Best Things to Eat and Drink in Vancouver 2011

I found something very interesting online,

Vancouver in general if you live here, is beautiful and boring. One thing that you can be excited about is food, because there are many secret gardens here =D

So on that list I've tried a few things and well, I expected better sort of. I hope that soon I will be able to finish the entire list but here is what I've done so far!

Goat Cheese and Fig salad
When I heard Rocky Mountain Flatbread was on the list I knew it would be good. I know their thin crust pizzas are dam good! so I was surprised that they were featuring the salad instead of their pizza? ok? I gave it a shot, it is exactly how they describe it in VM review but there was no wow factor =(. I ordered the pizza and salad combo, now the pizza was super awsome, avacado dressing on buffalo something something, doesn't it just look so good you know its good? ITS THAT GOOD
Van Mag Review:
Cuke, tomato, red onion, and greens get a little crazy with chunks of goat’s cheese and (the deal sealer) a sweet, tangy dressing built on black mission figs. Like everything at Rocky Mountain, it’s largely organic. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. 1876 W. First Ave., 604-730-0321; 4186 Main St., 604-566-9779.
I realized I ordered the wrong thing, out of being in awe going to the first restaurant on the list. I like a good breakfast place, and this really hits the spot! What i should of ordered was pancakes with frosted flakes!
Van Mag Review:
A West Side hole-in-the-wall rolls out immense servings of calorific staples, with clever comfort-food riffs. Top of the heap? A load of buttermilk pancakes with Frosted Flakes and strawberries baked in. Warns the menu: “Please eat responsibly.” Jethro’s Fine Grub 3420 Dunbar St., 604-569-3441.

Bolo bow (pineapple bun)
Now this is hands down the best, pastry? or is this bread? its like the asian version of something not even like a cinnamon bun (the idea of sweet bread) Make sure when your there you ask for it to be heat up and a slice of butter in it =D. It's made fresh daily, woe is you if you end up going on a day it's broken (has happened before =P) it goes fantastic with HK style milk tea.
Van Mag Review:
This traditional Hong Kong pastry doesn’t actually contain pineapple (its golden-brown outer crust simply resembles one) but its soft chewy bread is sweet heaven nonetheless. Order as soon as you arrive—they literally sell like hot cakes. Lido 4231 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, 604-231-0055

Risotto Cakes - Finest at Sea
the round one is a crab cake
I think it was made with Parmesan, wow was I ever disappointed. It had a powdery texture probably because of the cheese, like baked potatoes. A little bit tart I should of got some ketchup with it because it would have been fantastic with that! Oh and they suggest you to go to granville island, dont bother because they are under reno!
Van Mag Review:
The city’s best seafood market uses enough fat to keep their cakes super moist and flavourful when re-heated. The lingcod is good; these are better. Finest at Sea 4675 Arbutus St., 604-266-1904; 1805 Mast Tower Rd., Granville Island, 604-684-4114.