Binging with Grandma part 7


Today started very late, but somehow I managed to convince my very Asian family to go try Mexican food. I had to constantly re-assure them that this is not Taco Bell quality (which isn't even human food, but i like it).

Sometimes I wonder, why do you not trust me? You ask me to take you out to open your eyes to new food, yet you protest.

-_-.. Grams didn't need any persuasion at all, because she's more then willing to try new food.

We finally arrive at Le Taqueria.
One of my favorites!
I always order the fish taco because there is just smth indescribable about the taste. The other meat ones are good too. The cashier also suggested for us to try the beef with pineapple one as well.
Sure? Why not?

Fruity savoury ! I likie!! 

Grams saids she can't wait to have more fish next time ^_^..

Sometimes I think I should probably make her some cue cards because she can't speak English. For example, a sign that says, "I would like to buy two fish tacos please" so she can order food.

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