Sally's Birthday

 First we all started our adventure to white rock with cream lollipops!
 Arrival at afternoon tea. I was surprised that the savories were on top of the dessert! no matter! the price was well worth the amount you receive!
Make a wish Sally!
 To mark her special overcasted sunny day we all had henna art done =D! and they thought it would be painful hehehe!
Happy Birthday Darling =D!

In time

after work I was inspired by the movie "in time"
to do something after work with the extra paid transit time I don't use.
( what that means is I used pre-paid tickets, from the moment I use one I have 1.5hrs before it expires)
I wasn't very hungry so if I went home I wouldn't be doing anything but have a snack nap and play with my chins then go to bed.
Any how, I went downtown to look for shoes. to my dismay, pacific centre apparently closes at 7pm on summer Saturday night. (they use to close at 9pm every summer day)
I wanted a pair of heels that would match my birthday dress, something rough edgy hardcore? no! ... intense rock and roll glam

I'm not sure why I'm constantly attracted to silvery glass/crystal shiny heels but that doesn't fit no matter how I looked at it.

I visited the piercing shop hoping for some good edgy shoes which I saw some ..but then.. I didn't have my dress with me =(

I was hoping that a louboutin pair would catch my eye heavily, I was prepared to pay for these. I looked they caught my eyes but wasn't what I was looking for =(

I ended up with this pair from aldo that I spotted late spring (but was sold out in my size). they had apparently new half sizes!
I wouldn't say they are the most comfortable heels ever but they fit sort of what I was looking for.

it's better then me going out and buy a plain heel order loads of crystals in every size, hues of black and spikes and then glue it on to only find out they start peeling off. Even with crazy glue!

the rest of the night
I spent time playing with meimei and davinci
did laundry showered Facebook surfed and photoshopped some birthday pics of my friend

I think time well spent isn't it?