Da Vinci

he's starting to tolerate me more and let me sort of give him scritches.. he's still quite snippy and whole lot of attitude

maze house

I went Eco friendly and recycled a box at work in a toy house for my chins!

shangri la

I recently got my chance to go to the shangri la hotel for their afternoon tea.
the restaurant decor was so so and I don't fancy their western take on Chinese people with that a side everything else was nice.
their tea set wasn't prettiest, interestingly enough it reminded me of Versace epic shower room..
now on to the food:

food 75%
There were 3 plates, I liked 2/3 of them. they were pretty unique, especially the savory tier ..even though it is savory it is incorporated with fruit. which IMO is probably really hard to do well =D
why 2/3? because the sweet tier could not compare to the other 2... I didn't like the cookie the most. I had expected more in quality

service 60%
the hostess wasn't at her pedestal when I arrived, security had to go get her in the back room, at the time there was only one group seated and already served... she has reservation list and should know when she should stand outside.......
anyhow she did her job, served us, told us what we were eating and poured our tea. I didn't really feel like I was serviced...I'm not sure what I could say more but some people when they serve you it feels like you have been served and greatly appreciated and taken care of

ambience 80%
it not that it isn't pretty, just not my preferred style

Macaron was fail i can't even grade it

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

Another beautiful day at Rocky mountain flatbread and co. if you ever want to eat out and be healthy and support w/e you live, it's restaurants like these you want to go to. Fresh local and organic food. I never really like vegetarian food but this please it taste dam good!
This is what me and my friend John ordered (he's chosen to be vegetarian)

Fresh organic green leaves, brown mushrooms, mango regular 
and roasted red bell peppers tossed in a basil &blackberry dressing.
-this salad makes me want to make it and have it every day, hits the right spot on a hot sunny stuffy day!

Topped with a combination of four to five seasonal local and
or preserved vegetables, three herb pesto & Capriny goat’s cheese

Brown mushrooms, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes,
goat’s cheese & fresh chopped herbs
too much goat cheese that it took over the other flavors... luckly they only put a load in the centre

Lastly there is a lunch combo so have a look there. Pizza and salad combo $15
you might be full after eating that between two people !

Main street location
4186 Main St. Vancouver
tel: 604 566 9779
10am - 12pm
11:30am - 4pm
4pm - 10pm
10am - 2pm
11:30am - 4pm
4pm - 10pm