VDO2014 - Cardero's $28


I spent all afternoon researching on "how to do Veronica Lake holly wood hair" as you can see, it didn't work out. Especially after about 2.5 hours going at my hair I am majorly disappointed. My hair doesnt even faintly resemble her beautiful waves. I have concluded i must have failed at the combing stage. I blame not having the right clips and also blame that I suck at doing finger waves let alone doing finger waves on my own head!

Further more I had 3 hair styles while at the restaurant. I walked in with one. Then halfway through dinner i got sick of how heavily perfumed my hair was from the hairspray, so I clipped it up. Finally sometime when i finished my main I got sick of my hair poking me to death at my neck so I let it down and combed and pinned it to the side.

Manhattan style clam chowder finished with dark rum
I just love love the tomato based chowders. It always taste so good!

Fresh oysters +$??

Grilled BC Salmon
Cauliflower purée, haricot vert, beets, truffle chive butter

Well ... It had THE perfect done-ness. However, I am amazed it escaped from the kitchen, the bottom of the fish is burnt black. Thats how you kill a dish ladies and gentlemen! By bitter tasted of charcoal!

I was served another immediately with apologies. OMG our served was extremely polite and gentle that you can't help but shy away a little and sit a little more properly.

Second time around it was a touch over cooked but everything tasted fantastic!

Carrot Cake 
Orange cream cheese frosting

I find it very weird to have carrot cake for dessert. Its not bad... It's very odd =)

And lastly got caught camera whoring. How could I pass on beautiful candle light?

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