jan 31

woke up fairly late
at the detox(started last night) it's bitter but bearable
something to do with taking out the toxins in the body *nods* suppose to be good for you with a secret Asian recipe

fixed my shoes for 3$ OMG
then to namen market for breakfast @_@
along with these interesting snack stuff

after we got for 5.50$ for breakfast for both me and BB
rice with marinated pork on top
+vegetable, bamboo, ___, spicy tofu and soup!
T_T 5.50$ in Canada barely get mcD

after that I followed bb to do some sort of paper work after that

we went back to his dad's office
we went to get my contact lenses *it's really a gift to be able to see perfectly*
then we went home and his dad had made lamb hot pot with scallop, REAL crab meat, wild jumbo prawns and tons of vegetables

BB then took me to night market, not much there I still think buying stuff here is expensive x_x..... japan was better i think it's only so because everything is on sale and plus i was being skimpy on food (less food more shopping money!)
we played the stupid arcade machine to get stuffy, because recently I REALLY like the stupid lama T_T..... at least here you can buy the stuffy so you don't have to waste A LOT of money.
which BB wanted to play the game more then get the stuffy, in the end we didn't get it and wasted some money -_-...

I also bought the essentials stuff, because i hear sooo much about it

so far 8/10
definitely improved on my dry ends which when i went to get my hair styled (i didn't put protectant on so she fried my hair.... what kind of hair dresser is that not even thinking of maybe i should protect my clients hair just in case OR maybe ASK) I wont know how well this works compared to professional hair products. As in the past when I switched to drug store brands, they usually deliver but with a nasty result afterwards. Example I used tresseme? conditioner cause i had nothing else, it worked wonders but after a day or so my hair started to feel crunchy. another time with i forgot one i got oily-er etcetc, I think it maybe due to certain cheap chemical/fillers to put in the conditioner/shampoo to deliver results immediately, but w.e that is wears off fast and has side effects afterwards.(which when that happens people thing maybe i need to wash my hair again, thus start over the vicious cycle)
SO my final score for this..will be in a few days.. I will keep you updated!
jan 29
not much happening BB had to go to work so i opted to stay home I wanted to air out my clothing of the super asian smells of japan @_@ instead I woke up ate and went back to bed
by the time I woke up BB, dad (uncle) woke up so he took me out to buy my contact lenses!
i'm super excited! because my pair from last year i lost the left side some how and have been using an expired left lense from several years ago -_-.....
after that he wanted me to try taiwan bbt, he didn't really understand what I wanted to he bought two kinds of bbt in hopes one of them I like x.x.... i like both but i can't drink both

jan 30
followed bb to work
on the way to the lecture hall i for the first time PK-ed -_- it hurt so much littearly like fall down kneeling, scraped and bruised my knee and like scratched my new boots * i think scratching my boots hurt more*
i am fairly amazed his lecture was packed and everyone wanted a piece of his work
after that we went for food with everyone

japan - taiwan

Jan 27
I screwed up my schedule and thought I could leave Monika apartment at 4pm and I'd be plenty early for my flight at 6:45 ... i don't know how I calculated wrong but I did. We rushed out the door around 330 and caught the bus at 4pm I got to the airport around 5:15 then mad dash through check in and to the gate THEN realized I am early by an hour.
Got on the flight, tried to do some home work... didn't happen I was very distracted by Ratatouille and Micky mouse movie

I arrive on time in Taipei and BB is there to pick me up, we dropped by 7-11 to pick up snacks and we were off to his apartment. Slightly suspicious as to maybe it's the same size as Shannon apartment room thing or Monika apartment.

To my amazement the apartment community is HUGE
I got to his floor and how it works is that every floor is split in to two appartments. So BB apartment is even bigger like maybe two times bigger then his apartment in vancouver.
Tried to eat but pretty much lost my appetite from the flight. BECAUSE~~~~ i love airplane food but JAL has horrible food,
vancouver - japan ... it was okay
japan- taiwan ... it looked great very appetizing but tasted SO BAD

took a shower and crashed into bed. Maybe a little jet lagged or insomnia?or new bed? i couldn't sleep till around 4am

Jan 28
Alarm went off at 7ish but I didn't wake till 8 when BB came to bug me. I go dressed make up ready in about hour. We went to the salon to get our hair set. BB hair set was great.
I brang a picture, I told her that I wanted something similiar to the picture (lots of free space for her creativity, should be loving this kind of client)
She started off with wanting to give me a poof poof ! and curls
something I can do by myself T_T
it's not even remotely similar to the picture at all.
the picture is like half up and half down and no princess poof (it's got poof but not princess poof)
and I told her it's okay if it's like in your face type of style.
T_T she tied half my hair up back combed and crimped it and was going to let me go like that
I had like this like not even sorted out fashionable mess on my head. it's like fucked up messy fuz on the top.
If i let a customer out like that, i'd be fired... besides i'm her piece of art work, how can she send someone out looking like that?
in the end i touched up here and there, she probably felt horrible and BB try to say "oh viki is very picky etcetc"
and she politely saids "oh i dont do that style often, it's osmething different"
and I just thanked her like no end like she did this amazing work on my head (even though it's all me baby!)
we went for lunch and had a walk around to liz lisa T_T i was hoping to buy the purfume?body spray ? i saw in japan T_T they didn't have it... *super sigh*
after that we went off to greet some customers of BB
then to his dad's work place from there we went to Mitsu, it's this super expensive super tastey japanese restaurant. we had a 9 course meal i think?
super full..


i could barely wake up this morning as i slept at maybe 4 am last night.
I rushed off to Asakusa only to find out my friend wasn't going to meet me there. After i finnish phoning him I realized i was stuck in the @#$@# phone booth T-T so embaressing....one of the tour sales opened the door for me...

I walked about there through the market and finally bought a kanzashi sort thing...
it's for a child but the adult ones are soo... ugly the colors are horrible!
the one i did like and was willing to pay good money for it was in gold *realized gold doesn't go with gold hair* starts with a flower dangles to a bird cage and some tassels on the bottom.
I wanted to also get the butterfly with tassels on the bottom or the storks
not enuf $$$

they had the wigs too the super nice ones for kimono. Seeing it in person really gave me more ideas how to approach traditional japanese hair

I also took the chance to eat dango and i also spied temari T_T i wanted one but the ones they were selling looked really cheap....

after that i went to ginza-mitsukoshi department, and they were more then willing to exchange for me.... so now i'm very content along with laduree macarons in my hand

then i took the marunouchi line to shinjuku sanchome station and concidentally heard from last time and this time the announcer say "isetan" so i got off cause i had to transfer and looked around and there we are! isetan department store! they have everything it's super adorable. also realized how wonderful this would be my only chance to go to pierre herme for macaron
I think his is better then laduree. it's a little less sweet. ^_^ they also had a chocolate event on the 6 floor. i went there shortly but... holy mother... so many women/girls, one could not get through.
on the way back to the station i just love the B1 floor so much food and desserts... oh how wonderful it would be to live for a little while in japan!the shopping and the desserts! and cheap tastey food!

back to the train to monika house, oh how my feet were aching... how i regret throwing out my flat shoes @#%@#%

i'm mostly done packing except the umm ________ bag ?? u put tooth brush make up brushes etc? bag?
one thing i didn't get to do was take a picture of the shibuya crossing .. i dont really mind i mean i was there and crossing lol!

not able to weight my lugages i am slightly nervous but i think it should be good

6 days is bordering a long time for me here in japan.. i'm not particularly fond of asian countries
i dont wish i could stay longer or shorter

day4? +5

woke up decent time me and shannon set off to go to shibuy 109-2 mens tower
it only has like 2?3? floors for mens everything
... everything was so expensive and i still went over by 20$CAD *feels skimpy* ... yes i said i was broke and i am and the only person i'm willing to spend something on is BB....

then we went to closet chilld, they had the most beautiful AP whiteXpink JSK for only 89$ i want it so bad but what i was really there for was a pair of JD mules with white bow, i saw it in takeshita dori - closet child and i wanted it but i want to hold off because just incase i find one that isn't brand and cheaper?
didn't happen so me and shannon went to the one in shinjuku. They had one but it was really really used and unfortunetly the bow on the back of heel is dirty. Though.. i did find a different pair pink with a gold crown! also found IW- chocoXoff white bonnet! only 38$ i was going to go to IW shop and pick one up but JUST my luck at closet child they have one, fairly new except the ribbon that ties around the neck one side is just fraying a little bit on the ends
also picked out a JD-camisole only 28$ not a stain or wear on this shirt, i am very satisfied~!
now i know what size I am for JD
mules M/L
boots L
OP/shirts sz 40

We then set out for Maruione - one
as I thought it'd be best to at the very least to visit the JD store. Lets just say it was nice, but I had a better time at the lolita floor! I wanted to sit in the AP store and just be content and happy. They were still having their sale too, oh how i wish to buy some things! they're sale just like the one in la foret is like everything 50-70% off, I wanted a jacket but i really dont have that kind of cash even if its a winter jacket at $400ish with 70% off

Shannon was having a great time apparently she never thought of going to maruione-one/la foret/closet child for VK things. They have everything she liked!

we then went back to her apartment so I could pick up my stuff and go meet up with Monika. We were going to train it but monika suggested perhaps taxi is better it'll only be $10, i was suprised! my teacher had made it out to be quite expensive! any how shannon was too tired so I taxi alone and there Monika was~!

that night she was trying to pull a all nighter for her test today but she kept falling asleep. So i timed her sleep for hour and half and then woke her up for her to study more, and then soon i fell asleep!

i woke up really late like around 300 out the door? I decided i'll go to Ginza- mitsukoshi department store. Fairly easy to get there! they had the anna sui powder with spf 28?or 38? but when i got home realize wrong color with what i've been using so! hopefully tomorrow when i drop by they're willing to exchange with me! then I went to a place where my life goal is! Laduree... oh how happy I was! I bought a key chain 4 macaron and a towel. I had a pastry there that i forgot the name of framboise smth? and a laduree cafe. oh! it was so good! for a nice 15 mins I was so happy sitting in their cafe enjoying myself completely! then I rushed off to the train station.
and was lost finally getting lost inside shinjuku station. I could not find my exit. It was a good thing i took a picture of the exit sign as I went to the people work there pointing at my picture "doko desu ka"
after like an hour i finally found it. then walking back to monica place was fairly easy till half way through because i could find the stupid map chart thing on the street. not that i knew how to read/ understand but they were my landmark ?bread crumbs? to lead me back to monika house!
I finally get there 2 hours late and monika is standing at the entrance (as i had the key and was hoping to get home before she did to go out) she must of been furious...*sigh* i think i am forgiven?
I brought back my most favorite thing to share with her ^_^! rose and a caramel macaron. the caramel one was the best! they were baked to perfectiong HOWEVER i didn't like how dam sweet they are. they aren't overly sweet but it's getting there.
After a rest at monika house we went out for food! bbq for only 11.25/person including drink! then we went out and she insist as shannon had before to go to a host club -_-....
I didn't want to go cause i was scared. especially dont like when they all yell at you to welcome you in. Which i feel like i got ambushed or something.
Right off the bat a host picked us up and I was willin with monika cause it was 5$/hr
me being broke .. sure why not?
for some reason the guy that picked us up walked soooooo fast it was ridiculous ..
We got there seated and well the first two guyz not bad we tried to talk. third guy was like really red and I was sort of worried for him he was acting like he was okay but you know i feel and see from him and that he told me he was new that he was trying very hard for his job. we didn't talk much he wasn't very good so i just encourage him to drink more water!
so then i decided to look at the "menu" and picked out two guyz
the first one that came was very enthusiastic to the point i was a little over welmed by him and didn't want to talk. he was very out going and had a weird jerk to him. he was kind of weird but I still had fun. then the next guy came which is apparently #2
he was soooooo kool but i dont understand why he was wearing blk big eye contact lenses it just made him look like a alien with no soul. it was very hard to talk to him and he seemed to not be interested in talking to me as it was hard to. very shortly after our time was up and we got pick out our favorite to walk us out.
i picked out the weird over welmingly out going guy to take me out we exchange emails and i left.
too bad the people you meet there can't be your real friends cause that'd be fun to
and from my past i learned these ppl make great friends but horrible lovers

we then went to donki my new favorite shop and i picked out a kigurumi , i like it it keeps me warm in doors x.x i think it'll be useful in my house since its always cold.

we then met up with monika friend kurumi? we walked around a bit and hung out at a pet shop, then.. i kinda wanted to go home cause, tired and you know really broke! i wanted to go to another host club and see if there is better looking guyz or not but they apparently finnish around 12am except a few other ones
since broke i wanted to go home
but the two didn't so monika sent me home in a taxi x.x so kind of her to pay for me...

so i can't wait for tomorrow i hope anna sui will exchange the powder
and if i haven't used up all my money in asakusa i hope maybe i can buy some of those pretty towels at the department store as hand gifts for my bffs that was requested *glare at them*

and if i sitll have enough i want extensions done, one of my main goals in japan was this and i didn't do it.. and i think i dont have to cause you know i finally got my half wig so no worries right? then again it's suppose to be a experience right?! and it's cheaper here then ne where canada so...
i already used my credit card twice i'm thinking maybe just one more time for the bus ticket to the airport...

Japan day 3

so continuing
omg everything is so in expensive and on sale! i spent like 40$ at tralala for a sweater/tank/shirt
today i bought two pairs of boots and told the sales to throw out my old ones i brought with me that were falling apart HOWEVER they were comfortable ugly falling a part flats which inside the sole use to have a air pocket for when you walk you'd have a slight cushioning that now has deflated.... so now i'm severely regretting it T_T for next two weeks i'll suffer what every girl suffers painful heeled shoes
so after huge shopping spree at 109 we go back and we rest for a bit

then we head off to atom night club
i really must give off some scary aurora while shannon gets hit on and i do too but i also scared the boys
they ask me to come over (but in my head ... we can't even have a conversation so wuts the point? why should i go over?) so i STARED with no smile with no emotions and the boys like jumped in their seat
so that's when i figured it must be true i do give off the creepy aurora
i always wondered why guyz usually dont buy my drinks etcetc i'm too busy trying to sit properly so my fat... yes my fat! doesn't stick out and then sit nicely like i'm cool or something and not really smile, and spy on every boy in the club and then take care not to stare for too long for them to notice. my pretending to be cool ward off guyz..

oh woe is me so fake =P

once i got in to the mood i got the hang of the the club, didn't like the trance too much, I wanted to do the rave moves to it but i had no glow sticks so i just envied two girls that did on the side. the middle floor was good it plays 50% of music i do know and then 50% some weird trance/arcade type music it's weird
on the bright side no one really dances they all just jump to some imaginary beat all together with hands in the air drumming to the "beat" and in sync too! so they look like they're right!
i suck at dancing so I'm happy other people can suck with me lol

we went home around 330 i could not walk ne longer,
we were suppose to go to 100Y and no i don't seem to know how to type the yen sign on the comp. convenient store but i was wayyy to tired so we only went to 7-11 then arrived home i took a shower
and for the first time in perhaps years of my life, i curled up and passed out in bed
for those who know and don't natural sleep does not come easily to me

to end off with a question today

pikachu ? cow? rilakkuma? kigurumi pjs ???

Japan day 3

it's great to be a insomniac from canada, because i now am tired at the right time!
i'm glad the winter sales are still on going because i thought that going so late in Jan. that i've missed out!
however yesterday going to angelic pretty/prisila i've used i think maybe half my money already.
Very brutal
and i need 1/4 of what i have left for bus tix/emergency money on my last day
and the other 1/4 for food and w.e i want

I thought you know i have lots of money but things here are about the same price in canada. So meaning.. 1400$cad isn't alot in canada and in japan it's still isn't alot.

things I noticed on my first day
-old people have funky hair color!
- i saw the biggest 7-11 sigh EVER
- on the way to to shinjuku i saw a very packed cemetery
- went to gay district
-waited in the cold for 2hrs

day 2
- i <3 donki hote
- found hachiko
- went to la foret/prisila
- DIA is awsome

- went by myself to tokyo eki did not find cheaper currency exchange
- ventured by myself
-noticed that very few men in japan have any love in them. It seems almost even a married couple the pair has mutual understanding... kind of like room mates that do their own thing but care for each other when at home or when significant other is around
... more to come

jitters before a trip

I can't sleep and very unwilling to, I want the next day to start already, just keep rolling faster. I'm getting headaches every night from maybe stress..... I am sleeping 8 hours every night but every day i'm working 10+hours at home. I barely have time to do homework...I'm suppose to take tomorrow off to do homework and pack. But I've booked two people tomorrow...every minute I have to myself in between clients I go lie down for a little bit, I want to nap but of course ... if only sleep came so easily to me.. its nice to just think of nothing.

I did learn one thing, as my eyes get tired I can't see very well, everything just blurs or I see words, I see the shape and I'm not understanding, its like I'm looking at a picture dumbfounded

I'm excited and I'm scared.
I'm excited I've save up so hard and I'm going to be on my own for once and WOW just.. utterly free
I'm scared I keeping thinking I wont be able to get on the limousine bus from the airport to shinjuku to find Monica

I have so many things to do,and people keep trying to book with me .... Not like I didn't warn them before hand either... don't say I didn't tell you so

I started to pack today T_T
make up
hair care / tools
skin care
evening dress
party dress??
two daily wear outfits?
lap top

did I forget anything?

i'm going there with a fairly empty suitcase!

Listing out before I forget

Sometimes I just want to slip away into a hot bath and ignore the rest of the world. I don't think I've mentioned here that I'm going to japan. I haven't got the jitters of excitement yet which is good. Recent one I had was thinking about the god dam currency rate. I'm bringing 1400 with me on this trip to last me a month which will be the money for transportation/food/leisure. So when my friends yes there's more then one of the many of yous. tell me to pick a souvenir for them, I feel immensely irritated. You know who are, don't feel awkward or embarrassed next time you see me. We'll just go on like this never happened. I don't think many of friends have gone on trip where they themselves pay everything. Sure they said they brought their own money to spend. They never however had to use a lot of money on food. Usually family or relatives feed them. Transportation and living cost is provided. So do they realize how tight my budget is? I rather it be up to me then you telling me. I want to shop only for myself which I'm starting to feel like it's not going to happen. I'll be somewhere I've always dream of and only get to look . Maybe it is bad idea to go to Tokyo.
Why do people have to eat?! If we didn't, can you imagine the money we would save. If eating was just a activity/hobby and not a necessity.

Things left to do
Exchange money
Pick up prescription
Print section of map and locate/label places I want to go
Brush out wig
Pack up

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Assessing your hair

Hair Composition
80% Protein
15% Moisture
6% Lipid
1% Pigment
.5% Mineral
.5% Carbs

So what does this all mean?
protein - strength
moisture - soft ,supple
lipid - elasticity, shine
pigment - absorb sunlight, shield UVA UVB
Carbs - body (fat hair)

My hair strength has been pretty good. I keep do protein treatments and what not, severely lacking in lipid and moisture. I always knew my ends needed a little more love and that... all I need would have been just moisture masque once in a while.

I did however fantastic substitute. Argan oil (or Moroccan oil). At the moment I've been trying out Marrakesh with hemp seed oil. I've tried these things before not difference between the brown bottle with blue label and this one. Though this time experiencing it I noticed more. Perhaps this is the difference between the oils.
They both have
- drys hair faster
- hair is softer
- nice vanilla smell
-reduces frizz
-protects hair from heat tools

Marrakesh oil
- shiny

If softness means: "the moisture your hair is retaining"
then mine must be well lubricated~

I've used it about 4 times and no my scalp doesn't get oily. I thought perhaps my hair will get oily sooner, and it didn't my hair actually absorbs the oil. Now that I think about other effects the itchy patch at the back of my head isn't itchy now. (i figure it was a dry patch since the hair around there was broken off and so happens my hair splits right there too soo over exposure of scalp to the world)

Funny perk, sometimes at work it gets so cold that I huddle close to the heater. I try to keep my hair out of the way so the ends don't dry out. BUT as my hair heats up I start smell the strong scent of vanilla like I was wearing perfume!

My rating ,
I would buy this~ alternative to my usual protein leave on!

The onion suspect

So I was excercising in September and basically quit after my birthday. Didn't loose any weight but had a better looking ass. Then some how lost weight on the cruise to Vegas to a nice 120ish can't remember. Then being in Vancouver for about week gain massive 8-10 lb
*super sigh*
I don't know when I started to loose weight recently but I think it maybe from living at BB house for two ish weeks. During that time we ate sukiyaki that we made almost every night with lots of vegetable/frozen tofu and half or entire box of thinly sliced beef and a few fish balls, i recently started to like thinly chopped cabbage cooked in sukiyaki sauce and a pat of butter. Not to complete softness but with some crunchy ness too. Of course also half a onion thinly sliced.

So recently been craving French onion soup from Tim hortens except every time I go there they don't have it. I went to 4 different Tim hortens to finally get it. Finally just fed up with it. Which conveniently marked the day I learn to make French onion soup!!
Recipe from ???? Altered by viki
-2 cups of thinly sliced onions roughly two large onions
- 1tbsp un salted butter
- ??? Have not figure amount of flour
- 1tbsp sugar
- himalayan pink salt ( attracted to the pink but it's good for you GO look it up)
- pepper (not the powder version) instantly ground version
- 3.5 cup of beef broth

*** to save you from washing dishes and to idiot proof it follow approximately same utensils***

1 - use large chopping board and medium sized knife, thinly slice onions
2 - melt butter in a non stick pot that can contain 4 cups of water

3 - at medium low temperature melted butter put onions in set 15min timer and stir till onions evenly coated then cover
Stir occasionally

4 change heat to medium high, set timer for 15ish mins, add sugar constantly stir till onions are golden brown may take longer then 15. Stay there constantly stirring do not burn onions.

5 - splash of white wine or Shiraz to un stick any onions on the bottom of pot

6 - add soup stock, max heat to boil then change to medium high heat and boil 10 mins

7 - stir in flour to make soup thick

8 - add salt + pepper

9 - thinly slice baguette (8 slices) paint both sides with a bit of butter add Swiss cheese on the top, enuf to cover but not piled on

10 - place in oven toaster to melt and lightly brown the top

11 - two slices in a bowl scoop of onions onto cheese bread and fill bowl up with soup and more onions

12 - sprinkle Parmesan on top layer, just enough to cover the top layer

Onions are very good for you! High in fibre and nutrients. As well gives you lots of energy therefor keeps hungry pains away
Only 60 cal too
Search good things about onions and why onions could help you loose weight.

Only the fresh organic ingredients will make this soup super awesome
You could use canned condense stock which I've been using
But tonight going to get freshly made stock!!
Well made baguette gives plus point too so don't cheap out on only a dollar because a bread with lots of air pockets inside isn't bread at all