Binging with Grandma part 8


After eating tacos and much shopping, we finally arrived at Guu Gastown. One of my favorites, but oh it was very disappointing. I don't think I'll be back. The only good dish there was my usual favorite "salmon and 7 friends", which they only serve at this location.
I'm surprised that they don't have oden or kimichi fried rice. Also, their staple menu of tuna tataki and beef sashimi was not up to par.

 Worst of all.. One of my favorite items to eat is the baked Saba...
Which was last to arrive because the kitchen forgot... And it was raw inside.

I know the black cod was going to be a very measly bit, but I forgot!!! Pretty right? Taste pretty good too!

I am so OD over kimchi mentaiko udon. I use to love this. I would order it every time I was here.

On a more cheerful note, the sisters (mom and her sister) decided they need to get their mom (Grams) to try out raw food, because grams thinks it may taste awful. To Grams suprise, the salmon sashimi was okay, and the medium rare beef was okay too!

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