boxing day 2010

Woke up late for boxing day I think I finally got out of the house around 10am. I desperately wanted to go to the flower shop next to the hills for xmas decorations
the night before I noticed they still had a few sweet decorations
the picture to your left was taken sometime beginning of christmas.
Click to enlarge. The first time I saw it I went almost the very next day to pick up a few. GAWD they're sooo expensive. I only bough a slice of cake/a piece of chocolate/a strawberry dipped in milk choco drizzled with white choco. and that came to be about 30 something?
So of course being good little me I waited to get the rest of it.
When I went there one hour late from their opening and everything is gone. I only managed to buy a candy cane. The shop next to it also had some interesting ornaments. There was one in particular I wanted.. but I think it is probably WAAY to heavy for my tiny little pink daiso tree (the branches are very weak) it's a clear glass ball with the Arc de Triomphe inside with some little specs of snow. Kind of like a ... snow globe effect with out the water

We then went to Faubourg. I forgot if i went to eat first or bough the xmas deco first.

It's actually really nice to have such a nice pastry shop near BB house. Breakfast is always served! (viki favorite breakie: fresh fruits pastry and coffee)
Had the lemon tarte .... ohhh! it was soooo so so so sooooo sour T_T they needed more of the sweet cream on the bottom. =_= ANGELA! YOU *point point* suggested it to me!
BB had the croissant nice and crunchy and warm.....
we shared a roast beef baguette together. it's really good and I'm surprised that there is also small mozzarella balls inside too! unfortunately I think they didn't use a very good grade of beef. BECAUSE! there was so many, i don't know the word in english? tendons? annoying stretchy fat that is almost impossible to chew apart?So we were having a hard time taking a BITE and then try to not pull the rest of the beef out along with it AND THEN try to swallow with out having the gag reflex act up because that trail of fat is down the throat and the rest of the meat is still chewing in mouth. Do someone understand what i 'm trying to say?

Any how! We arrive downtown, some what irritated at the traffic and oceans of people in downtown.We first went to the art gallery! For I saw a few weeks back those adorable bear christmas ornaments. Seriously who would buy them for $20?! thats like $5/each and they're tiny too... about the size of my thumb.. anyways! I was patient and waited till boxing day at 50% off. Still expensive but you know what... at least I got a discount on them!
There was another set of a lot of tiny ornaments but for 45$?! not including tax?! and even with 50% discount... still expensive ... if only I were not going to asia.

What a inconvenient time to go to asia. One hand I have all this money saved up(which isn't a lot) to go and on the other hand it's @#$@#$% boxing day and everything I see that I want is for sale! *le sigh* Extremely kool rock pants and couture like dress and heels that don't hurt from Marciano?! two of them have additional 50% off and everything else that are new have 30% off
*sigh* Juicy couture charms the dice/visa/carousel all for 40% off...


BB went to try on a boy lolita outfit! looks absolutely smashing on him! oh I could kiss him to death!
When boyfriend is too awkward to pose, place boyfriend in kool pose.

-chin down a little bit

-close eyes

-smile just a little bit
Those who remember those who dont. Scroll down

I recently bought "itty bitty bake set!"

I know its for children but how could I resist?

T_T deffinetly not a 8+ more like 20+ yr old toy!

T_T gawd! i mean it's easy but the mess T_T because it was my first time making icing (suprised?)and especially fondant -_-

litterally a explosion cloud of powdered sugar all over the place*dies*

it looks like BB likes eating sweets after all @_@ .. long as I make it...
I think...

Christmas Day 2010

We weren't sure when our anniversary was was it 12am dec25?26? i'm sure it was 25th!
Only places that were open were those asian malls. Not sure why but we went grocery shopping. BB already did but I didn't feel that a loaf of bread and a few wine glasses were groceries. SO we bough at least 3 days worth of sukiyaki (we almost eat this everyday!) and also! found my favorite dipping sauce for those wonderful dumplings his mom made for us! super delicious @_@bought two of those because for a short while they were sold out! *horrified face*
and of course xiao long bao! love to the max!
i assume this is good enough for at least a week or so.

We got home super tired but i started cooking anyways! it's a special dinner ! no?

T_T..... i think i need to learn plating or something to make the food look nice
THAT just looks like.. puke on broccoli?
At was very tasty =_=

Chicken Cordon Bleu, Portobello Mushroom Chasseur Sauce

Rossdown Farms Chicken Breasts stuffed with Honey Ham and Swiss Cheese in Portobello Mushroom Chasseur sauce 
with caramelized onion & parmesan mash and almond broccoli

xmas with bb

tried new make up of course you can't see from here @_@

the one with the ears is this year @_@ this year is BB xmas last year was mine
so a versus picture lol this and last years?
I think I've done well for him this year!
XD enlareged the button of the shirt XD just incase you can't see the awsomeness of it!


I was trying to do my nails yesterday and well T_T why do they take forever to dry!?
As you can see i've ruined the edges

Seeing as how unfortunate this year is T_T
I'm not expecting anything from anyone, so I can't help but buy myself presents
however.. on the other hand I shouldn't be spending at all...
... as for saying that... IT DOESN'T MEAN PITY ME T_T

Xmas list 2010

I've been reading over my blog and realize T_T I did forget something!

Xmas list 2010
1) Victoria Secret gift card
2)solid normal color ankle socks
3) starbucks gift card
4)marciano grey blk ripped jeans with studs in the ripped part, Elysia dress, GIFT CARD for shoes
7) Anna Sui xmas gift set (blk moon bag version)
8) MAC marcel wander lip gloss "Beatrix"
9) rubber ducky tea infuser

Whats yours?

Cake Day

Cake Day with Sally
Goyave et Fraises
strawberry-guava bavaroise, vanilla-rhubarb compote, strawberry madeleine biscuit, lychees

green tea mousse, mango-passionfruit gelée, lychees, black sesame biscuit joconde


Dec 16

T_T maybe I am just I dont know..
learning disabillity ? I just can't focus T_T ADD? must run in the hairdressing world *sigh*

Anyways so like you heard in the last post was having a hard time staying focused...
Teacher could soooo tell T_T I didn't really study but I DID *sigh*

Afterward met up with BB to try out the new Pâtisserie in Kerrisdale.
New chic bakery!

Robson Ice rink

Dec 14
Was going to go back to highschool to pick up transcript but I was lazy -_-.....
instead we headed straight to icerink in robson square!

we learned that angela CAN ice skate XD! just been to reliant on the stupid cone!
Then I went over to BB place and attempted to study T_T the one time studying that didn't work *sigh* I tried so hard to focus and do homework. 2hrs later I only have half a page ! sucks!

To cheer me up BB arrives home on time along with Melissa + bf to head out for dessert!

I had the Black Forrest tarte T_T


Dec 13
met up late with Angela so I could pick up this for my boss @_@
How could i not? Virginia (boss) has a huge Whipet that looks like that very charm !

Sometimes I feel.... whats the word?
I didn't get anything for my ex boss at Funky well because I was always broke @_@ but now that life is a little bit more steady! I can...

*click pic to enlarge*

Then me and Angela went Guu-ing. One of the least expensive experiences there XD! YEA!!

Altiana Goran Birthday

Dec 10

Went to class
and then went to Altiana bday was late T_T
bday girl had to blow her candles out with rollers in her hair XD twas memorable !
Not too sure why Goran wasn't happy but by the end of it he was having so much fun ^_^ he was sooo~ cute!

I wish I could show you how adorable they are (I was the hairdresser at the party! updos curls and everything!) but I do not have the consent of their parents there for no real faces for you!

We got to ride a limo to Van Dusen Gardens!


Dec 7

I dont know why they put "art" beside the border. You know how your not suppose to take pictures at the border to avoid being pulled over and your car stripped?
I guess this piece of art is suppose to be maybe end of the world everything kind of burned up this coming Dec 2012

Breakfast wouldn't be breakie with out the morning face palm at Jack in the box! having a all American steak sandwich for breakfast @_@
We first stopped by this really empty outlet mall but we did find interesting things!Micky sparkly hair band. (i didn't see the silver one there T_T)

We also found this really cool toy that I was tempted to buy if only they had a new one and less expensive! D-Rex. Search it on youtube! It's super cute

Spotted this at target XD dam cute!

of course I also go to run to Victoria Secret and spend like 2 hours in there @_@
Sorry I made you guyz wait x.x....
I was getting so disappointed because i wanted the balconet style of bra and none of them seem to fit properly. until the sales found one that looked like it but wasn't. I was happy but not happy it wasn't flashy colors T_T I wanted to get it but at 45$ it wasn't IT. Last thing I looked at was wondering if they had the panties with jingle bells on the butt. I asked and BEHOLD! THEY HAVE! Immediately found matching bra and extra NORMAL looking pantie and ran to the fitting room ran out thanked the paitent sales int he change room for helping me and dashed off to the cash register XD!
(scroll down entry of hot Victoria secret model wearing jingle butt)

Black forrest


First day of class @_@ feels odd to be in school but not really! I'm taking private classes atm....Fôret Noir
moist chocolate cake, Kirsch syrup, vanilla chantilly cream, griottine cherries, chocolate chantilly cream

I guess because I dont visit Yale town enough that I dont go this pastry bistro often. I tried the mini macaron in the past, it was okay.... for some reason they do better with the large ones. Perhaps because
Tried their cake this time, my! oh my! extremely decadent chocolate with generous helping of whip cream and whole cherries too!

Seems like this year full of black forest cakes left and right @_@

Another day of practicing suji updo T_T this pic is small because of failure


Dec 5
Invited Traci out for random "how've you been?, haven't seen you around lately!"
We did the usual thing walk around Dt not much special T_T

We tried Guu Garden, they're good. the sashimi is wonderful!
they have this one called, rainbow chirashi. The way they make it is quite adorable. Different kids of sashimi laid over top a ball of rice. Kind of like a rainbow ball!

The problem with the place is that it is sort of expensive. Reason being is that, you can order a lot of food and still be hungry because its only vegetables and fish.

At least they still have our favorites XD

Also practiced the the suji style? I thought it was called mori T_T youtube is misleading me? or other wise?
the front is good
the side is @$%@$%
the back is i dont even know

Lin's Hair

Sometimes I get SOO annoyed with her hair, i'm doing it as precise as I can why cant it be perfect?!

T_T ... practiced hair style to day inspired by model Okarie from popteen cover
Victoria Secret
Where have YOU been all this time ?
I swear sometimes La Senza is like the budget version of Victoria Secret.
I'm here already! where's my secret?!

oh and the jingle butt up there REALLY is attention whoring panties!
♥ ♥ ♥ luxurious two tone satin with silver bells

WE Coffee -FAIL

After eating at Santoyka, I was very super attracted to this nice looking tiny coffee shop, in between two mega restaurants Santoyka and Guu. Especially they had the menu for me to look at out side and immediately I was very attracted to this

which you can check out from their menu here

I ordered it from the manager, or so i think he is because he's the only one that is talking to ALL the customers, being friendly and asking how everything is.
So I told him very happily that i would like to order this. Do you know what he said to me?
this freak'n trifle is $8
HE TOLD ME that there is a minimum charge of 3.89$/person
then he goes on to flip the page for me to see

It's just me that wants dessert you know. I just finish eating fantastic ramen next store and 3.89 /person is not does not amount to the 7.99 for the parfait!

If you want to be cheap about it don't put your puny little store in nice part of robson next to these tycoon of awesome restaurant. You might as well stay in Richmond

I was super shocked and zillion words flying through my mind, and finally settled down when BB ordered hot chocolate.

Which isn't fair because we met the criteria and he is only here to sit with me because I wanted dessert.

-_- let it go... *breathes*

I should of stood up and walk away.

Here's the best part of all! this is what the strawberry triffle looks like.
what is that? french fries? NOTHING at all looks like the menu. Worst of all those lil sponge cake I know where they're from its the asian honey sponge cake. Not only that the cream is just regular cream with maybe one whole strawberry chopped up and a dollop of custard in a REGULAR size martini glass. Which is REALLY small.

and for some reason the waitress thought it was a great idea to give me a fork and knife.

Time to pay up and leave took them forever to notice that we wanted the bill. The place had only 5 tables and ONLY half empty! What took them so long? Finally they give us the bill and they don't come back to take the money to give us change. We waited for a good 5 mins. the waitress was MIA and the manager? he was just chatting away with some friend at the register. If you don't want our money we don't need to spend it here at your pathetic store.

Majolica Majorca Majoromantica

Top Notes: JUICY FRUITY (Juneberry, strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate, apple, fig, mangosteen, bergamot, lemon, mandarin)
Middle Notes: FLORAL SWEET (Rose, sweet pea, jasmine, muguet, gardenia)
Base Notes: SWEET MYSTERIOUS (Vanilla, maple, brown sugar, sandal wood, amber, musk)

After line almost 3.5 weeks it FINALLY arrives. My @$#!
I bought this out of complete compulsive ness buy.
the smell is nothing special, i was very taken back how "normal" it smelled like until I gave it some time. For some reason as time went on the smell changed like layers melted away

when you put it on its not very special
but as it wears off you smell sometimes strawberries, pomegranate, and then a hint of lemon with mandarin.

Definitely smelled the Rose and jasmine

and then it ends off with super strong sugary vanilla smell with a very tiny hint of musk.

This perfume is for sure very complicated -_-