Advertorial: Lioele Eyeliner tutorial

I am always in a super rush whether it be to work, school or to a date. I'm so last minute that I need some easy make up. I simply don't have the time to stand in front of a mirror for an hour!.

First up is eyeliner. We (girls) are no stranger to this. Without this, we just don't look awake. (what are you boys talk about we look fine with out make up?!) even just tiniest bit in the lash line/water line we instantly wake up. But which to use?


Liquid is messy!
Pencil is just not sharp enough! (seriously what if i drop it on the floor and the tip breaks GAHH!)
Gel, means I need to carry around a brush all day... and with my itty bitty purse...*sigh*

Fear no more girls! I understand Gyaru/Lolita can require a lot of make-up and our fashionable purse just cant hold enough.

Lioele - all in one gel liner
It is almost like liquid but not as messy and just as sharp, and draws on as easy as pencil. The built in brush is perfect size because the handle is short so I can look more closely to the mirror as I draw. Besides it's One less thing to put in my purse! At $20CAD and including a built in brush,it doesn't put a hole in my wallet.

Here are two looks I've done. Helena as my Lolita model, and myself in Gyaru style.
I hope it inspires people that beauty is effort.
Even when you don't have time to put on make up, you've got time on the bus!

Helena-click to enlarge picture
Sweet and Innocent. This spring is all about pink!
For this look you want to keep the eyeliner to the minimal. On Helena I've kept the liner as close to the top lash line as possible. As well as on the bottom it is slightly farther away from the bottom lash line. I have not drawn the entire bottom lash line, only half way. The rest in the inner corner is by white eye shadow, to keep it light and airy!

Viki -click to enlarge pictureNight time look.
For this look you want to draw in the waterline and lash line and on top. The point is to change your eye shape, rather my eye shape (since i have slanty Asian eyes). You don't have to draw the bottom liner as strong as me, instead in the outer corner you can use white eye shadow, as that will open you eyes.

Extra Tidbits :
1- If you fear that you cannot draw evenly for both your eyes, or that the bus is shaking!
**try dab gel dots on your eyes and connect!The gel spread smooth like butter. **
2 - Drawing in the lash line is difficult even with short stubby lashes. It is easier if you pat gel into your lash line and then spread out with the brush.
3 - The darkness of gel can be controlled, with Helena's look you need one coat, for my look you need 2.

To finish every look are the lips. There are just SOOOO many colors out there and so many different brands, it's quite frankly over whelming. Nude colors are always in style every spring and every summer.
But which color is best for us? Sometimes Nude colors will very often make us look sick. If not deathly sick!

So today i am trying Lioele dollish lipstick #6 -Nudy Pink.

It is a nude lip stick with a hint of pink, which is quite suitable for almost all skin tones. It glides on smoothly and lightly moisturizes my lips. The lipstick color is mild. So, it really depends on how strong you would like this lipstick to be.

This versus my YSL lipstick review below, there is big difference not only in price but also the moisturizing effect. I am not saying that this lipstick doesn't doesn't moisturize, it does but it doesn't inject water into your lips like YSL.
This product is what I think is: The best bang for the buck.

I personally like my lipstick transparent, that is why I dab a little bit on my lips and spread outwards. I don't want to look too obvious that I am wearing lipstick.

This one is quite versatile.
It fits almost all types of make up as you can see both Helena and I are wearing the same lipstick!
Something sexy and something cute!

So no matter what style you are, it's there for you!

Extra Tidbits:
1- I like to color in with the lipstick on the inside of my mouth and spread it out with my fingers.

2 - This lipstick isn't heavily scented for those who are sensitive.

3 - Tinted lip gloss, is a wonderful way to change the hue of your lipstick.
Think of all the possibilities~!

Final Thoughts.
I like both products and, I feel especially, the gel liner is better then many out there which are more expensive. Despite the fact that this product was not made water proof, it is smudge proof and has great staying power. The brush is super soft and I love that, because I've use many gel brushes and they just hurt. Perhaps my eyes are just too sensitive.

Both products spread very easily and I am pleasantly surprised by the lipstick. At $16 a lot of companies will sacrifice a certain quality of the lipstick (ex. texture, smell, application, etc etc). Over all this lipstick is well rounded for the price.

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Spring Make up

Here we go!
Second time using pink eyeshadow and SERIOUSLY T_T who doesn't want to use pink eye shadow?!!!
Though.. every time when I was younger with no knowledge of make up attempted to use pink, I looked like I got a very irritate eye!

Well as you can see I don't have pink eye!!! get the joke get the joke??

What I used
Shit load of extensions

Majolica PK330
Majolica BK999
MAC pink freeze
Urban decay liquid liner Perversion
Dolly wink #5 #6
brandless top lashes

Majolica PK301 & PK303

YSL #1
Majolica BE205

Last but not least HAIR~!
I had inspiration picture in ageha. I TRIED and did not score. If you ever wonder why I use a half wig so often?
HERE you can now see my real hair. I think it's quite beautiful....
but some @#$@# broke off a lot of my hair, not only do I have thin hair I have extra thin hair.
I use to be able to fake it like I had a lot of hair w/o extensions.
That's not the case any more.

YSL review and left over TW pics

Why you piggy so cute?!~
How am I suppose to eat you now -_-???

Of course lately, I've really wanted YSL #7 Lingerie pink. Let me mention to you I think I own two lipsticks before I got this new one. My friend, Lin, suggested to look for a dupe, to save money. People suggested MAC Viva gaga or St. Germain. I have the gaga XD I want the new gaga lipstick! the nude is interesting! However the lipstick from MAC I'm not big fan, might be because of the strong waxy smell. They're decent and fantastically priced. Lin also suggested to go try Buxom. I tried, I was impressed. However whatever ingredients it use to plump your lips like (Fusion Beauty) has the minty burning on my lips, which sort of bugs me. Anyways my point of trying it on was to then go try on with YSL lipstick, and see if i found a dupe. I tried on #7 WOW... I now understand the price difference..... the creamy texture and super pigmented lipstick of YSL is far superior then MAC and Buxom. The distance between the products is soo far it's unbelievable. I didn't find a dupe but I did find that lingerie pink was SOO NOT MY COLOR. After trying out tons of color I ended up with #1 Nude beige. Which is the one in the picture above. I would have NEVER EVER picked that color because I think it's ugly and too mature for me. I gave it a shot anyways and as you can see in the picture. It's not bad!

Anyways here are some left over pictures from TW!