surreal dining

I feel almost as if I'm dining in the sky with such enormous building as a view next to me!
not exactly a filling brunch but we did pig out the rest of the day.

A pre dinner dessert and coffee (bottom picture) at my old favorite bistro. It's sadly not the same anymore. Is it because it lacks spirit ? something is definitely missing..

Next up is dinner (top photo)
that picture is of some sort blasé appetizer. this is at trattoria. it was my favorite pasta place but after they change chef several years ago, it didn't tast so good. (had a small birthday party there and the entire table of 10 wasn't happy)I'm happy to be back, and sad I didint come sooner! because they have revamped the menu, most things are the same and who ever is cooking. is doing fantastic job!
I extremely recommend it!
The hi light for dinner was having w double date with bff and for some reason our other halves were having a laughing contest =_=..
amusing ... 

Getting away


one of my favorite things to do, is to get away from life by going to the states =D
even if it's walking around an empty outlet or watching a different scenery pass me by,

anything! just to escape rain-couver!

on this particular trip we picked up a table wine for the night which I've been eyeing for sometime. yes, I was sold on the pretty label lol.
its not bad! I haven't learned the lingo to describe it yet but I like it! it's not very acidic, affordable, and taste nothing like alcoholic cupcakes lol.

spent the night there in cushy air con room. I can't complain! as long as clean and the bed is good and the air con!!

brunch was juicy soup pork dumpling! my favorite!
they had a twist on it with shu mai on the top. I still like original more!

to top off the day a nice Guinness beer and chocolate cupcake!

as my friend would say "yummers!!"

Finale of the Wild Rose detox

Here's the final wrap up!
it was hard struggle but it really put me on the right road to eating healthy and be AWARE of what I eat.
I am sure I have lost a pant size and and on the scale I've lost a solid 5lbs. Not water weight to! because I haven't fluctuated back =D

While I was on this cleanse. I was certain I would not feel that lifted clean feeling. Lo and behold!

I do!

it's like a whole new sense of self. It's that youthful sense of self when I was 12 (when I didn't eat that much junk food) I felt less sluggish too.

I'm really looking forward to do another cleanse in 3 months!

I have unfortunately slipped back to some of my bad habits. I want to cement the good choices I had to make.

Here is a collection of my tips recipes and where to eats while on the detox.

things to beware of as in do not eat
- fermented foods are not permitted such as vinegar, soy sauce, black tea
- couscous is not a grain but pasta
- thick sauces indicate they use flour to thicken the sauce. (flour is not permitted)
- mushrooms have candida yeast (yeast is not permitted)

Snacks always have on hand
- quinoa salad from whole foods (add a little meat and veggies etc)
- quinoa salad from granville island at the store near the door
- brown rice cakes (add a bit of almond butter)
- organic unsweetened apple sauce

Baked?Roasted cherry tomatoes
- drizzle olive oil and bake on a pan till plump
- sprinkle basil
- let cool and enjoy the mouth busting awesome-ness

Carrot Apple Kale smoothie
5?6? thin sticks of organic carrot
half gala apple
1 stalk of kale
bit of water

Places to eat/snack/buy
- vegetarian, vegan, gluten free options
- affordable lunch menus
mutilple locations

Organic Acres Market
- quinoa and brown rice flour
- organic butter (hefty price)
3603 Main st Vancouver BC Canada
Tel 604-569-1132

Leafy Box
1155 Pacific Blvd. Vancouver, BC, Canada
Tel 604-605-1155

The Foundation
-quinoa and brown rice and vegetarian options
2301 Main St Vancouver
604 708 0881

You are clean after this detox, and when you re enter back into the world. Some things won't taste the same anymore.You can push through the "sick cling filmed feeling" and continue eating junk and revert back to your old self. Or you can take heed the bad feeling your body is giving you and eat what you should be eating for your body (and please cheat every so often)