BB birthday!

April 1 and 2

BB birthday started with a booking at the Metropolitan hotel. two nights in the junior suite !

I was really excited too! I expected something like rosewood =D

staying at hotels for me now a days is a get away from home, and mundane things but without stressing that you can't go home for w/e emergency reasons (chins in trouble?)

it is really relaxing to stay in a super nice suite with awesome bathroom, huge bed, big space and separate living room, the pool, gorgeous view... in room dining service etc to call your very own for a few days.

Anyways ... the Met only achieved half of that, I couldn't believe how small the room was! and how small the bathroom is too... especially the tub!
it's a nice room but I could hardly call it "junior suit" ... I imagine the regular rooms to be half the size of everything... how does this hotel survive with four seasons across it and rosewood next to it? and fairmont a block away!

I did get this room through a one of those group coupon sites... i know i know.. "what did you expect ?"
I expected to get a taste of something before putting my whole foot in

whatever... at least it wasn't horrible...
the first day we didn't do much, we started the day whenever BB felt like waking up. we did everything he wanted to do =D
walk around Aberdeen, and then eat at our fave restaurant, Maruchu Japanese BBQ

afterwards he wanted to sit at the manga cafe and read (no not a maid cafe)
then took care of the babies and went back to the hotel and played online games till late!

the next day we could not wake up in time for breakfast (should of ordered in room dining).. by the time we did it was almost time for his bday lunch with his friends @ Kyo Korean BBQ
we again stayed late there and I went home right away as da Vinci needed his meds, while BB went to hang out with his friends.

now comes dinner time @ Gyu King Tenppanyaki
the food was great and our chef was pretty epic too! wall of fire and everything!! I think it would of been even better if he talked. I think he might of been nervous =(
I wanted to take lots of pictures with BB but every picture that day, the birthday boy looked 10x better then me ! who knew BB could be beautiful with help-_-......
in the end there is no picture of me ... only a picture of him where I cropped myself out -_-..

we then went home and took care of the babies one more time and picked up the cake which I proudly made from scratch successfully (after one trial)
and went back to the hotel.

this is where it gets extremely disappointing ! that night even though they told me at check in, was when BC hydro was checking their electricity or something that they needed all electrical outlets turned off. Only the elevator and emergency exit lights were on. which was fine with me till I got to my room.
The only emergency light was at the door which barely illuminated the living room. the bedroom was even worse! completely pitch black there was no emergency light in the connecting bathroom. I could seriously trip and fall badly in the bedroom/bathroom area .
severely disappointed that there wasn't even minimal lighting and air was getting stuffy............... it was almost like staying at home... what was the difference? I'm paying money to stay in luxury for a few days...
why didn't they phone me as soon as the hotel found out about their check up? both me and BB took time off work which cost us money and I am paying for this room. the very least they should have a emergency light in the bathroom

 dam it!

I can't even see where the candle is on his cake... the room is also part birthday gift...

we packed and left for home
where the air isn't stuffy and where there IS electricity.
the next morning I called in to settle the bill.. they voided all my extra costs when I stayed..

Their service is excellent, hotel itself
is forgettable they need to renovate the rooms.


this month hasn't been the greatest. Especially the first week of April was suppose to be relaxing get away before I head into full time work =(
Instead one of my worries were my chins!

I noticed one night DA (da Vinci) took very long time to eat his vitamins and looked almost like it was tiring to eat it. usually both boys love eating this, it has become a treat for them. it'll take them 30secs or less to eat a rounded 1/2tsp (remember a chinchilla isn't a big animal tsp is lots)
At first I thought maybe he just doesn't feel like eating it today? later on that night I notice him nibbling the same pellet for a while, and then thrown on the ground irritated and not even chipped. he continued to do that till I tested him and gave a bit of his favorite cookie to eat. he licked it all around the edge trying to bite it. i left him some crumbled pellets that night and he ate it all. next day I took him straight to the vet .... they couldn't find anything wrong with him but concluded with agreeing with BB he could of smacked his front teeth really hard, we did notice his top two were chipped a little bit. then sent home with pain meds and mushy food...
<-- Da Vinci pushing daddy away

<-- groggy Mei Mei posing with the wheel
MM (Mei Mei ) then got the better of me and I sent him to the vet as well since he was loosing weight steadily for month and half ... and BB keeps telling me it's not even 2% of his weight... MM went under anesthesia for oral exam and found the back teeth to have over grown angle at his tongue..
my poor baby how long as that hurt you?!
I really wanted for him to get X-rays as well to put my fears to rest if he has malocclusion. at last I cannot afford 3
procedures this month =( ...
both chins racking a hefty bill this month is....
hopefully his back tooth doesn't grow like that anymore
Mei Mei vet seemed more concerned. of da Vinci case then Mei Mei ( different vet for me to conclude which is better)
he did point out a very good thought... if da Vinci was super skinny to start he should have gain to a healthy weight by now (bought him end of sept 2011)

that's just $@(:! great
on my list to do
X-rays and 2oral exams and health exam

hopefully tax return will
give me a nice check to help alleviate
my student loans..

No longer Dot Cafe

5556 Cambie st

I use to go to this cafe often. It's been closed for a little bit, but I'm surprised that it has been taken over by a new owner with almost the same menu.
Great little place during the summer!

Anyone know the new name of this place ??

Li do?

A upset friend after midterms will eat 4 fresh pineapple buns with a slab of butter in each plus two egg tarts