It's a macaron day


The day has finally arrived! Gordana and I, rushed out after my work to downtown and anxiously waited for Jen while munching on macarons, because today ! Is the day our lovely lolita dresses has arrived.

Marutama ra-men


I've seen and heard of this place many a times but everytime I have always dismissed it because there was no buzz about it. Sometimes when I try new ramen restaurants, they are extremely dissapointing. So... I thought it was one of those....

Anyways.. On to the review..
I'm happy to find something actually "new". They use chicken broth instead of the tradition pork base. Another difference is that they make it scalding hot! So be careful! And here's a tip, because it's sooo hot you can use the same broth and order extra noodles for seconds ! They encourage it too =)

I'm sad my egg is a bit lopsided but believe me when I sayto you it is cooked to perfection! Beautifully raw inside!

Lunch snack


I just don't go to kerrisdale as often as before, I'm suprised not much has change and most of all Adonia is still here =)

Great window


Cute place for people watching or patio enjoying, it's sort of bare and pastries are so/so

First coconut of the year


If you find yourself with little money or feeling shitty or awesome.. Have a coconut. The coconut water has plenty of electrolytes to balance and rehydrate you. Sometimes the fruit stands on the island, they open it for you too. Ask them to open it big so you can eat the meat as well ^_^.

Nothing like sitting near the water with live entertainment on a lunch break

Yes, I made it!


See! I CAN cook! I made carbonara pasta from SCRATCH all by myself with brussel sprouts and apple smoked bacon. Though I wish the cut of bacon I got was fatter.

I don't understand why people deem me unable to cook and most likely to accidentally set the house on fire =_=

Meat and bread candy bar!


Did you know they have their own custom chocolate?! 
It's defiantly worth a try too!

Maple Bacon Candy bar by BETA5
Oyama's applewood smoked bacon in maple caramel resting on roasted almond and milk chocolate nougat and coated with 63% dark chocolate, finished with smoked sea salt.

Sounds fancy doesn't it?
Basically it tastes like salted caramel with a layer of dark chocolate with candied bacon =D

Adventure time VII


Finally manage to go to the not so new Greenhorn cafe ! It's a cute and romantic place with modern designs.

Even lama wants to be part of the decor!

Next, we went to the aquarium, I have never noticed the new otter rescue! I think his name is Walter? Who in the right mind would shoot this cutie?! I'm glad they found and cared for him. 

We also visited the dolphins, and I think I got one of the twos attention. I had decided to wave at her with one finger and she splashed about and waved back! It was a very magical moment!
One thing I like most about the aquarium and zoo in vancouver is that..even though they don't have the best animals and none of them really do tricks, is that they were all rescued. Or adopted from another place if their rescues had babies.

We then went to Temper cafe, and had a lovely cake in the sun =D

Good to retire to some stew


Au petit cafe
It's my favorite place for beef stew or curry beef stew and baguette
Especially when I've had a long day like today.

Egg hunt!


Oh man! Just look at all those chocolates! I will take my sweet time eating these for I fear of running out lol
Some people say Thomas Hass is sooo pretentious blah blah, that's only cause he's good at his chocolates. Since he is so popular, others will hate on him. Oh and of you ever run into him by chance, he makes dam good macchiato 

I helped!!


I should have bought more potatoes but I'm not a fan!!

Wish I had mint sauce! None the less delicious! And definitely not enough good!

Dumpling time!

La Cigale French bistro


I'm very happy to have come here. I needed a date, good times, a break, and good food! My mind has been going ten million miles an hour and I don't know how to relax. Sometimes I stress so bad I had several mini emotional melt downs and the funny thing is that, nothing happened. I'm stressing about the future that has yet to happen.

Premiére Assiette
French onion soup
- I think I can make a much better soup but that's me. Their soup isn't bad, it is better then many out there. 
The funny thing is that my Parisian friend tells me: French onion soup is served last, for example it is the last item served at a wedding (to signal for people to leave). It is also to comfort all those who partied and drank hard at end of the night!

Half baguette avec tapenade
- what ever that olive spread was, was dam good with fresh bread!

Seconde Assiette 
Wild salmon a la Basquaise
- it's a very delicious and extremely confusing dish. Basquaise is a dish containing a lot of seafood. I can't say it's  a stew but it's a very saucy plate.
As I was saying, this was very delicious. The seafood was a tad over cooked. The pastry puff is amazing and so was the lobster sauce. However the lobster taste was so strong, it was clashing with the seafood. Overall the dish had overwhelming taste of seafood, almost borderline fishy. None the less, I wouldn't order again (though it's something everybody should try) but if they ever have a poster bisque I would totally love some of that.
White wine and vegetable/herb mussels 
- yumm!! I could drink all the soup if I had more room!! Perfectly cooked, and perfect blend of vegetables and herbs.
** btw this was a today's special!! Which they write on a chalk board placed on easel. Where the waiter will place infront of your the table. You cannot miss their specials of the day!!

Dreamy kitty


I can't seem to capture the vibrancy of the pink or purple =(
I think this is the most successful try doing color graduation!!
It took me a little bit to get the nail tatoo on by myself but it's pretty damn awesome! (thanks Sally!)

Ciaté - mineral love
Sephora formula X - celestials - glitter rocket

Too bad... Even web pictures doesn't capture it's true pastel and slightly vibrant and super glittery color =(

Bits and parts of my life


Lookie what I found!! Mermaid pouch! I had no idea they made a mermaid line =D I really don't need another bag or pouch but I could resist, it was on sale!

Next is my first successful latte art! Im so pleased that it looks like a heart instead of a weird mushroom,umbrella shape!

My collection of Deborah polishes! These are my favorites so far, there is still two more that I have been eyeing and can't wait to get. I'm hoping to get stairways to heaven and baby I'm a star. I'm just glad I'm not crazy over the summer releases! I don't want to spend a fortune on this!

Happy birthday Traci


My dearest Traci, 

I will always find it amusing, that I some what bullied you in high school, because I thought I was and pretended to be cool. I would have never thought we would be BFFs because we were in different oceans. Nor would I have ever feel beautiful again, till you taught me make up life skills.

Happy birthday darling,