Today I had a short lesson on how to pour myself a coffee. The pay out is coffee that I was desperately needing. 
We are using Hario equipment.. Something about a bloom, 30secs, anti clock wise, don't touch the sides and VOILÀ!! Instantly way too strong coffee =D

Okay, but today we are not talking about coffee, it is about the tea tumbler in the picture.

This is tumbler by Libre, and there are only a few places that carry this. It took me a while to end up finding a product such as this. My pathetic plastic cup is well pathetic and my amazing stainless steel has a metal taste or worst, a hint of what I had last  O_O... The Libre tumbler is unique because the inside is glass, while the double wall is plastic. Also, this has a tea strainer inside, so there's many different ways to use this for floral, herbal tea to black tea

There is a set back for this though, it will keep your drink hot for about 1.5hr PROVIDED
that your drink is boiling hot to start, otherwise it will not help you at all.  This is irritating because espresso doesn't come out piping hot (it would be burnt!)
I'm thinking maybe I can make an Americano with heated cream instead or smth... Idk

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