The secret in Beef Stroganoff is...

This is the second or third time trying this and it's the perfect thing to do with an extra piece of steak! (Who would have an extra piece of steak?! I bought this pack of steaks which has 3 pieces =( it's always sad when one person can't have steak!)

After a more in depth look at other peoples recipes here's mine! 

It's typical of me that I don't have all the ingredients and had to substitute a lot of them.

- bit of olive oil
1 small onion
3 large white mushrooms, chopped? Sliced? Upto you 
1 steak (cut into strips)
2 cups of beef broth (I used bone broth)
1 bay leaf
1 tsp Dijon mustard
- 2tbsp? Plain yogurt
- some pasta

1 olive oil and onions in a pan on medium heat
2 when onions are soft throw in mushrooms and brown
3 once browned put aside in a bowl. In the same pan , sear meat
4 put aside meat and put the onion mushroom back into the same pan with all the meat juice and pour in the broth
5 boil with bay leaf for a while?

Before serving
1 bring soup mixture up to a boil, add in any meat juices from the rested meat. Turn off heat, add mustard and yogurt and stir in meat to warm up. Add cornstarch if you want to thicken.
Salt and pepper?

Use macaroni instead of sphagetti (wtf was I thinking?!) 
Maybe use creme fresh instead of yogurt..
Maybe use a touch of paprika?

Soy milk soup noodles recipe 2.0

Soymilk hotpot/ noodle soup etc

Since my first recipe I posted on Facebook, I realized I can't get a hold of dashi as often as I like. (I don't like the granulated or MSG version). As well I've simplified it a lot ... it's mainly 3 steps:
chop  -> toss in pot -> season 
I use to make sure everything was not over cooked.. but now it doesn't really matter,... just throw ingredients into the pot around the right (and different) times and it will all be done at the same time

Asian chicken stock to fresh unsweetened Asian soy milk
*** Asian chicken stock and soy is lighter and unaltered with other "seasonings"

1/2 pkg of enoki
1 mini sui choy (nappa cabbage, if you cant find the mini then half of a regular size
1 cooked serving of whatever noodles you like (udon works well)
0.5  tbsp satay sauce
half onion sliced thinly
1?2? korean fish cake ( rectangular blocky type with vegetable bits in it)
some thinly sliced pork (medium fatty ness)
Thinning sliced pork for hot pot
Tbsp fish sauce 

Optional ingredients
1 pkg shimeji mushrooms (this type don't have much flavour and should be put in with the onions, so that it can soak up more flavor)
fish balls
tofu ( i prefer previously frozen firm tofu)
Tofu puff
Egg tofu (pan fried with oil until golden)
1 shiitake mushroom sliced  

- cut Napa cabbage to 1.5" pieces 
-boil fish cake, optional ingredients, mushrooms, onion and Napa cabbage stem pieces with chicken stock and a cup of water until soft
-during this time cook pork slices and remove once cooked 
*meat helps to flavor the soup base*

-when onion is finally soft, it's time to throw in any delicate (soft ingredients such as soft tofu..but mushrooms don't count) like the leafy part of the Napa cabbage
- close lid
- as soon as the leaves wilt add soy milk (maybe a dash of cream if you like a stronger flavor) 
- bring soup temperature to just before boil.. You can tell by leaving the pot open and when you see steam coming from the edges (moment right before it boils) turn off the heat.
-season with satay then fish sauce to your liking

** when it bubbles the soy will curdle and become a grainy texture =(

Soo... What do you think of it? Was it easy to follow? Do you think it'd be easier to understand me through a video instead?

Let me know !

Italian burger

This summer I'm trying out making patties! For me it's still hard to eyeball the right amount. As you can see I made a baseball sized patty (and I did squish it down too!)

my take on Italian flavors 
Ground beef
Crushed deep fried garlic chips
Tomato paste
Worcestershire sauce

Toppings of
Baked sliced mushroom with garlic olive oil
Shredded cheddar and mozza 

White wine Dijon 

The best burger buns are brioche. They also make fantastic French toast.

**baking/sautéing mushroom will make it sweat. You can use the mushroom au jus as sauce too!

** I'm not sure why but 
ground beef + tomato paste + wocestershire sauce = awesome ground beef! 

Bad days

That day was pretty bad, I felt like crap the whole. Luckily through all this I had baby, whom took the day off to cuddle with me.

All it takes is love 🎶🎶🎶

French Toast

I can't stress enough how great my little countertop oven is. The current style I have is not my favourite but it gets the job done. To give you an can fit half a 10" pizza in there. I prefer the previous oven better as it could fit a whole 10" pizza or 6 muffin pan ... Or a small chicken?


Today I made brioche French toast and as if the fat content wasn't enough I wanted MORE buttery taste. So this presents a small problem, it would mean that "I" (the lazy butt) would need to add/melted butter into the pan for finishing touches. Since you cannot add it in the beginning because it would burn. If you don't get I mean..when you finish making the toast and while it's still in the pan you add butter and swirl toast to get a nice coat or I could do what everybody else does and add knob of butter ontop of the toast and serve.

So bright idea and mistake brought to me a new method! ( why not have melted butter mixed into the batter?)

1. Melted butter in large bowl
2. Add milk (I only had cream)
*realize -shit! - the milk cooled down the butter and now it's lumpy. Continue anyways...
3. Add egg
4. Whisk lightly
-butter breaks down into tiny little pieces-
5. Dip bread in batter
-realize I get wonderful coatings of butter bits-
6. Pan fry in oiled pan until golden brown
-butter bits disappear -
7. Place in table top oven on middle wire rack at 275F, until ready to serve
- do not place on metal pan as it won't be as crispy -
8. Finish making the rest and serve

This accident made me a scrumptious and rich french toast! Try it sometime and let me know what you think =D