What am I to do?

Ive been so busy recently, which hasn't left me much time to post anything and the most irritating fact is that I was caught up with my blogging =(
Now I'm 3 months late again.

But what does it matter nobody reads it anyway -_-..

I think I need to discuss less in my post, who would care what my opinion is =_= seriously no point in this blog other then if my phone crashes again if have a history of my life somewhere. If I ever develope amnesia.

It's a macaron day


The day has finally arrived! Gordana and I, rushed out after my work to downtown and anxiously waited for Jen while munching on macarons, because today ! Is the day our lovely lolita dresses has arrived.

Marutama ra-men


I've seen and heard of this place many a times but everytime I have always dismissed it because there was no buzz about it. Sometimes when I try new ramen restaurants, they are extremely dissapointing. So... I thought it was one of those....

Anyways.. On to the review..
I'm happy to find something actually "new". They use chicken broth instead of the tradition pork base. Another difference is that they make it scalding hot! So be careful! And here's a tip, because it's sooo hot you can use the same broth and order extra noodles for seconds ! They encourage it too =)

I'm sad my egg is a bit lopsided but believe me when I sayto you it is cooked to perfection! Beautifully raw inside!

Lunch snack


I just don't go to kerrisdale as often as before, I'm suprised not much has change and most of all Adonia is still here =)

Great window


Cute place for people watching or patio enjoying, it's sort of bare and pastries are so/so

First coconut of the year


If you find yourself with little money or feeling shitty or awesome.. Have a coconut. The coconut water has plenty of electrolytes to balance and rehydrate you. Sometimes the fruit stands on the island, they open it for you too. Ask them to open it big so you can eat the meat as well ^_^.

Nothing like sitting near the water with live entertainment on a lunch break

Yes, I made it!


See! I CAN cook! I made carbonara pasta from SCRATCH all by myself with brussel sprouts and apple smoked bacon. Though I wish the cut of bacon I got was fatter.

I don't understand why people deem me unable to cook and most likely to accidentally set the house on fire =_=

Meat and bread candy bar!


Did you know they have their own custom chocolate?! 
It's defiantly worth a try too!

Maple Bacon Candy bar by BETA5
Oyama's applewood smoked bacon in maple caramel resting on roasted almond and milk chocolate nougat and coated with 63% dark chocolate, finished with smoked sea salt.

Sounds fancy doesn't it?
Basically it tastes like salted caramel with a layer of dark chocolate with candied bacon =D

Adventure time VII


Finally manage to go to the not so new Greenhorn cafe ! It's a cute and romantic place with modern designs.

Even lama wants to be part of the decor!

Next, we went to the aquarium, I have never noticed the new otter rescue! I think his name is Walter? Who in the right mind would shoot this cutie?! I'm glad they found and cared for him. 

We also visited the dolphins, and I think I got one of the twos attention. I had decided to wave at her with one finger and she splashed about and waved back! It was a very magical moment!
One thing I like most about the aquarium and zoo in vancouver is that..even though they don't have the best animals and none of them really do tricks, is that they were all rescued. Or adopted from another place if their rescues had babies.

We then went to Temper cafe, and had a lovely cake in the sun =D

Good to retire to some stew


Au petit cafe
It's my favorite place for beef stew or curry beef stew and baguette
Especially when I've had a long day like today.

Egg hunt!


Oh man! Just look at all those chocolates! I will take my sweet time eating these for I fear of running out lol
Some people say Thomas Hass is sooo pretentious blah blah, that's only cause he's good at his chocolates. Since he is so popular, others will hate on him. Oh and of you ever run into him by chance, he makes dam good macchiato 

I helped!!


I should have bought more potatoes but I'm not a fan!!

Wish I had mint sauce! None the less delicious! And definitely not enough good!

Dumpling time!

La Cigale French bistro


I'm very happy to have come here. I needed a date, good times, a break, and good food! My mind has been going ten million miles an hour and I don't know how to relax. Sometimes I stress so bad I had several mini emotional melt downs and the funny thing is that, nothing happened. I'm stressing about the future that has yet to happen.

Premiére Assiette
French onion soup
- I think I can make a much better soup but that's me. Their soup isn't bad, it is better then many out there. 
The funny thing is that my Parisian friend tells me: French onion soup is served last, for example it is the last item served at a wedding (to signal for people to leave). It is also to comfort all those who partied and drank hard at end of the night!

Half baguette avec tapenade
- what ever that olive spread was, was dam good with fresh bread!

Seconde Assiette 
Wild salmon a la Basquaise
- it's a very delicious and extremely confusing dish. Basquaise is a dish containing a lot of seafood. I can't say it's  a stew but it's a very saucy plate.
As I was saying, this was very delicious. The seafood was a tad over cooked. The pastry puff is amazing and so was the lobster sauce. However the lobster taste was so strong, it was clashing with the seafood. Overall the dish had overwhelming taste of seafood, almost borderline fishy. None the less, I wouldn't order again (though it's something everybody should try) but if they ever have a poster bisque I would totally love some of that.
White wine and vegetable/herb mussels 
- yumm!! I could drink all the soup if I had more room!! Perfectly cooked, and perfect blend of vegetables and herbs.
** btw this was a today's special!! Which they write on a chalk board placed on easel. Where the waiter will place infront of your the table. You cannot miss their specials of the day!!

Dreamy kitty


I can't seem to capture the vibrancy of the pink or purple =(
I think this is the most successful try doing color graduation!!
It took me a little bit to get the nail tatoo on by myself but it's pretty damn awesome! (thanks Sally!)

Ciaté - mineral love
Sephora formula X - celestials - glitter rocket

Too bad... Even web pictures doesn't capture it's true pastel and slightly vibrant and super glittery color =(

Bits and parts of my life


Lookie what I found!! Mermaid pouch! I had no idea they made a mermaid line =D I really don't need another bag or pouch but I could resist, it was on sale!

Next is my first successful latte art! Im so pleased that it looks like a heart instead of a weird mushroom,umbrella shape!

My collection of Deborah polishes! These are my favorites so far, there is still two more that I have been eyeing and can't wait to get. I'm hoping to get stairways to heaven and baby I'm a star. I'm just glad I'm not crazy over the summer releases! I don't want to spend a fortune on this!

Happy birthday Traci


My dearest Traci, 

I will always find it amusing, that I some what bullied you in high school, because I thought I was and pretended to be cool. I would have never thought we would be BFFs because we were in different oceans. Nor would I have ever feel beautiful again, till you taught me make up life skills.

Happy birthday darling,

The sun is out and I'm dreaming


Since the sun is starting to shine, do we all have our sun glasses ready ^_^?
Here are some of my favorites.

Emilio Pucci (blue pair)
It's funny, every time I ask the sales, if they had them. They become confused and show me Gucci. Its seems that Pucci isn't very popular in Canada =( One can always spot Pucci, by his taste of vibrant colors and mosaic like shapes ... Kind of like kaleidoscope. I personally like it when he uses teal, like those sun glasses and with those geometric shapes it's like a butterfly.

Roberto Cavalli (gold pair)
I like his sun glasses for the curly initials on the side. I don't per se love the one in the image, but it does show the elegance I find in his line. The sunglasses always look expensive (and it is) luxurious, elegant and with a touch of roar in it...fierce?... I can't explain to you that last part...je ne sais quoi

Dolce and Gabbana 
- black/red pair
I have never paid attention to D&G until I saw those black sun glasses 2 years ago. When I saw the poster and those gold roses, I just knew ! That there is something more to them, they are unlike the other mega fashion houses. To adorn sun glasses with tacky gold roses and curly molding motifs but still manage to keep the elegance in it? That is a massive feat. I realize from there I need to know more about them. To actually research and look in depth. that is when you really see their quirky-ness. They are the epitome of Italian fashion AND MORE. They must mix modern with classic and a dash of baroque. Do you know what I mean?

So I hope everyone this summer has got their stylish sun glasses to protect their lovely eyes and rock it Iike a celebrity!

Failing at making my favourite dish

I can't say I failed either! I was missing wild mushrooms. That earthy organic taste can't be obtained from normal mushrooms =( On the bright side, I have successfully cooked the risotto, but with bland mushrooms soo what's the point of making it?

Duck confit, no mistakes there =(

*** tip: sprinkle some shichimi on mushroom risotto and the cheese/mushroom taste will be brought out more plus the color is nice!***

An order was sent to the universe


1- I was in need of more tea and my new favorite bouTEAque is so far away! Lo and behold! My darling got me not just one I like, but 3 other ones too!

2- This month I've been window shopping for nail sticker/tattoos/patches

3- Just this week I was thinking when will my BFF come back from HK... It's  hard to talk online :(

4- Next day I went shopping and I wonder how to tie a scarf in a certain way

5- The next night I got my answer! Which was "you need to use a square scarf" and so I figured
"I need a square scarf .. Where can I buy one I like?"

6- The night after my BFF shows up at my door step, with presents from HK/Thailand. 
Guess what those presents are?
Square scarf with macarons on it and nail tattoos/patches!

An order was sent! And maybe I'm getting a first hand taste of "the secret"

Rain or shine, it's always Taco Tuesday here =)


Today's flavours,
Blueberry balsamic and London fog with red wine reduction in a home made taco!

Will I see any familiar faces next Tuesday? 
Hopefully I will see you there at Rain or Shine ice creamery!



Pasta Tuesday's again! This time I huffed up and order the mushroom pasta. They used cellentani pasta, isn't it cute? It's very tasty, though a little too much cheese... I felt like it would taste better with wild mushrooms. The pasta was cooked like molto al dente, which I don't like. This dish was satisfactory @_@ now that I have a little more confidence, I want to try the other pastas too lol

Anything using fusilli??

小田巻き 蒸し


Here's my adaptation from cooking with dog ^_^.

Beef balls, oyster mushroom, udon and grilled honey pork jowls?

Love me more


Love me more ^_^ 
I can never have enough! 
Send me more because I'm almost out



Yea yea yea I know I'm late to the game for this kne, but there was never a good time to go.

Their specialty is molecular gastronomy. Which is playing mad scientist with food where laws of bio/charm no longer exist. Such as cooking with temperatures of -100 or in my case, in the picture above has cherry blossom foam ( I guess a better example I've tried is foie gras cotton candy)

The above is

Pisco Clover Club
Pisco, French vermouths, lemon, raspberry, vanilla, egg whites
- their written description would make me think it's some sort sour raspberry with vodka and notes of vanilla. I was wrong, it's sweet, a little too much berry taste which almost taste like medicine. I was wrong. It's actually
 very good! The foams makes it light and fluffy and vanilla adds to it.. Makes you think... Raspberry mousse or something lighter!

Trout with cherry blossom foam and celery purée and sunchokes?
- it was part of the daily special, it's very fun and in time as the blossoms are blossoming lol, though the trout is a bit fishy 

Slow poached farm egg. Sunchoke cream, toasted barley, comté cheese.
- this is a must order for everybody, it taste perfect (and don't forget to mix it a little)

Next up
Hay aged smoked quail, wild berry honey, salt and pepper.
-This taste is very good, especially when they have put the herbs inside with some of it sticking out and lit on fire (so it can be further smoked. 
It's very weird, ours was very very raw. This bird can be eaten half raw like steak. Um.... mine was so raw, it wasn't evencooked. I can't emphasize enough how raw it was! Some parts were semi translucent, soft and chewy like bubble gum. The parts that were a bit more cooked and resemble the pink part of a medium rare steak, was fantastic! Unfortunately we had to return this as it was waaaayy to raw.

 Slow-cooked natural angus short rib,smoked salt and hay jus
- our server was kind enough to exchange or dish for us (though she was skeptical that it was THAT raw)
Anyways, this was fabulous and a huge contrast to the last dish. Cooked beautifully, meat was falling off the bones the perfect done-ness. The course salt gave it the finishing touch!

Just take my money!

I'm glad and surprised that I got everything I wanted !
First off is "I need a pair of nude heels", just my luck, I found some at Camuto. I'm a little undecided on the size. I am shoe sz 7.5, and these are 7.5 but they're tight. It is leather so it's suppose to stretch out, I hope they do. Breaking in a pair of heels is super uncomfortable.

Finally got a wristlet from MK. The color name is blossom, just in time for spring as our Sakura trees are blossoming.

Lastly, I am so fed up with my keychain. I had the Tiffany heart tag key ring, which the "ring part" is a U shape with a screw on ball at the end. That stupid ball comes off all the time, even when I twist it on really hard. It has come off several time and finally this one time I can't find the ball. Good thing I didn't loose any of my keys!

Anyways I was at Neman Marcus for hours, there is almost no keychain. Plus, I'm willing to spend too, because luxury brands will design items which are unique and contemporary and most importantly quality/workmanship is in it.. 
There were no sales associates in sight (I must have been deemed "not worth their time") and when i finally found somebody, it was in cosmetics and she had no idea but tried anyways =). The entire 3 level store had nothing but a Chanel key fob with Greek? Inspired historic coins etc.

Anyways... I walked around the bravern and landed myself in Tory burch. I'm glad they were immediate  in helping me and offered me water from Poland. How posh! I asked for keychains they showed me the ones in their display and when I was not happy with that they took out a box of their entire stock. That's where I found my lovely keychain! That's what I call service!

It's actually not as pink as their official picture (see my picture above). It cost significantly less then Chanel, and it's in a soft lipstick red color. It can be clipped to my bag and not lost in the bottomless pit...and has a sturdy ring!

Madrona Coffee Co.


Popped over to somewhere? And ended up in Madrona coffee roasting facilities. It was the only address we found that was closest to where we were. I guess it must be our luck or our fancy for them,  because we traveled so far ..thinking we were going to a retail store but found the mother load!

We got the whole works! And met everybody, including the owner, Charles and the master roaster, Joe. We even got to check out their printing room. They use a antique printer =D which you place a bag on it and then it stamps it! Also got to check out the small roasting equipment and then the roaring/fire breathing industrial size one as well!

Joe made us a fresh (like literally fresh and degassed ?) There is no fresher than this cup. It was made via chemex. It was perfect. Single origin from...., Starts with a P, I think it was Panama?Peru. I can't tell you how perfect that is. It needs no masking from milk or sugar. I think Joe made my cup of espresso last time at the show too =), he sure makes the perfect cuppa..... =)

I love their building which use to be a ...? Some sort of industrial building which made busses? I forgot..

Anyhow they refurnished everything, and kept its character intact. They also installed a epic antique bar table. I love the swirly bar seats! All that's missing is the those two swinging doors at the saloon. They even got a working metal telephone booth too!

Everything inside is very well thought of. Including the beans are well cared for too! I hope they don't mind me visiting again!

I don't know if my words will ever be read by Madrona, but I'd like to say the following:
You guys are amazing. I believe you can become even bigger with PR but I hope you will always care for your beans like you do now. Please always rock on!

Pokemon in Bellevue


Omg a wild Pokemon appeared! Gottah catch'm all!!!

My BFF informed me in the early mornings that I need to go and catch some Pokemon for April fools day!

She helped me find the first one in HK and then I found them all over the place =). The funniest one is the one Bellevue. I honestly was just checking the map for directions and "a wild Pokemon appeared!"

Happy April fools day!

Barolo restaurante


Why is it that everytime, I'm about to relax and go on vacation, I am hit with sickness?!

No matter!! today I have gone to enjoy Italian food in Seattle. We were recommended to try Barolo because because the other one we wanted to go to is booked weeks in advance. Who knew it was that popular?!

Anyways we found our way through the quiet sunny streets, to this very posh looking restaurant. We thought, "sh!t we aren't dressed up". dear heart and I, were very tired today (especially me since I'm sick and ready to knock out) so we didn't bother to dress up.

Carpaccio Di Vitello Con Melange Di Tartufo Bianco
Veal carpaccio with arugola, parmigiano, capers and truffle melange. Hormone- and antibiotic-free / humanely raised veal.

***!! I can taste the truffle and I LOVE truffle! 

Ossobuco Di Vitello
100% natural, hormone-free braised veal shank with saffron risotto.

*** not a fan of this one because it taste like soy sauce braised veal, with weird tasting risotto. I find that chefs tend to "accidentally" over whelm a dish with saffron. I dont really like saffron but the name sounds cool. It is one of the most fragrant and expensive spices in the world. To me, this spice seems like a really good choice to compliment food but a little goes a long way in any dish, and most people always put way too much. Aside from the saffron the marrow was delicious !!!
 I cannot rate this since I'm biased.

Ravioli Del Giorno
House-made ravioli of the day.

***today's special is a prosciutto ravioli with a tomato something sauce. I love the sauce ! It's the epittamy of Italian food, fragrant with herbs and spices. I didn't like the the filling because prosciutto is very delicate. When subjected to heat it becomes rough in texture. 

I really like this restaurant because everything is as natural as they can find and also humane. It's guilt free food at decent prices. If there were such a restaurant here in vancouver it would be super posh and super expensive.

Didn't nail it


My third try, I don't feel like I'm getting any better =( but it was super fun to have a girls night in with my favorite friends and Gordana amazing curry !!