no matter what breed dogs are always so love able and patient!

and yes... she is sleeping with her foot in her mouth 

Cake decorating

helped out putting together a friends wedding cake ^_^ hope she likes her present!

we had left over fondant that I could play with so we made a fake cake for Moii Cafe

Lolita timelines..

I remember back in the day ..lol.. 
it was very difficult to buy any lolita brands. I know some people think I'm a snobby elitist and whatever, but it wasn't always that way. I started some what ita to what I look like now, so excuse me for wanting perfection when I can clearly see your laziness seeping from your clothes.

I use to make my own items including the  "pad" headdress! 
I made and sold my very own designs.
That was when I started to make some sort of income, because at that time I was too young to work.
Soon enough I was able to afford items. sometimes my good friends would bring me back socks too. it would also come with a plastic bag! of course... being young and stupid, I'd paraded around as if I also got a "brand" bag.

or i remember when I came to the horrible decision to sell my closet. my prized closet of everything I had earned by hand, sold for college funds. 

it's been so long since then..it almost like a dream. now I have some hair and make up skills to add to my arsenal =)



My BFF sends me the best things ever :'(

Silly baby!


he jumps parallel from the shelf in to opening of that fleece and then he gets stuck in there @_@... I still don't really get how he got in there.. maybe he defiesthe  laws of physics!

La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop


Cute little place on cambie and broadway.

it's the perfect place for quick eats!

My personal favorite is the fish. I never thought that would be awesome but it is! especially a splash of lime and squirt of hot sauce =)

Golden Brick

I never really knew that this is called a "golden brick" (literal translation from canto)
I know of it and that sort but never tried it.
it's awesome for the summer! fried crunchy bread with cold cold melting ice cream !! yummy!!

@Soho Tea room

by the way ..
they also serve alcoholic bbt

A gift for me?!


why yes! a gift just for you ^_^!

Chicco what happened??

I'm not sure what's going on with chicco today but their parfait was unacceptable!
the whip cream is barely even whipped more like liquid, super runny. when i asked them if this was normal, they said yes!

so a normal parfait for chicco Cis made with runny un whipped cream

cakes were okay =(

have I overdosed from this place already??
needless to say I won't be back for awhile  

Tracy Stern Salon Tea

you know it's at least a decent tea house when they don't make their food and the food isn't good.

beautiful place love how they revamp what use to be Picnic by Meinhardt.

they have some intriguing beauty teas I hope to try more of one day!!

Party at Yew


Arriving late we had a quick snack an jumped into the pool before it closed!!

finally I have a chance try out my monofin!
it is a serious work out!!
I really can't wait to do it again. hopefully I can do this more regularly!!

after a session in the sauna and a quick bath it's off to snack in yew.

lookie there! that's a lobster taco!!! it's very good. the one thing I don't understand is why the guacamole is on the plate holding up the taco and making it soggy at the same time!

anyways I hear the bartender here is amazing! and indeed my lemon meringue cocktail was amazing!

finishing of the day with a snack and dessert on the bed, I can happily rollover to sleep like a fat pig =)

may nails




I can't say I'm a fan of Japanese spaghetti, but I'm not saying it taste bad either!

this cute little store named "spaghetéi" reopened from a different location ?? and  is now settled in at benkei ramen, robson st spot.

Adventure time VI


the top picture is of yesterday's dinner at Kingyo Izakaya. they have this awesome Kobe beef on hot rock! too cool ! too cool!

on the bottom picture is Phnom Penh, if you ever.. EVER go there you must order the lu luc with egg (half eaten plate) and if you can spare a few bucks ask for fried rice. It hits the spot every time ! mind you this i think $15ish plate of rice beef and egg can feed AT LEAST 3 people or 4 people comfortably with an appetizer =) oh and lastly!! if the egg yolk hasn't set, YOU NEED TO BREAK AND MIX IT IN!

Today I'm so tired after all this running around.

we first had a walk around Museum of Anthropology and enjoyed the ceiling to floor window viewing of a river?creek?
(3rd pic)
my favorite part inside the museum is the section of artifacts from around the world. I love ancient history ^_^!

next we went to Nitobe Gardens 
(1st pic)
equipped with its very own tea house. it's amazing and serene inside! I wish it were bigger!!

lastly we went to UBC botanical gardens. (2nd pic) I can't say it's gorgeous.. it's looks and feels like a home kept extremely large garden. it would be better if it were not off the side of the road.

with that being said I wonder if they allow picnics in there..

Jellyfish invasion!

this was the best exhibit! especially with the dark curtains covering it!

Orpheum theatre

One of the most beautiful architectures in Vancouver is the Orpheum theater. whether it be the cement wall moldings to the painted ceilings, it is a dream for me. I always imagine to surrounded by this sort of beauty when one day I visit Europe.    

tonight's feature was a cellist and a violinist.
I feel that the violinist.. she sounds young. she plays excellently but lacks.. something.. she is missing something. I think it is maturity.

now I quite like the cellist. he is quite the opposite.

spot prawns, spot on! at Oru

Oru restaurant is the place to impress any date. especially with a flaming rum drink, good food and a decent view of raincouver!

normally I don't order simple cooked prawns at a restaurant but the table next to me was going on and on and ON about it. is it really that good? locally caught spot prawn is apparently in season in may!

and YES. they were THAT good!!

later that month I did of course buy some fresh prawns to cook at home.