Mei Mei

Unfortunately I don know when Mei Mei birthday is, I assume he's about a month two weeks old. At the pet shop they said he's a girl I had a look and thought he was a boy but didn't have examples in front of me so I guess I was wrong. Up until yesterday I had a good look at him, he is clearly s boy lol. I want to change his name but he's already responding to "Mei Mei" ....

When I wanted to get him I was so happy

When I got him I felt horrible feeling I couldn't provide for him (which isn't true) or not good enough

Now that I have him ... It's really a awesome feeling..

6% Doki Doki

What I wore
Angelic pretty and shoes by Jesus Diamante
To start off today, we dropped by Emily's place to pick up the camera! and play with Miyuki!
if you ever pick her up she does the ninja pose in the picture lol!!

We met up with Sally and Angela in downtown after walking around in PC.

We got to Caprice, pretty early ... I think maybe half hour too early?

No one was there (I didn't want to wait in line... I wanted to be first in line..)

So all of stood close together but constantly the homeless old young maybe senile people constantly talk to us.... Fearing if we tell them to bugger off they'd flip...

When the models arrived, they came over to me and we chatted just a short bit... I was so star-struck a dumfounded and just nodded and said yes to any question.... I feel so stupid I wish I had said something smarter...

Met up with old friends and made some new friends!!

Above: Linden Jin Charlene

Left: Helena +Sharon

We were invited to dance on stage with Yuka and Ami

We were trying to get picture with Ami and Yuka with out camera...
...Next thing you know when we looked up millions of camera's were flashing...

Angela Emily Sally

I was so disappointed that they didn't bring any merchandise to sell...
I can't believe they sold some stickers and button...
I really wanted something more to remember this by so I gave in and bought a button...
Just to make it more awesome I asked them to sign it! *click pic to enlarge*

Sebastian Masuda
I found out that he also is a DJ not only a clothing designer..
I think he said he likes colorful candy
As well as he likes beauty in Marie Antoinette and the director did come visit him at his store!

Finally Emily managed to get a pictures of us with out being pushed away..

Laduree France, Le Panier Seattle


Something I constantly dream about!
When I was in Japan one of my main goals was to continue my macaron quest! I went to Ladurée in Japan and was ... Extremely disappointed... A dessert I constantly dream of tasted nothing like, what it was described to me.....
So what's up with the pic? My cousin is ?% French! She recently came have from France and most graciously brought me a box of macarons! ~*tear*~
no one in my family thought that maybe they should of called me to let me know such treasue was at my house! Because the day I went home they were a day expired.....(shelf life between hours to 3days) so I knew what to expect...
I was super surprised to find even 1day expired, it was almost as described in papers. They were far more delicious then their Japan branch!! It was completely different! (expired macaron is either dried out crunchy or soggy mush inside because of filling) even though some were soggy it still was slightly crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside!

Le Panier

One of my longest time friend recently had a day trip to Seattle! I'm sure you can guess what she brought back!! She discovered hidden away inside "The Market" among many Italian stores a bakery, with a extremely long line up!
Did you know...
The Macaron cookie was born in Italy, introduced by the chef of Catherine de Medicis in 1533 at the time of her marriage to the Duc d'Orleans who became king of France in 1547 as Henry II.

Even though they were a day old .. It was pretty good! I say only "pretty good" because they are a day old, I imagine the fresh ones would have been even more amazing!

Im sick = (
Will post smth soon I hope

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Dessert Expedition: Sweet Revenge Patisserie part 2

April 15
In the early afternoon me and the girls went to Hycroft for a photoshoot for a close friends, graduation project.

After that we went for a light dinner and arrived exactly on time when Sweet Revenge opens!

Today dessert explorers
ME!!!! =P

boy! were they ever surprise to see us at their door step lol!

We were seated near the door, the couch was very comfortable but the fact that every time someone walked in and try not to stare or take picture was....
I think we ordered...
Flourless chocolate cake with a hazelnut centre and a hint of raspberry jam

We said: It's extremely crumbly and super messy...
Taste wise.. I guess its not bad!

Sweet Revenge Patisserie :: 4160 Main St. Vancouver, BC Canada
604-TRY-SWEET (604-879-7933)

and of course a teaser from Hycroft?