Olive 8

Not too much shopping that day, as I was stupid enough to wear point high heeled boots; thus I could not walk far.

On the bright side, we spent the night in pretty much central downtown Seattle. It's so nice to actually live in the middle of city. It's always busy with lots of bright vivid lights and the like.

I find it amazing that the food for in room-aka roomservice- dining vs the restaurant is different. Maybe the difference is the breakfast chef and the dinner chef are different? (That actually is what happens in most cases =-=)

Any how!... The in-room dining was AMAZING!

I always order my usual boring eggs, bacon, potato, toast and side of fruits. My friend ordered the crab cakes and eggs benedict. Let me tell you how disappointed I was to not have ordered one of those! It actually contained real chunks of crab meat. Dam! it was good!

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Bitter Tasting Room

let this restaurant take you back before the prohibition !

have their platters to sample all their food made from local produce and local beer (and some import)

my faves for this place fresh made pretzels, sausages and scotch eggs! it's just a must have =D


Wow! As though my days couldn't get any better! I was then whisked off to Mosaic to have early dinner before the movies. Guess what they have?!
scotch eggs.
This time it was quite heavenly; as the yolks were still raw!
That was the best! But the steak just passable @_@ just over seasoned if anything

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buck a shuck

Oh ! There's so many wonderful places in Vancouver!
This one is my favorites that I will not be share this time.
It's honestly a gem, hidden deep in Vancouver.

Aside from the inexpensive oysters, I was surprised to find oyster motoyaki (baked oysters in a halfshell or tin tart pan with a mayonaise based sauce, occasionally topped with panko) on the menu. It is usually one of my favorite treats, I occasionally avoid it; due to the massive amount of mayo on it that is usually the mediocre thing to do. I find it really disgusting.
Anyhow this mayhaps be the best oyster motoyaki I have ever eaten without being disgusted!
A perfect balance of sauce, veggies and oysters!

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what's your poison ?

There is a particular beer from Belgium; it is one that's flavoured with strawberries. Is it really a beer or is it a girly drink in a camouflaged
label ?
I totally think so!

another of my favorites!

it taste just like strawberries and sparkling wine!

The best thing about the beer is that the byproduct of it is the burping of strawberry perfume. it is the burp of princesses, the only way a princess should ever burp.

disgusting ?
I know.

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pretty flower

I don't remember this place other then always pointing out their advertisement, saying how I want to try it

their presentation is okay, other then their pretty lantern and flowers (which I ended up combining together into a new lantern)

I think we order a tuna?beef? tataki
which had a mound of green onions on it, not even arranged nicely its like a monster puked a pile of onions on it

then there was a bibimbap, that we could not eat because it tasted like the fish went bad =(

the sushi was okay..it's really too bad the line up was out the door.

jan-feb nails

I don't remember if I posted this, I feel more and more need of not so crowded nails, I usually have so much stuff on it, it's suffocating

Bella Gelateria

I've heard of this Vancouver wonder for sometime. usually I say no to icecream in the winter but! they are my one exception!
i have never had gelato this way ever in my life till now.
it's super soft smooth and the taste is so real! (better be lol)

sometimes they have odd flavors to!
I can't remember what it was but I remember I really don't want to try it lol... tried it anyways and I am as always surprised its not that bad, if anything it kinda taste good!
good example coconut. I hate everything made of it, nothing taste like the real freshly cracked nut! but their coconut icecream! my goodness gracious! unbelievable!! you should try it for sure!
though I do find that one should know their limit.
I love their salted caramel icecream.
I could not finish the cone because it was so rich =D I should of bought a single scoop cup

a weird one everyone should try is "faloudah"
which is a south Asian dessert, I've never tried the real thing but from the icecream flavored with milky rose water and noodles. it's not very appetizing, but believe me it's not bad! worth having a taste!

on to my favorites =)
my favorite is baileys. they really put in a good dose of alchy-hol into it.
my other favorite is
earl grey + fior de latte,
which is earl grey milk tea!!!

does anyone else have other concoctions to share ?
I imagine
lavender + early grey + fior de latte
= lady grey milk tea

Christmas cookies 2012

Christmas cookies that didn't happen the year because they were under baked and I was sick =(

Dear friend

To my dearest friend!,

It is too bad you were here for such a short time. Though our day together I'll never forget! I hope to see you soon again. You are the few that always inspires me to get going on my beauty before I leave the house.

yours truly