this is an amazing restaurant, which is quite literally tucked away in china town!

It's a little sad where they open because people living in the area (decently modern apartments) are always picketing outside the restaurant. saying things like "it's a boutique restaurant it'll drive up rent and push out low income families.."

you know what? their prices in there aren't that expensive. I had a good diner for about $30 for 2 people.

if you worked a full time job paying minimum this is a restaurant you can go to twice a month. there is no excuse in vancouver especially when the government offer some helps. i see many students work 3 jobs, pay for school, rent and partying all on their own. whats your excuse? ... anyways my point is it's not a "only special occasion restaurant you can only go once every year"

technically if they didnt renovate so beautifully people in the vacinity wouldn't
be complaining. it's only because they "look expensive"  

I'm sure the two locals poured every penny .. I mean nickel into it! it's a good place and we should be supporting such companies!

The salad and entrè selection didn't stand out to me.

i opted for taco, dip, ceviche 

  "tapande manzanilla, house guocamole, huit lacoche salsa and corn chips "
it's very good, and it will surprise you! normally I'm quite conservative about ordering such things, since I can buy or make it for less, but let me tell you that it is worth trying!

I highly recommend all the taco but my favorite is Molé lb albondagas? pulled duck cracklin'

Tacos come double wrapped and let me tell you not to forget that you can split this yummy morsel in to 4 tacos!
if you go in a group everyone should order one and trade off some and try new ones!

261 Powell St.

like I said it's sort of hidden, look for the skull logo and the bitter people standing outside.

a treat box

who else would I make this for , other then fuzz butts!


omg my favorite park is packed on a Monday?! 
anyway we finally found a decent shady place away from most people and especially the ridiculous and obnoxiously loud party that was just blaring out the top whatever hits at the park like everybody would enjoy that kind of music for hours on end.. .

I know I know looks like I'm one of those snobby vancouverites that needs tell everything about how good kale is for you and endorsing whole foods..
but I'm not! organic and or local vegetable an fruits just taste so much better then anywhere else.

to end off today

Korean food!!! they have some pretty awesome soup base going on here 

fireworks again!

the day started with my special flower in bloom.

my day ended with fabulous patio party an epic food!

I also want to tell you my experience with this rare wine beauty! (is it rare? I'm not sure..) brought to us by a friend so happened to be our guest sommelier lol

I really wanted to see the un corkong because he brought a very cool box of tools. however he un corked it secretly and most of us didn't know.

he told us.. if the cork ever fell into the bottle on such a wine. he would cry.

it was poured into a decanter (does it still need to breathe then?)

I read up on it so that I could learn what is it that I'm tasting. people kept saying it was fading.. do they mean literally??

for the first time ever I could taste what everyone was talking about. 
it was floral and slightly sweet. I had never tasted a wine so delicious. however after a bit..that nice taste disappeared? were they quite literal. "a elegant lady hanging only by her finger tips?!"

the night ended off with us on the top floor patio and freshly baked dark choco cake with whip cream and frozen strawberry and champagne grapes ^^

Our ever awesome hostess Gordana and family, I can never thank or appreciate enough for such fantastic evenings !!

fireworks dinner picnic

the day started with a very unique colored rose ^_^

I am very excited tonight, for fireworks!!!
I'm packing a picnic of
and some hot items

as we started eating I happened upon a small wrapped package..

finally! the most coveted minion is mine!!! here to watch fireworks with me!!!

and to creep dear readers a little more....

thanks for reading ^_~

taking out the fire

what's the point of my craze? they're so adorable I need them all! 
 still missing McDonald banana minion

the other firemen and the baker

maybe this is pointless, if it comes.. it comes..

I should just enjoy all my little minions that I have..

da Vinci


oh my cutie pie! can't believe you're balancing on edge of glass like a boss!

loosing hope


I'm starting to loose hope in finding banana minion guy =( I have been everywhere from central Vancouver to north west and east AND all the way down to Seattle
all these routes and twice or more too!!

glad there is still awesome pie to make me forget my oh so hard hardships!



sherlocks is the everything British store lol. I was on a mission after I received word that there is battenburg cake to be had here.

oh! where my curiosity can take me! I can't say I like it very much maybe because it was frozen? sat to long? anyways I can't say the same to scotch egg and brown sauce. I am so addicted to scotch eggs..

perfect day for picnic ing

just another minion day!




bring a minion to work and and dinner day!

their new set up!


finally a picture of the top and bottom level of their cage ^_^!

A full day


is that pretty vase of flowers??

I didn't realize how many things I did today until I look back at my pictures!
oh by the way! I dove into the minion craze =P

we visited a new healthy place called smak! the coconut smoothie is really good =D
picked up a sandwich and chips for picnic as well as found a square watermelon!

grandma special day


Grandma birthday party ^_^
she always knows how to eat!

birthday girl

Tamie Helena Viki
guess whose the lucky birthday girl is today?!

Today's princess is Helena (in the middle)

Viki Sharon
we have been honored to be invited to her tea party!

the Italian king: Culatello di Zibello

Can I just say that I tried this treasure by complete accident?
It was the highlight of several picnic trips too! Now I need to write about it before I forget!! Oyama won't be getting this for some time =( I had to describe to them this meat till the staff figured out what I was talking about.
All I saw was a name and the words "white wine" in the description pinned on the prosciutto at Oyama.
Who am I to know that what I was eating was the Italian king. We've all heard of the Spanish king.. everyone has heard of him! Maybe if you didn't know his origins you knew his name.. Jamon Iberico.

So what's the difference?
I don't know lol I have yet to try Iberico.

So what's so awesome about your new favorite salumi?
Culatello is hard to find because it only uses a special cut, which is the rump (the rest of the leg is wasted).  This is different from prosciutto, which actually cures the entire leg and nothing is wasted.

I remember reading the short poster for it too!  It's aged for twenty something months and it is delicious and fatty! Made in Vancouver by (I would assume) John van der Liek of the Oyama Sausage Company.. they say he's the "Godfather of North American charcuterie".

All I can say is, please make more of this very fine piece of ass. I haven't had enough!