Rose House


Isn't this adorable? Afternoon tea with Rara (I decided to shorten his name). I had a date, but she was busy on the phone. So much for themed tea!

Rose house has done it again! They really put a youthful Asian flare to their menu. For example, jasmine jello, rose cheesecake and the most intriguing thing would be the shrimp thing. 

You know what ? Their macarons are not bad at all. I'm not a fan of the earl grey or floral flavours, but I do like the crunchy-ness and chewy-ness it has! Taste wise it's not bad, it's not over killed with sugar nor is it grainy from the almonds, but you can taste a lot of almonds. 

If anything, I can taste a little oven in it, perhaps it was the slightly burned oven aroma? (That can usually be tasted in home baked goods.)

On another note, I noticed a wonderful apparatus there! I first noticed this little contraption in the toilet. It made me think, "wow, what beautiful wallpaper and decor this lavatory has! And what is this spa scent that is in the air and what is the warm glow coming from over there?"  It is an electric and (I assume) porcelain lamp burner.  It is rather an odd shape, but it does have delicate roses moulded into it. If you still don't understand me, it's basically one of those essential oil heating things. Anyhow, whenever I have the spare change I will most certainly be returning for this!

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