D'light Salon and Miss Asia North America Pageant

Miss Asia

It was way to early form me to do anything more for make up other then the basic light weight foundation and as much liner I had time to put on =(
It was a super busy salon, maybe perhaps the crowded salon I have ever been to.
It was a good thing I decided to do my hair in ageha style, once the pageant girls saw me it really seemed that they were more open to have BIG hair ! (they were worried their hair maybe to big) First things to do on the girls.. was to curl and pin up those curls looking a bit like the land lady in rollers needing a ciggy.

Gyaru in Business Clothes = Power suit!!

I think during some point in time I was chasing my two pageant girls around. Making sure I'm on top of it. ... you know the usual, fab hair no fly aways right before they run on to stage and touch ups while they change.
... everything flew by so fast... I didn't even notice I started around 7am till like 12am
There were pockets of waiting time for camera whoring!

The next day the only thing I manage to do was to crawl out of bed for breakfast

Out with Sweden

June 30
What I wore
Parka LizLisa.com
Dress Angelicpretty.com
Bag Bebe.com
Stockings Aldoshoes.com

Cardigan emilytemple-cute.com
Dress - Selfmade
Headdress - Selfmade

My good friend Vince girlfriend is from Sweden! Vanessa.. He told me she's also into Lolita as well.
I had hoped she'd bring an outfit to wear and we could go for tea ^_^!

Luckily she did! we quickly reserve a table at Adonia ^_^

Adonia now carries macaron, shipped from France. Of course.. being a macaron fanatic , I had to try. I heard from both Helena and Sharon that it is very good. So i have my hopes up.

I tried the mocha... and here are the scores
crunchy 3/5 because they are shipped frozen it isn't as fresh as it could be but I'm surprised it IS still crunchy
chewy 0/5
the inside is like crumbled sugar
flavor 3/5
it's a pass because it's not super sugary and had the mocha taste to it.
over all 2.5/5 it's a pass because it's not horrible but it isn't the best it could be

After our tea we were suppose to go to Granville Island to meet Michelle, she had said she'd dress up but she needs to work on some project and could meet us for a little bit.

It ended up that she wasn't there and didn't dress up and met us in Pacific Centre
Vanessa is very fair and has sensitive skin, it was quite hard to find a good foundation for her
The best we found was Armani foundation (is quite famous that it covers well, and is light in weight but only works for people who have clear skin)

In end we found Anna Sui worked not bad for her too plus ! she bought a very cool eyeshadow pen in which she had enough total for a free makeup bag with lipstick and mini perfume too!
plus! with all the Anna Sui products, they smell like roses!

Got a problem?

usamimi Aldo
Shirt Liz lisa doll
Belt MA*RS
Boots Promprom

Dress Golds infinity
Cardigan Zara
June 27

Today started off pretty bad.... I'm not sure what is wrong with the public, I don't see anything wrong with outfit...
Today's comments were something like this

some lady came to at the sky train platform to tell me this
"is your hair is fake?is it a wig *before I can answer she continues*, your eyes are fake... you need to learn to speak English, whatever your background is you need to throw it away to be come Canadian"


Just fuming by the time I meet up with Sharon , we walked all around, with her helping me look in the less expensive areas of shopping hoping I can find something nice.
I'm not saying that I'm rich and only buy brand, what I mean is I can't seem to find much in the sale rack or like in those 10$ or less range, but Sharon and her sister can find such good deals.
*time to learn*

and on the way home I got another lovely comment
from a pass car