Tart Boutique

Tart Boutique
Beautiful sophisticated wonderful.

Grand Opening cocktail party. I can't believe I had to beg people to go, I guess Vancouver people just isn't up for social life?

Wonderful food Wonderful people I met there .

Dont you love the bed?

I wanted to buy a pair of gloves there but when I really think about it.... why do I need it? I'm going to Taiwan.

In the end Charles was up for the party, we went to cheese cake ETC afterward.

shaved ice II

Finally got to try the shaved ice at aberdeen. OMG it's the best there, you have your choice of shaved ice. Example, the one I had was condensed milk flavored shaved ice (others were green tea/mango/strawberry/etcetc)

Photoshoot gone wrong

Was going to do a photoshoot but instead it turned into comfort food x.x way to much rice for sushi!


Lin got me a white board as I can't keep track of things.
I attempted to deco it@.@ I think I got the hang of it.
Have A LOT of random pink ribbons and cute figurines sweet/sparkly things.
and just glue everything on XD


Stayed up late the night before but I still made it on time to PNE, however Helena and Sharon were both late *sigh*8am in the morning with only 1hour of sleep. Me and BB were just soo tired. We didn't go on any rides, it's actually quite boring there except the market area. The sales there are way more convincing then I'll ever be.
However I did buy this.
glitter that stays on for literally hours
and the glitter is actually concentrated to unlike the ones that paint on like nail polish. you'll have to do so many coats before you get a solid sparkle -_-
which of course after buying it and walked awaay from the booth I was like... why did i just buy this? at least its a nice color.
BB won me husy plushie ^_^ we tooke a button picture


Brunch with Angela and BB at Wallflower
-un succesful day looking for a choker

Lolita day with out a dress?

After being woken up several times by family members holding a meet up at my house to talk loudly outside early in morning along with constant flushing of the toilet -_-
I completely missed the door bell for my prezzie!!!
Good thing gramps got it!
The dress is gorgeous....my first dress I bought completely new... it's odd but amazing feeling!

Manage to fall asleep again but then I was late to meet up with David.
Saw these two daring ladies making a stand near the skytrain!
After meeting them I do feel sense of guilt eating animals.. I think perhaps I'll cut out all meets except beef?
Now beef is really hard for me though....

We went to try the tea place for my birthday. We ordered the West Coast Tea service. O.o... it's very seafood ish ... kind of...
the macarons are good @.@? and edible flowers?

Afterwards, met up with Charles to shop for his lolita things. We found tons of EGA things and it was a good thing we completely look around before deciding anything.
It was getting late so BB came to pick me up and we then...


Started the day out late. Met up with Robyn and Traci.
Today's Goal:
buy managa and leave!

Since every year after AE people were like "weren't you there?"

YES! I was there THIS time!

Pass by artist alley and the off to the dealers room.
They SERIOUSLY need better ventilation or Air Con.
Because it is way to hot in there.

I looked every where for Wall Flower Manga. I only collect one series, makes my life easier

Afterwards we went for tea and cake, one of my favorite places.
Then back home again to do Judy's up do.

Happy Bday Judy! Gaga-licious!

Lolita Interview!

The morning started complete surpise. Because I got the text from Shiena that they're in need of a extra girl for the newspaper XD!!!!!
Of course I wanted to go but ... you know... I dont want to but in that sort...even though I kinda dropped a interest to one of the girls.
Okay anyways, day started off with me calling my morning person to come early and then book my afternoon person later so I can go to interview.

I feel like one of my small dreams come true
*sings* "Never had a dream come true"

Dear Melissa came to my rescue, I dont know how I can thank her or how many times forever I can thank her for taking me there. I was certain I would not make it on time doing hair make up and everything!
I made it there and met a new friend and now soon to be Lolita, Charles.
Hopefully our guidance will help you become successful in your road to becoming Canada Next Male Lolita *wink wink*

Our interviewer is Harrison from Singtao. I think of all the news paper articles Sing Tao did the best. It was not very creepy or miss took us for something else.

What he wrote (babel fish helps)