Joey's in Bellevue


Went straight to the states after work. What a long and very windy and rainy ride! When we arrived at Bellevue it was only light showers here and there. We bolted to our favorite restaurant, but sadly we were 30 mins late and they were closed =( we also went to the Italian restaurant and we were amazed how big and beautiful it actually was. Nobody could tell from the mall entrance how grand it really was. They too were closing for the night.

Anyways, we spotted a Joeys here and I am craving ribs! I was so disappointed that there were no ribs and sad that we were seated next to a table of 2 men who were obviously on the prowl. You could see their ego practically leaking out of them as they tried not to obviously be look at the pretty girls drinking at the bar. The pair, also they were strained to talk in a deep and very manly voice about how one of them was a personal trainer.  

Anyways ... We had burger sliders, rotisserie chicken, and a summer sangria.
i don't know what people do here differently with the chicken but it's so succulent and delicious, it can't be compared. Also,THAT sangria !!! Wow!! I love cocktails but there is only a few I like and the ones I like are not always made well. This was so refreshing, and brimming with strawberries and there was a dash of alcoholic peach slush I see??? 

I wish I could sit longer and finish my drink but I couldn't as it was already 1230am and we still haven't even checked in yet =(

I really like Bellevue! Many people say they're snooty and full of it. So they are, but whoever says this has obviously not been to Vancouver. I find the biggest difference is that people in Bellevue actually care about how they look. Regardless of the fact that they look like trout-faced Barbies. Although some of these people are a bit big, they wear nice clothes that fit their body shape, have their hair done, and have a full face of make up. I can't say the same for Vancouver though because au natural and organic "is so good for you"

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