last day shopping

Yesterday I went to bed around 12am ish
and slept and slept and slept till like 11ish, woke up and drank a lot of hot tea as I felt like @#$! again. Must be because of PMS? I felt so tired. I looked out the window for a little while. The living room window is very big you can see the school and then past that I think might be Taipei city. Finally saw the chicken that's been annoying me to death at night. There's APPARENTLY a chicken coop in the parking lot. Watch the kids in school for a little bit. Enjoyed a little bit of sunshine, watched the dogs go by and then went back to bed. By the time BB came back from visiting Grandma grave it was, 3 ish we then went out around 4pm to deal with some things at uncles office. After that we went to eat dindin, I wanted to eat ramen so we did, and his dad was like oh but there's this other restaurant that has really good bbq fish! viki only eat half and we'll go eat that too!

So this restaurant features freshly caught wild fish.

The entire day I've been insisting and constantly fussing to go to haagan daz. I mean ... come on!! we don't have the cafe here in Canada! I need to go there before I leave!

They have the best strawberry ice cream ever! I use to like strawberry ice cream and that would be the only thing I ate, I'm not sure if it was because it was pink or if it was actually good. After sometime I got sick of it because it always tasted soo fake. I learned at HD their ice cream has no preservative apparently all natural! *yumz* then again why do you need preservatives and fake stuff if it's frozen?
So above is a matcha milkshake!
Strawberry and vanilla ice cream in strawberry soup with marshmallows.

I was a little taken back with the soup, because I was expecting IHOP disgusting gooey syrup fake strawberry type. It was actually real strawberry with out a ton of sugar! matched perfectly with the vanilla ice cream!

After that BB wanted to go to Xida again for the last time. On the way there we saw those adorable steamed buns! white is no vanilla it's just normal bun taste lol however pink one is strawberry! you could see (maybe not in the picture) strawberry seeds! Definitely smell it and definitely cannot taste it =P!
We mostly only shopped at one store, for BB. We already went there tons of times to different branches and BB is always attracted to this shop but never buy anything *falls over* I see lots of things he'll like!
like boots he wants a simple one and i thought it was a bit plain and not enough POW!
I insisted on this other black boot that's shiney, which he has something like it already. I think, might as well get a new one since he hasn't shopped much! defiantly can budget it! In the end he bought both -_-........and two shirts. BB is not fat but his frame is big and his arms too.

So... he wants to do the layered look and use two actual shirts. Which wont work because he's not the wire type of body frame which the layered look is meant for. and if he wanted to do this look he has to get those shirts with a built in fake shirt, know what I mean? so that he doesn't look fat?

AND he wont wear a bigger size. The bigger size isn't THAT much bigger. It's a little bit loose on him just a little bit and it makes him look so skinny, and he doesn't like it! He wants form fitting shirts *dies*

I could not find hair band! BB seemed to be quite interested in getting me those hair bands that look like bunny ears. but they didn't have a new one and even try to pass the display one as "new" but BB knew and insisted, and since they didn't we left.

on the way home we passed another night market, almost everything was closed but I did get a pair of socks! oh I'm in dire need of socks, I have no socks ~ i keep wearing my little brothers' over sized ankle socks now I have 9 pairs of blk pink and white!
I should of bought more! I wanted to also get more hair bands. you know the type stretchy fabric hair elastic band doesn't pull out your hair type thing??
They were all closed!

Feb 16
Didn't sleep well, got barely any sleep at all. Then got dragged out by BB.
it's like hang over. I want to move faster but there's some sort of barrier or invisible goo that makes moving even slower.
BB took me first to eat famous beef noodle soup. It was really good but my stomach was like, ready on the mark to throw up. (lack of sleep)
Today again with BB shopping. BUT first starbucks! iced americano and instantly I felt a lot better. the imaginary goo has vanished!

Why starbucks in asia is infinetly better then canada. wtf happen to all the cakes we USE to have! and whats this?! macarons too?!?!!

Got the pink one, rose +raspberry.
barely tasted either one of the flavors. I only tasted a ton of sugar. I'm not sure how to rate this because the inside was mush! so I'm not sure if it was on display for too long or it was under cooked. At least the idea of selling them in starbucks is a super thumbs up!

Afterwards we met up with his friend Edward and Mei?Mai? we went to shilin night market to eat and continue to shop for BB.
We also played more of those arcade games. Maybe it was the pressure to show off to our friends that we could win the stuffies that we couldn't win them. This time we almost paid full price for them!!

Didn't do much today, went to wufunpu to shop for BB afterwards we were looking for a midnight snack and BB suggested the area near ninja restaurant. There "are" tons, I didn't notice how suspicious they looked. Until I fussed and just picked one. the seats were up to the wall when you enter, I have no clue how to get passed the two people sitting at the bar (when you just enter the door) I suggested the booth seat, we went to the back and I noticed the room next to the booth with no door, someone is getting their tattoo done, and I realized no one is eating. Even though the front of this store looks like a restaurant. We left and went to another one a few doors down that clearly IS a restaurant.

I already forgot when I woke up but it wasn't early!
Dressed up pretty for BB and he for me tooo
We were at ximen to go get BB hair done and had ramen for lunch across the street

We then went to Taipei city hall?central?station after much convincing that, Today is VALENTINES thus we should be going out to do romantic stuff! Because BB wanted to go shopping, which is fair, cause the entire time, was me shopping or him working

Which is omg the biggest Mitsukoshi department store it's like bigger then lansdown including the parking lot.

I was kinda annoyed at how big it was and what they have inside. It's all the big brands... nothing I could ever afford. though.. BB found a pretty nice playboy man purse!
He doesn't seem to know how to use it yet. Then again I don't know how guyz use their man purse. Are you SUPPOSE to put your wallet/phone in there?? or in your pants and then anything extra goes in there? hairspray?mirror?

Any how we finally got to the END of mitsukoshi department store to another mall ish thing.
Street vendors were selling ferro rocher bouquet! as well as FINALLY ice cream from Haagen Daz from asia. Since Angela told me how infinitely more awesome it is here. (because of more flavors...)

After that! back to the department store for dinner~!!

Angela, are you drooling yet?

The plate with the variety was better then the steak. Wasn't too impressed, about that steak ...pretty hefty price too. Apparently (from translation) its' either a European cow? or Austrian cow...............For some reason I don't now how the girl cooked it, it was a bit oily. Though texture and raw to cooked-ness was perfect!

BB wasn't to pleased with service, that they forgot our rice (apparently special way to make it, and will take 15mins too) which they couldn' t make by the time we reminded them as last call was over AND that we didn't get a service bell. The money we paid especially for the steak and the quality was like such....

I downloaded new app! "photo frame " in the icon it saids dada, I had downloaded the valentine free version which would have been enough but I didn't know how to use the app and thought that all the extra frames I need to buy full version to do it. Which isn't true *sigh*
none the less, it's a very good app compared to the other free ones I've tried out . Great thing that Iphone apps have free trial before buying because you know.... 99cent is a lot of money @_@ (seriously things like these add up)
Fen 12 +13

I did nothing as BB went out for work,
As I wait paitently at home
Eating from 7-11
and watching "my princess"

I thought last night that me and BB were to meet his friend whom has a baby for lunch and then to hang out at night market.
Apparently he didn't specify which friends.

This was the plan
meet up with his buddies for lunch then to a magic shop after that another magic shop

THEN meet his friend Fern/brother/Husband/baby for dinner

After go to night market just me and BB

That's cool i guess.... I didn't mind looking after BB last night as he was sick as late as I could and wake up like 4 hours later, barely had time to do makeup/hair. Unfortunately we didn't have to go to the salon for his hair. As i thought we were going to meet Fern at a neary by station

Out we go to meet his buddies. Had brunch at a okay place. He ask me if it was okay and I said it was too heavy and he said oh there's a smaller portion meal that's lighter.
*sigh* I'm saying heavy because I don't want to be eating steak as the first thing in the morning.
I should of said.. "oh mcD would be better"
Anyways ... I decided to eat all the extra that came with BB combo like the salad/dessert/soup
I didn't mind for like 3 hours or so?I was basically ignored... I was sleepy so I didn't mind.

BUT afterwards they decided to buy drinks and sit and chat some more for another 2 hours
the first little while was okay and I fell asleep too. But at 5pm I'm seriously pissed. For 5 hours I'm ignored. I said lets go! and BB said 10mins...
30mins go by before we leave.After that he HAD to go to another magic shop to say hi.
At least this time, I wasn't ignored.. greeted and complimented ... happy to be acknowledged my existence!

Still fuming and I think his friend noticed. We finally left.
We met up with Fern and I slightly felt better. They can all speak English and they don't ignore me but it's quiet as I feel from them they dont know what to say. (unlike some of his friends in Vancouver who were quite outrageously ignoring me like I'm not even there, even if i hold their attention for full 2mins they turn around after i stop talking and ignore .. back to the start)
Any how it wasn't so bad since there was a baby, I spent most of the time staring at him and making funny faces.

We ate at Sogo, apparently they have best xiaolongbao around ! The service was extremely good as BB told me because the get paid almost the same wages as nurses.

I found many chain belts at Sogo tons in silver and tons in gold.... for the girls who I know who are looking for them =P There was a really nice gold one with hearts and crystals (all of them are single chains btw) I really liked it but.. it was nearly 100$cad.. I could let BB buy it for me (trying to get me to forgive him) I have super nice one at home!... I'll definitely get it next time.. if I ever come back..

Afterwards we went to xilian? night market we walked and walked and walked...
Through our the entire time was looking for a suitable brown boot that doesn't look like a UGG knee high like the one I threw out. I keep regretting it, but I shouldn't. As that one the soles were about to fall through... Still... it was one of the most perfect pair of shoes I've ever bought.

We played tons of arcade games only the ones you win prizes like claw thing that I've been going on about. We're getting really good at it! takes us sometimes 2?3? tries to win!
I keep trying to win the Polaroid camera but it's almost impossible! Like you have to pick up the bunny which is on the edge of the drop hole...BUT inside one of it's ears it has some sort of weight inside. So it always makes you feel like you ALMOST get it. 0.30 a try @_@ easily amount to a lot of money.
Though BB and I did win these ** SCROLL DOWN**
We didn't get out of the house till like 5pm lol.. this time was me and i wanted to go fast fast fast but I couldn't -_-
First off to tonkatsu again! on the bottom is the one I ate. Tonkatsu wrapped around cheese!

After eating we hurried off to Taipei 101, first we shopped. Which was kind of disappointing because its like a more spaced out holt renfrew with only brand things. Apparently here Guess/Aldo is a high end brand @_@...........

We were going up the building to look down but I didn't want to as it's night time and my camera can't take pics at night.

We then went to wu fun pu? night market. Taiwan is really ALL ABOUT night market @_@

Feb 9
We were SUPPOSE to wake up at 12 and BB didn't wake me up till 1pm
-_- i was ready around 130 and BB wasn't, he THEN decided after my stupid suggestion to rinse off as night before, maybe slight fever? he was a sweaty little pig! he didn't JUST rinse off he decided to wash his hair too T_T after washing his hair he dries AND STRAIGHTENS IT omfg -_-.... whhyy?!?!?! after that picking out clothing/jewelery to wear I even made breakfast we didn't leave till like 230?3?
We first went to his dad's office to mail some things
After that we went to taipei metro mall that area-ish as well as a stationary store and found many cute things XD for my back to school pencil case!
and a department store! I'm REALLY liking the department stores in asia! they have EVERYTHING tho... i like the one in Japan most because everything is placed out nicely even if it's not the most expensive item too

after all that we went to watson as i finally decided i will get one pallete from kanebo and also get the majorlica wing mascara as last time my mom gave the one i wanted away -_-.... and to try both eyebrow pencils from both brands AS well as i needed a face wash, in canada my cleansing oil would be enough. HERE it's so @$%@$ humid ... i'm like no longer dry normal skin but slightly oily *sigh* so my cleansing oil is only good enough to wash off my make up. AT the same time I ran out of cleansing oil -_- and researched the only one I saw at watson was the biore. at only 8$ and today when i went there, there was SO MANY to choose from -_-

kose/2kanebo/majolica majorca

eyebrow pencils!
if you haven't notice in the past pics in this album with makeup! i've succesfully made my brows brown with out bleaching them!

when i first bought it and tried it out the back of my hand i was un impressed as it didn't glide nicely on my skin. but when i did it on my eyebrows it kinda coats ur hairs and lightly brown shadow under neath. the product is a stick kind of thing with a angle for easy application
...the color compared to the other two pencil is on the warm side.

is very ash blonde/brown color
one side of the pencil is like kose stick at a angle for easy application and sharp lines
and then SUPRISE the other side has a soft cone shape sponge that reloads mysteriously some how!~ for light shading or adding color

Majorlica Majorca
-color is in between the two
glides on easily
is cut slanted stick like the others for precise application
the other side of the stick is a brush to soften the color for more natural look
the product and the handle are sold seperate so you can buy refills
which in the long run is cheaper

Yesterday I was at a Japanese magazine/book store and got 3 books. Ageha march, hair style book, dolly make up.

So after grilling through it last night, and thinking the best way to do a bob.I wanted
yumiko - fringe
okaeri - curly bob and silhouette
tsubasa - curls

Around maybe 4?5? we left the house. We first went to Hankyuu, I really starting to like this place! because BB wanted to eat tenpanyaki but... when I saw it i was MUCH more attracted to the sukiyaki!
10/10 fantastic!
I was taken back how every spinach leaf had no holes
and how every cabbage leaf had no specks of blk/brown from maybe a bug bit it or something scratched it.
Every leaf was nice and white and some with hints of green or green
And all the beef had even marbleized fat !

Much better here then Japan...
Then again... i was trying to avoid eating in Japan... @_@ there were probably plenty of godly tasting food...

After eating we went to Lizlisa. They fixed the pocket. It was mended but slightly flawed. Too bad they wouldn't give me a discount for catching it AND instructing them to fix it... blahblah I bought it anyways.

We then went shopping for BB... I really want him to have some nice things too! and not think about me. He said he wanted a new scarf. We looked about and finally landed in the accessories section. GAWD its like holt renfew in there @_@.... BB found two he like one was like 150$cad... @#%@#$% but the design was simple the color choice was on spot and the quality... how soft... cashmere *dies*

While he looked I looked and I found one I like! short one with some fluff and a bow on it DAM CUTE. Apparently this one tiny scarf is 100$ T_T however if i buy two it's 50% off entire purchase. I found acute neutral colored cashmere cape along with the tiny scarf.

We finally leave this place and went to the warehouse district area place. Since last time we didn't finish. Encouraging BB to find more stuff for himself. We left with a shirt/cardigan/pants!!!

BB decided to go to this really popular maybe famous restaurant called Ninja!
The main dinning room is through the waterfall, which you need a password to get through! Otherwise you wouldn't even know that behind the waterfall was the main room!

BB Also won 12 shots from a lucky draw!

Feb 7
I don't know how much more late I could wake up other then at 2pm
Finally got out of the house with BB

first off to eat late lunch @_@ BB been dying to bring me to this special tonkatsu restaurant that serves finely sliced?diced? cabbage with their "special" sauce
DAM is it ever so refreshing!

After that he took me to the mall, found a pair of adorable adidas tennis shoes, white with pink stripes! after that eyelashes.
If you haven't heard from my facebook status, I've bought like 3 boxes of the WRONG lashes. So if you live in Vancouver and want lashes, then it's worth it to buy from me!

After that @_@ BB bought me another v-day gift (the other gift is this trip)
No pictures till vday!
Feb 6
Last night I was so tired, I slept all by myself with out any help! every time that happens I feel so well rested! unfortunately today BB could not wake up or well he was very slow. Anyhow... today we had lunch with his friends, they're super awesome unlike some of his friends in Vancouver. Even though they could not speak much in English, they tried to talk @_@ and we joked etc etc

Afterwards we were helping out one of his friend with his act. Needed some moral support and a understanding/educated audience for pointers and what not.
That took almost the ENTIRE day.

We then went to _______ .. another county near taipei. FINALLY omg FINALLY bb bought me some skin care. I use to be using kose. I got it around april 09 and finnished mid end of 2010. Since then I've been trying not to buy any skincare. I've been basically running on expired and tester skincare. Fortunately Lin is a skin care fanatic and .. i don't know if she knows... basically been supplying me with a few tester and care pkg
I got two line ups the omija/ancient rice line along with caviar/salmon eye creams.

More stuffy from that arcade machine (frog/monkey) the bottom unfolds into small boxes!
the other guyz, BB won in the past but had no one to give to until now!

Feb 5
started the day late yet again, BB wanted to take me to this train revolving sushi restaurant/bar? thing! in TW it's expensive because everything they use is fresh. AND OMG who new scallops tasted so good. I always order it at GUU but it's lightly dressed with mayo, so you could never REALLY taste it.

Afterwards BB took me to this whole sale market area in wufenpu. We didn't finish walking through the dam place. because my feet were going to kill me!

However everything perked up when we went to Lizlisa to find the shorts I wanted from last time. I didn't buy them last time because the back pocket was slowly unstitching it self. apparently at hankyuu department was the only one that had the last pair *super sigh* so we asked them to fix it and that we'll be back for them when they're done.
woke up late, didn't eat breakfast.
followed BB to hair salon, he ran off from the subway station because his appointment was in two mins or so..
I lagged behind, emo-ing because this morning i put on my liz lisa flower print dress and went to wear my jd shoes T_T AND THEY DONT FIT TOGETHER OMFG!!!!!
i bought the shoes! because i didn't have any nice white shoes at home so I found a decent one in harajuku i think... but wanted to look around in Japan before spending the money on such shoes. In the end I found a nice pair in shinjuku pink bow with a gold crown on top of it. So .. i figure that kind of pink would fit white and it doesn't....
After wandering around in xi men? getting a little bit nervous because BB is not by me.
I looked about and found a vendor selling boxes of eye lashes for $4. as appose to $8
I ask the vendor for something similar to the lashes I was wearing and she pointed out 3 similar ones .. in the end i bought all 3. All done with top lash buying!
Then for some bbq sausages then to find BB
I found the salon but couldn't find BB inside... i took a step in and looked and nothing except everyone in the salon staring at me.... kind of un comfortable so i stood outside across the street and still they stared at me. Constantly phoning BB and nothing... feeling a bit more nervous I started to walk around. He found me.
Also kept trying to pull me to liz lisa in Hankyuu. Finally we arrive. First thing i found was macarons!
-blk sesame +sesme oil, caramel, ??citrus

at first BB felt like it was such a rip off $7 for 3
but when we ate it tonight, if this was consider bite size cake it's really 10/10 the cream is perfect! and the macaron cake texture is fantastic
but as Macaron critic the shells were complete fail. Like I describe it was like a cake.

After that we went to look at Liz lisa -_-... still emo-ing cause I dont want to buy anything as I don't have any more money and I need it to last all the way till 18th so....
But apparently BB had a surprise for me! ... shopping spree in liz lisa for valentines day *dies* of happy-ness!
lucky pack, OP, jacket
T_T after he paid i found a very pretty pair of white shorts! I wanted to buy them but one of the back pockets were slowly coming off. o well maybe the other liz lisa will have it too

After that we had another new years dinner this time with BB mom's grand ma place.
Basically it was very boring the uncles/aunties/grandma was missing the entire time after dinner. It was just me and BB babysitting the 5 kids *super sigh*

we then went to shi da university night market near by. Almost everything was close. Not too interesting. The only that was. Was pizza in a cone shape with spaghetti!

didn't do much all day
BB was doing some accounting stuff for his lecture
afterwards uncle made dinner XD super fantastic!
then they went to his brothers place to hang out and totally left me at home
started to fume T_T
when they got back BB took me out to long shan temple and the market next to it
more pics in FB

Also won these awsome bunnies! the gold one only took 3 tries, we were going to get the pink one but... I wanted a pair ~!

Not much today just realli lazi and refusing to wake up.
Went to uncles brother place to do the NY thing
After massive amount of symbolic food it was NY gambling. Everyone is given 100$ to start and we try to win uncle's money. I think in the end I won like around 400ish? Because at the end I bet big at 150 and won ^_^!!!!

Also they had a family dog. I really wanted to play with it but she's quite afraid of strangers. When i first met her she was quite aggressive so she stayed on the bed with her owners and I threw her treats. She felt better and willing to eat out of my hand. After dinner I wanted to feed her again. I started off with throwing her treats, but in the middle she decided to jump off and nip me. One tooth grazed me, not sharp enough to break skin but enough to give a decent bruise. So I gave up and fed her treats quickly and rejoin the gambling.

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today started out very late cause i was tired and didn't sleep well
BB first got his hair set..
then..we went off too find the other liz lisa in tai pei ... so i can buy the room fragrance spray thing
apparently Taiwan doesn't not have this yet.....

we stopped by to look at a accesorie store, finally got myself a normal mini top hat and a very unusual black bling tiara! at the store they also had a booth set up for you to take pics in!
also found a lolita store wondering about, got myself a new petti-coat!

afterwards we went to see if they can cut BB sim car smaller to fit his new iPhone4, but they can't so he'll have to go ask rogers for the micro sim card or something

from there i bought I think 67$cad worth of major majolica make up, I'm going to attempt pink eyeshadow,
I think i got two eyeshadow palette, eye liner and two blush and a lip gloss

we then went to uncle's office to meet up with uncle to go for pizza.
In the morning I thought it must be some hole in the wall that's got great pizza
INSTEAD I find out late that it's some hole in the wall in the Sheraton hotel *dies*
that means I need to look pretty! thus going out late in the morning

the food there is amazing!
I got over the escargot -_- fear..? gross-ness then came baked oysters
after that seems like a boston seafood chowder
then squid ink spaghetti and two pizza

I was sooo full x.x

we then went to shi lin night market
AND OMG!!! all the liz lisa fakes are there, so now that means I don't need to buy from taobao!
i bought approx 80$ worth
two tops a skirt and that idiot poncho that everyone is after

me and BB also play those useless arcade machine with the claw thing and you try to win the stuffy. On the bright side there is a sales? that watches over you constantly, the position the stuffy specifically so you have kinda 70/30 chance of getting it and if you screw up the position she'll come over open it up and reset it for you. once you loose a certain amount of money they just open it up and give you the stuffy!

BUT me and BB won ours! i won the big lama and a small one and BB got me the teddy (with one try only!) and a lama

stupid lama