Redkin Show

I forgot everything at home. Thankfully Dez, lent me a bit of eyeliner.
If only I remember to bring my eyelashes! that would of been the final touches of my look.
We then rushed off to see the Redkin Hair show.
Got some new ideas and such. They promoted a new product, Wool Shake 08 that will give your hair so much grit that backcombing is easy as pie.

Darling Dizzy, you look like a sweet fawn.

Canadian Geese

I always saw the goslings, but I never see them in the nest or in egg form @.@
Found one today with young girl near the pond!

My first carving!

My very first carving
-can show it off
-can also hide it

Model: Hannah

Sweet Obsession

My dear BB, "likes" sweets but he refuses to eat it. That ! distresses me. BB watches me sweetly as I eat my sweets and even though I offer he declines.
I slowly loose my appetite and stare at my very adorable strawberry and cream short cake. Sadly since my BB is not enjoying this, I cannot enjoy it too... especially not while he watches me eat.

And So, I have bought him wooden sweets, and not he can fake eat it and I can eat happily ever after.


Happi Birthday Dez and Diz april 2

couldn't contain my happiness of giving her, her present. So I gave it earlier ^_^
I think its one of THE most waterproof mascara out there that does not flake and absolutely extends your eyelashes more then double (provided that you layer 3 coats on * after it dries each time*)

Down side,
IT IS that waterproof ! you will need a oil base make up remover and scrub or better yet scrape!

Poor baby! Almost all her doggie friends stood her up on her bday. However she did find a new bestfriend. A ball. Apparently she was so into playing with the ball she forgot all about meeting other puppies and everything around her. Including her own nose. She apparently she pushed the ball around with her nose until it was all sore, scraped and swollen.
For her birthday I gave her a dollie that has rattles and bells, the works~with a PLUS! the skirt on the doll crinkles, and Dizzy loves crinkly sounds^-^

I have never seen a dog love a toy this much ever! she practically sleeps with it in her mouth. She likes to bite and then head shake it. Apparently this one time when she head shoke the dollie. the rattle hit her head really hard. For a short while she was afraid of her own toy =P


Today is grandpa bday. i get right off from work rush home put on make up,contacts, and too lazy to fix my hair and so... i wore my wig. Got dressed and left the house.
Of course looking gorgeous =.= my grandma is making fun of me

Everything on her is fake, and her daughters(my aunts) are tagging along making fun of me. "oh she's wearing eyelashes, oh viki? is that a wig? ur contacts looks pretty"

-_- of course my cousin pipes up and points at my chest, those are real!

Tiny town of Japan


Went out with Herman today, took me to this empty parking lot?
*plays evil music DUN DUN DUN!*

There were these three little mobile hot dog thing stand?

left to right Takoyaki stand, Crepe, Ramen

We had the ramen stand first, there are no seats inside. Many options first of deciding on your soup base and then add toppings. My oh my! the waitor inside super cute couldn't help but be a little shy.. funny how in the picture his face kind of glows o.o

The ramen i got is standard miso, with chasu seaweed green onions butter and egg.

A+++++ and beyond! on the egg. Very few people can cook the egg perfectly, it must be some sort of advance skill. To cook only the white part and just barely the yolk @.@

Crazy huge Takoyaki. They have everything inside, its like 5 or 6 tiny takoyaki mashed into one really really really big one. Very good novelty value^-^

Clash of the Titans

so-so movie, love the beauty of the people and background and the CG. Not for kids under 12 deffinetly good for teens as they probably think the movie understands them?
as for adults its ok, not great not boring
the end is funny, "Mail order bride =) "

BB birthday

Leave it to my short temper to ruin my poor BB birthday.
At least I think he recover quickly?

It was unfortunate that April first is his birthday and everyone thinks its a joke and the fact it was a Thursday, i couldn't dress up =(

But at the very least we had a wonderful dinner at Trattoria, and a beautiful sleep after that.