On going accessory problem


Every girl has a abundane of a certain material. My obsession is hair clips !

What to do with all of them??

** denting the chicken wire will make clipping anything to it easier versus it flat against the card board. 

That time of year again


Omg I want everything !

The Parlour


Wake N bake
Tomato prosciutto easy egg basil

Gold member
Carmelites onion mushroom duxelle Yukon gold potato truffle oil gruyerem mozzarella

We made it in time for their lunch special!
Drink and pizza for...$???

We could not finish!! it was very delicious. The ingredients were very fresh. The raw egg yolk is honestly the extra icing on top!

As for the truffle, boy am I truffled out! Share that small pizza around I honestly can't eat that much truffle aroma in my mouth!

1011 Hamilton st

Can't get enough


My new game from Gordana!!! I love it!!
It's actually very fun^_^



I could barely wake up the next morning. I was half an hour late to meet up with my friend to do make up but she was late too. My make up took forever! I couldn't get the base right!

It was a pretty tiring day @_@ because I got mobbed by children. Not only that there were a few greedy children. I'm sure in all the frenzy they were confused and came twice but these specific children came to me 3+ time and I started recognize them. One even tried. to reach for my bucket when I already said " I already gave you candy more then once you need to leave some for other children" in which I slapped her out reached hand.

If it's not that there are some snooty picky children. We had some pretty awesome candy not the crappy lollipops and shitty tootsie rolls. It's like kitkats?aeros?smarties?? I'm giving you candy for free and you need to choose?? Not even in polite manner?? And aggressively demand from me?

The new generation seems to be quite selfish, self centred and above all they don't seem to feel the emotion "shame"

I've been working for many years here and work with both child and adult. I can honestly say I learn many many lessons from all my customers 

What I don't want my children to behave like
How I should handle a situation 
And what not to do

Halloween @ Shangri la

I don't think I've ever went clubbing for Halloween ever in my life!
Surprising no?

This year Helena invited me to go with her and Tamie to the party at Shangri la hotel. Funny thing! The same day hotel also held Victoria secret Angels party in the lobby.

This year I went as a burlesque dancer. There were many fabulous costumes out there and in the end I felt very home mad because I did make my own costume =( with exception of the waist cincher. If Kimee didn't lend it to me I woul have no costume at all!!

There were hor d'oeuvres served but I'm surprise at the priced we paid there was very little food. I think I only manage to get a few and some didn't get any at all.

Music was so/so and I completely forgot the photo booth too =( that was suppose to be the first thing I was suppose to do after entering the party 

Idk.. Kinda expected Shangri la to be more grand, do such things still exist??

Bel Café


Bel café has taken the spot in which 5senses use to (which is by Thomas Haas .. My fave) 
I'm relieved that Hawksworth team has not only come to par with their past occupant but may have a run for their money!

The both dabble in macarons which I think they shouldn't bother because it's just not happening for them.

They both have amazing coffee and not only just the coffee but for bel anyways.. They have an excellent barista. 

Thyme to indulge


Found this cutie cottage feel café hidden away by a parking lot!

Next time I'll try their soup, their savouries looks and smells better then the sweets

Beaver Tails

Recently this cute fair food truck has been dropping by near my work =)

Whole wheat smth like stretched out donut with your favourite toppings surely to make raincouver fever go down just a notch.

If that doesn't make you feel better I recommend you their poutine. Nothing special ..just curds and generous amount of gravy is nothing short of a classic yummers!

And if you want to be healthy have a smoothie I really really liked that.

Nothing better then Da Vinci

Nothing better then your own furbabies cheering you up. DV decided he was so tired from begging for food that he would hang off the ledge in begging position until food came.

My baby!


I'm such an idiot ! Stupid meimei he jumped out of his cage on purpose!! I had chase him around the tv, couch etcetera 

So when I finally caught him, I figure I should make him feel bad for what he's done. So I have him a once over. Check his ears teeth feels his tummy check the pads of his hands and feet and also the hair ring check. I didn't know it would do more harm then good! It was told to me in the hand book an reading online tat it should checked once a month! And I've done it before to .. no where have I read that you should unless necessary
Fml..: first DV and now M   

Why was I ?

I was still very upset with myself in the morning. Now that I think of it I still remember the sting from nose from crying, because of meimei condition that I caused. He's been to the doc and everything is fine.. I'm sure the vet hospital is laughing their ass off from my stupidity..

Any who, we went to a new cafe that just opened! Their food isn't bad and by the time I finished my muscato I felt a lot better.

Little red hat


Before we left Seattle we went to have a look at Queen Mary tea room. On the way there we passed a very hip looking neighbourhood! Dropped by a cute little vintage store and landed myself a adorable little red hat by San Diego hat company.

My main goal going to this tea room is to find a bone china teapot. Nothing else will do ! on their website they had quite a few but when I was there I couldn't find any. I asked for help and both associates provided me different answers =( as to which were and weren't.

One was saying "this brand X is all bone china" but no where on the pot/lid/box does it say "bone china"

Other Swiss they only have one and pointed to one with ugly purpose flowers =(...

In the end we met the royal birds and had a light lunch 

Lost in winter blog


Much bad but maybe convenient news!
First off I updated my phone out of my boredom at work. Next thing you know it tells me to plug into the computer. Which is odd because the last updates don't need to plug in!
So I was out of a phone from noon till late. When I finally got home, my computer wouldn't connect with my phone and about hour later it work.

Behold my new updated phone!! My contacts and book marks are all there except my life photos =_=.....
So from my October photos till dec19 I have no idea what went on in my life

Good chunk of my life gone..

Now I can start blogging from this point on? Or just give up? My life isn't that amazing or interesting lol

Birthday night


I tried my hardest this year to not be late for my own birthday party. I was early to my tea but late for my dinner. There isn't many pics of my dinner look =( almost all the pictures, I looked really tired from night before. Make up wasn't the greatest but it'll do!

I was surprised when I saw the room!!
Everbody was already there and they also helped out with the decorations too!!  am I ever surprised by the amazing cake!

Seattle Lolita's

My memory fails me but I can't remember when we had to change rooms again. was it early morning?? I just remember the receptionist did everything possible in his power (not really) to help us with our booking mishap.

we had breakfast in bed. it's good as always! crab cake Benedict, highly recommend it! the best thing is they use real crabs, like chunks of it !
oddly it's cold when it arrived...

entered the new room want back to bed for a short while before getting ready to meet some new friends!!

Before I left the room I had called house keeping to tidy up the bed again.
I practically ran downstairs to the lobby because some how I was late to meet with Laura! (in the black)

^_^ I'm glad she came because I was afraid to take public transit on my own (because I didn't so my research a head of time)

funny thing! they mistook me and charged me for a student ticket lol!

I guess I could still be in school. I would be doing masters at this age though @_@

We met up with Allyson at Remedy Tea. It's a nice place and open late. The decor inside is minimalistic and organic hipster^_^ the atmosphere is very open and free.

Allyson highly recommends the apple cinnamon? French toast. It was the best thing there ^_^!!!

Allyson wanted to walk back to town and since it was such a beautiful day so why not? boy did I ever regret that! me and Laura had so many blisters on our feet by the time we got to the hotel. then again it was worth it too.. we pass by an amazing park with many fountains. found a mysterious russian catholic orthodox cathedral AND we also past by hipster town ! and a really cool kind of modern vintage market (somewhere around melrose ave)

Funny thing I went back to my room and the house keeping only took off the sheets and left the new bedding folded on the bed?! am I suppose to do it ?!

I went back out for 30 mins and behold to my utmost anger the bed is not done!
by this time it is around 2?3?pm house keeping should be done by now. I phone them immediately and let them know that maybe house keeping forgot to finish.  ALSO to bring me up a flat iron and curling iron. Me and my friend then went out to the public market for about a few hours to shop for our charcuterie plate (mid night snack).

Did you know there is a whole maze of stores underneath Pike place?!

honestly there isn't much for prosciutto or cheese in Seattle VS Vancouver. we found something to snack later that night so we headed back to the hotel.

You won't believe what's waiting for me at the hotel. The bed is still not done.this time I agave them a piece of my mind. I've been more then patient and kind with them. I paid for hotel not motel. Even a motel at $50/night has a working shower and TV and the free continental breakfast 
isn't burned and the bed will be done. Sure there isn't much I can expect from the receptionist at a motel but at least they aren't snooty and unwilling to help. I had better service at Hyatt House. I don't expect hyatt olive8 to be like grand hyatt but I expect it to be better then motel6.

I took a nap, and you know what still no hairstyling tools. next thing you it finally comes !! I'm too tired to answer so maybe they'll hang it on the door. OH no!!! they use their key to get in!! seriously scared me!! no hotel should enter any rented out room. I could be going to the bathroom or w/e and can't get to the door right this incident. if there's no answer then you use your radio to call the front desk to phone me! their answer I can't believe they talk back! was that "do no disturb" sign was not out... who knows who opens you're door ?? a rapist employee?!!

we were suppose to go to the after parties but can't really find our way around and the GPS isn't updated and there were some huge road construction happening. I just wanted to go back and eat a maybe shitty steak and go to bed. I'm tired. we were stuck out for hours starving lost and tired. finally we just picked something off the side of the road.

to our surprise it was lovely!

Olive 8


On the way down to Seattle I did my nails in the car! 
I'm trying on Deborah Lippmann's "Ruby Slipper"
I'm not sure if this is my color ...

After a long drive late into the night we arrive at Hyatt8. The receptionist wasn't the nicest, or very welcoming, but whatever it's late everybody wants to be in bed.

we get into our room and the room next to us has a baby, and he's just screaming. we ask for another room and the take us down the hallway and around the corner. 

it's a handicap room which is fine. The irritating thing is the shower head kept on sliding down the bar. The shower head is attached to a bar which you can adjust the height. It kept @?/9ing sliding down to the bottom, how is this handicap friendly room?!

you know what? I don't care I went to blow dry my hair there's no dryer! I went to turn on the TV to distract myself and it doesn't work. Seriously wth?!

No matter I'm determined to have a good time! house keeping brings me a dryer and the techy fixes the tv =D

to finish off the night we order some room service, we are starving. I've always had good experiences with their food it's delicious!

the first picture is what we received. How can the chef even serve a burned steak?!
You can't see in the picture very well, but the steak was leaking bloody water and the vegetables were soggy from sauce so the burned steak was sitting in a puddle of disgusting liquid.

We told them, and they brought us a new one. Can you see the difference??!!
When we were done I wheeled the cart outside. I'm not sure why they take such a long time to collect dishes but next door must of been super drunk because they ate the burnt steak.
we had heard loud sounds outside our room but ignored it. In the morning when we went out the tray is still there! and the burned steak I MIA.

opening presents!

Finally I'm awake and opened my present! First thing to do is try out my new espresso machine =D!!

I don't think I am doing it properly @__@... I'll research a little bit more before I do the next one


more. cake!

I'm so tired. I can't believe there is still more cake!!! I should of wished for my my birthday, to have more energy!
I want to open my presents but I'm so tired =(

birthday morn


Have all my frantic nerves paid off?? I'm throwing petals all over the place at tea house ironically named Rose house 

Here is all of us lovely ladies from left to right:
Esther Kimee Viki Tamie Helena Monica
We all received roses from a mysterious sender!

Here is my outfit today~
I'm not really sure if I'm in to this braid thing @_@..

Presents from all my dear friends ='( I'm so touched!

frantic same time every year


12am frantically wrapping goodie bags

@_@ extremely stressed and wonder why do I bother?! it's my birthday!! go back to bed!

picture worth so many opinions


sometimes I'm surprised at the quality of people there is in this world.

here's me: proud of myself making my first ratatouille and here's a picture!

then there are those opinionated people that need to tell me 
-should be made like this!
- doesn't look like it

thank you people I was looking for advise when I posted a picture =)

Mermaid ombré


mermaids dream, Deborah lippman
across the universe, Deborah lippman 
435 E, Wet N Wild

I got the polish!!

birthday trip!!

We ate at all my favorite restaurants and hit all my favorite spots in Seattle/Bellevue.

and of course the most important part of the trip!!
picking up my Aatp jsk!!!

here's my small haul ^_^ acrylic clear box for make up, blow dryer holder, and a new crown charm !

good to be home


after some Mei Mei drama , Da Vinci is extremely happy to be home =D

Vancouver fog


recently Vancouver is taken over by thick fog!
love it =D

Deborah Lippman obsession


this has stirred my curiosity ! I've heard some great things about this polish from a friend, here's a picture of what I tried on at sephora.. I'm glad one can try before buy I hate it when the color is gorgeous but not on you finger lol

pony tail flipper on action!


more PSL love!

Needy Da Vinci


My poor baby! he's getting a lot better =D I can't wait till I put him back in with Mei Mei...

I showed them each other but M is being very hostile >_<.... apparently jealous of D small pathetic cage =_=...

sibling rivalry ... hope they get over it !