometimes I think perhaps he can't buy me anything because I already buy it before he can or maybe I'm too particular?

I've already told him two things I like but now I feel like asking, " Are you going to get it for me? Because I'm waiting and if your not going to then i'm getting it for my self as soon as i have the money!"


I got my roots done, oww my scalp.

Hung out with Jaratt and Melissa for a little while . They also went with me back to my old job to pick up my severance pay.... scary....

With the slightly extra money I got to finally buy the Urban Decay Summer Love Eyeshadow set! I've tried it on several time. It's my replacement for my KATE KONEBO pallete. It's too expensive to buy that brand but this one is just as good too!

Me and George went to pacific centre for me to touch up my make up, after that I spotted outside a guy doing henna!

I really wanted to have it done just like the Channel

temporary tattoos!

Had dinner a Benkei



Seared Albacore tuna Steaks Nicoise Salad
Seared Albacore Tuna Steaks Niçoise Salad with quail eggs, lemon garlic vinaigrette

Aaah! another succesful cooking.... almost....
I dont know how i manage to confuse or make myself forget. I thought it was tuna steak x.x and thus I way over cooked the smaller piece. Which turned out to be a good thing.. because Lisa doesn't eat raw fish! on the brightside cooking Quail eggs to perfections (runny yolk) wasn't so hard~! though mine wasn't runny it was.. almost.
On a new note! I ate olives tonight. Lisa saids they taste like the really nice ones @.@ I guess so? because I ate 4pieces (2wholes)

Lasagna Bolognese
Fraser Valley natural beef in a classic Italian sauce, layered with fresh pasta, béchamel sauce, and mozzarella cheese
Later that night, BB came home exteremly late. It was a good thing I also picked up a "Heat and Serve" item for him. When they say natural it means hormone free beef. On they very good note, there was also carrots in there! whole slices of tomatoes! and those who've heard of my NYE dinner... knows BB and veggies..

Indish.ca dishes is basicaly almost fool proof.
Of all the things I've cooked in my life I find most success in their easy instructions and perfectly measured, washed, chopped, ready to use immedietly fresh ingredients!