Stupid Iphone, why can't it take any sharp pictures?! Day 2 after sleeping on my hair, still pretty good!

I went to find Helena at the salon hopefully to take off my gels.

But she was too busy another client.
Talk to my X while waiting.

By the time Helena was done, the salon was closing.

We phoned up Bevan Alice and Link to go out for dinner.

We went to Burgoo, one of my favorite comfort food places.

Then we were off to Night Market.

They had some reptiles on display.

Got to pet a lizard boa and bearded dragon.

When I petted the bearded dragon it wiggle. Very creepy as it was quite snake like when it wiggled but then it has feet @.@
whats the point of having feet if it can wiggle like that?

Marciano Party

Yea !!! so the first half of my package has come!!!!!
I was waiting all morning for it to arrive. I kept telling myself while I was in bed, " go back to sleep! when the mailman arrives he will ring the door bell, it hasn't rung so its not here"
but I was just far to excited to go back to bed, so I played lots of iphone games, finally I check up on the package online. It was out for delivery. It was only 9am x.x it wont arrive till 12. so after more games it's 10, completely frustrated I get up, try to facebook a bit. Still nothing. So maybe if I look out the door MAYBE I'll see the mail man driving to my house! I opened the door and THERE he is parked in front of my house filling out some papers.
So I just sat at the steps waiting for him.
Receiving packages are so nice its like a gift, with everything you want inside and no disappointments too!

after that I went to do my hair. I decided my look today will be influenced by Sakurai Rina.
I had set my hair in at first hot rollers but it kinda worked and kind of didn't. I was looking to also do that hair style where it's very pieced out. In the end I looked kinda like this x_x.

Traci came over, along with her friend Robin. I was suppose to be out by 1pm, but by the time we were out it was like2? 3?

We first went to eat at Santouka then parked in sears. The elevator was broken so I had to walk up 3 flights of stairs. Which was bad because when we surfaced, I felt soo sick. Either from the ramen or maybe haven't done any excercise. Traci encouraged that I should let it out if its going to feel that bad. It in between vomiting and passing out.
We went to Sephora and H&M, since we still had time to kill we also went to Zara, to help Traci find a cardigan. Apparently the found THE perfect one at Aritzia but they were apparently sold out through out the country. Thats why we went to both H&M and Zara. Instead she found a nice grey cream? one in Zara.

Then we were off to Marciano. Unfortunately I only had a reservation for Viki +1 not +2.
So I held Robin's hand and we marched in there that it was Viki and Robin + 1
They still let us in ^_^
Of course being there, I'm all about the food
They had BLT cherry tomato, Pistachio fried chicken on a stick
some sort of cucumber salad, crab cakes
After more time passed it's dessert!
sour whip cream? on top of brownie
grand mariner chocolate cream puff
caramel brittle on cheese cake was the best!
And of course! I'm here for my ultimate goal!
This halter top I've been eying for a month, from their new collection. Beautiful turquoise green knit halter. Very relaxing color, perfect for summer! the point of coming here is that you also get 20% discount on their new collection plus swag!
Not much different from the first time I went to Marciano party. MAC duo mineral eye shadow and nude lipstick. Marciano notebook. 20$ gift card. Marciano eco bag. Cheeky monkey nail polish.
I didn't find the nail polish anything interesting. Though at the party there was free manicures! Unfortunetly I have gel nails on, so i couldn't try any colors.
The color they gave me was a deep plum@.@
Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics are 3 Free, containing no formaldehyde, toluene, or DHP. Our products are non-toxic and rank a 1 on the skin deep cosmetics safety database (a 1-10 scale with one being the lowest hazard score).

Mine came with a funny tag ^_^
"Remember make-up protects your face from everyday pollution- go slap it on!"

As of so far, i've tried painting my toe nails. I keep forgetting
that my toe nails are really tiny T_T that it doesn't need much, but I did find that they spread really easy just like OPI.... and the Color being called Fishnet Stockings, after putting this color on it looks like my feet need some fine office fishnet type stockings.

We then went back to Georges house and played lots and lots of WII

Being broke

Well I'm trying to cope of having not much of a income today. One of the things I learned is = if your hungry and your not going to faint, wait till you get home and eat.
I started off meeting her at Nainaimo? station which she was late so I found my way to that store. On the way I was trying to look for some sort of Starbucks or something which I didn't find any.
However I did find McD. so I got a coffee and attempted to eat a parfait (trying to be slightly healthy) ($3ish?)
We then set out to find another warehouse, boy did I get a deal on my supplies. Not only was most things less expensive there I also received extra 15% discount i believe.
We then went to another warehouse in downtown but we didn't make it in time. But then by this time its around 3pm ...I was full but I really really really wanted something salty.
In the end me and Helena shared a takoyaki ($2)

By this time it I was already suppose to hang out with John, we're suppose to go to Ikea, I tried phoning and such but i'm guessing he's flaking. I didn't get any update from him at all.

So then me and Helena went to Pacific Centre to look for some shampoo/cond. at this time I phoned up Bevan see if he wanted to hang out but it sounded like he was busy too ... oh well

So then me and Helena went to sephora to do our girly thing
that's when John phones yay!!
unfortunately at this time half of downtown is blacked out and John isn't willing to pick me up to go to ikea
well we did make it to the YVR
John showed up kind of right on time ^_^ <3
we passed by my house so I could drop everything off and off we go to Ikea

On the way there I get a text from Bevan letting me know that things on his side are going slow. Sounds like he's flaking -_-

we get to Ikea and i'm looking for two things, a book shelf and a trolly
I find neither -_-
We had icecream ($1ish) or i should say is frozen yogurt
not bad
then we had 15meet balls w/ mash potatoe! FFFOOORRRR ($2ish)

Total today $7ish

Make up

it's too bad today I haven't got any place to as everyone is at the Miyavi concert T_T
Though John helped me by going with me to the warehouse and picking up the heavy things.
Hardly worth dressing up for but as of late... I want to be pretty

Second day Hair

Day before I had curly hair going to Kobe.
Today still with a ton of curls I put them in pig tails and found a new way to do these kind of Malice Mizer Mana double poofs!


^_^ finally a picpic of "Viki feel better" necklace XD

Finally convinced myself to buy this lip stick, I'm surprised, it is EXTREMELY moisturizing ^_^ and sparkly!

Amazing, Jaden Smith has definitely made his father proud!I feel that the acting was great the story if you do not compare with the original karate kid, its a good story. Gorgeously shot in China

Sweet BB

The day started very slow.
First off I was fixing my resume, and then doing my hair. Waiting and waiting for BB to wake up. I'm tired of waking him up. He should learn to fix his own sleep schedule.
Finally he awoke and we met up with Emerald and her friend.
We walked around together and found ourselves in Mimosa. BB bought me a necklace for no reason at all. I'll just take it as "Viki feel better" necklace. I found a gorgeous necklace for him too. A spade shaped pendent with skulls on it.
We dropped by Chicco for marzapone or something. Whole thing was cream. kind of gross.
Soon after Emerald and her friend had to go.
BB continuing to try and cheer me up brought me to Kobe

Unfortunately the table I had to sit at... had a very bad crowd. One couple wouldn't shut up and the other two just quietly talked to each other. The chef that was performing couldn't manage to hold any of their attentions, just me and my bf. His knife needed to be sharpened, his jokes had to be more natural instead of reciting. At least he did two tricks I wanted to see, volcano and lighting the table on fire. He forgot to flip do the other trick where they cut off the shrimp tails and toss the bits on their hats.
The food was pretty good. I like the drinks tho! they came in cute containers that you could take home.
I was thoroughly satisfied.

Finally out

I've been coping decently, since leaving the salon. It really does feel like I just got out of a bad relationship.

I've been doing pretty decent this week working out of my basement. Thankfully my regulars were willing to still come to my house instead for their hair services.

Bright side Shannon dropped by to pick up some hair stuff, and invited me out for dinner with her and the boys.

Emerald at Brioche

Met up with Emerald, to shop for her new hair color. After getting EVERYTHING it was already late afternoon.
We had late lunch at my favorite cafe.
I had
$15NY steak with mushrooms and salad
Emerald had
$15NY steak with mushrooms on pasta
I was so happy, as I have not bought a meal for myself since I quit my job. I've been trying so hard to not spend money on anything at all. If i don't need to eat, try not to eat till I get home sort of thing.
It was THE best gourmet type of meal I've had for a while.

BB and I

Me and BB waiting in line at Japa Dogs. The usual terrimayo and oroshi.
We bought our tickets as I was incredibly sad from being recently let go or I QUIT from the salon.
We watched Sex and the City and then walked all around Downtown.
I don't have much to say other then sort of depressed but happy to have finally be done with that salon.

As always including TV series and their first movie, They have always been covering women issues from divorce/flings/babies/trying to have babies/exploring ones sexuality/breast cancer/single life/etcetcetc
So this time they're finally covering everything they didn't married life/life after having children/new conservative culture compared to NYC/menopause/etcetc

Had some very obvious bad acting but at least it was all glitz N glam covering female issues.