Binging with Grandma part 10 finale


Yay our last binge sesh! It is also sadly the last day my aunt is with us in canada before she flies back to HK.

Tonight we celebrate her birthday by ordering king crab.

Apparently, this feisty little thing is just shy of 9lbs and also not an Alaskan king crab. It's some other deep sea crab.  I can't tell by looking at it, but I can taste that it's a little different than the Alaskan crab.
It's very crisp and naturally sweet? Or is  it because it's very fresh?  The poor thing was probably just caught today or the day before.

We had two dishes of legs steamed with garlic and the body was deep fried

The crab butter was tossed in with fried rice with some coconut curry sauce.

I prefer the steamed dish.  Honestly, something so fresh doesn't need much seasoning. The flavour itself is plenty beautiful. 

Adieu dear aunt! We shall binge again with your mother in a few years time!

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