omg I saw that lady!


today I went to "Market"
the view in there is nice, I thought it'd be a worth it to try dine out there !

tuna tartar on avocado
... it was okay I only really tasted the vingerette. that pretty much over powered everything

?? risotto
wow it was under cooked! I sent it back but in the end I traded with my friend. instead I had the halibut on truffle mash!which was perfectly cooked season and mouth watering!

cheese cake
I thought it was really good! until I found out that it was a cheesecake! the entire time I thought it was a under baked custard! that aside the flavor was great!

the hi light of the evening was "I saw that lady"
I was trying to tell my friend to turn around "oh! that's the lady on tv,you know !!!"


of course she missed it! because I blanked out. luckily they were sitting two tables away inside private dining room. so we could sort of discreetly peek!
they walked so fast into there I couldn't ask for a picture =( would it have been rude?? I immediately I had wish I wore my cute cake hat, maybe she would have looked my way and I could then ask hehehehe!

another time? one day? maybe?

Twilight Chinchillas

they like dem spoon lickers


a drink no man would drink =P

Laduree and Cupcakes

by Twilight Chinchillas

Another Guu Lunch

how could I get enough?

Thomas Hass

I first found out by accident (and never knew it had Thomas Hass products) was at sen5ses; I am not exactly sure if it was his store or a bistro that carried his products. 
In my memory, I had tried a grapefruit chocolate. I thought it was the most delicious piece that I have ever tasted.
Now years later (i'm sure at least 6 years since..) I have come back to Thomas Hass patisserie on Broadway or sometimes on the other location at the North Shore.
I'm surprised to find that they also have jumped onto the 'Macaron train' too. I'm not too fond of their macarons, but I do really love their chocolates.
I'm pleased to find their standards are per usual, very high for their chocolates and I'm very happy to see that they still have my favorite "crispy chocolate raspberry".

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