Binging w/o Grandma part 5

No pictures

Surprisingly, grandma is not part of this morning post!!!
She had a party go to in the morning with her friends.

So where do you take ur aunt who has been to vancouver once and most likely already went to all the touristy places?

First we go to one of our iconic food carts. Japa dogs!! Where else?

One spicy terimayo and oroshi dog please!

After that we visited two local churches. I'm surprised my aunt did not go to Sunday service @_@.. But I guess it's vacation time! Prayers by the bed side will do??

Not much to see as one of the two churches was closed.

Next up: Fish Shack

I'm not sure what's wrong with our server. I asked for one dozen and he thought I said two. Which was okay.. because we were going to order another dozen anyways.

Then we decided, okay let's finish off with the most expensive one! 3 please! We got 6!

Wth?!  I mean $3/oyster isn't that expensive, but this was supposed to be a light snack before dinner binging. I spent $50 on oysters alone?! Because that guy doubles all my orders... I should have refused the last order... =_= but I knew my mom and her sister really wanted it anyways.... It's one of those "look at their face how could you say no" moments.


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