l'opera patisserie


Most adorable place but lacks perfection. I'm certain it is a wonderful lunch destination.

just another day at work


just another day at work with awesome homemade lunch?!

a new phone case


it's always sad to change new phone cases but say hello to my new shiny red one

A quick do

what do you think of my new short hair do?!



I'm not sure why the awnings name is different from the window but it was incredibly irritating place to find.

they've got some pretty good tasting food! which would work even better with beer (they're working on their liquor license)

I can see this place really happening only with a few adjustments.

it's a cool place to chat and nibble and lots of beer... so why is the music so loud I can't hear the person across the table?

the sausages are awesome and I like curry wurst too. however why aren't you making your own sausages? but you clearly states your sausages are from OyamaSausages.ca? is the sauerkraut from there as well? maybe I can even make it at home instead and not pay the grossy over prices that you have?

if you cannot make/cook some proprietary into this business it'll blow over like fashion

A lovely day


The day started out having tea with my friend at Van Dusen gardens. She had brought macarons and pictures to show me of her recent trip to Europe! oh how I wish I was there! the food she showed me and the views ... things I can only dream of =)

before you know it, hours flew by and my date arrived!

we marched through the scorching sun to find the rose garden. I can't tell you how annoying their map is. it shows that it's close by but it isn't. the ratio must be off on the dam thing.

When you have too much fun you in the sun you really do not realize how close you are to a heat stroke.

To take full advantage of such a beautiful day we went to white rock as well! we tried to look for my friend's ice cream shop but the sun was really getting to us. so we ducked in to giraffe cafe (giraffe picture) for water soup and dessert!

a date with my fluevog


I had to dish out for these when I found out they had a sale! they're super comfortable especially when broken in to!

there's still 2 more I have my eye on but not prepared to pay full price =(



I'm happy announce this is the first time I made ikameshi !
I have to say I had to alter the recipe in many ways because there is lack of ingredients and tools, but it came out delicious!


one of my favorite combo for lunch!
Brie, prosciutto, pâté and best of all!?? home made bread =) 

the odd rose


why hello there!


picnic outfit

it feels like beautiful beginning to summer!

fat babes!


June nails


headband crisis


so far I've only come up with recycling these bottles but I realize I have loads of clippy things too !