I'm not sure why I haven't already blogged about this yet, I even have the picture edited ready to go to!

Initially I really liked Thierry, I loved that finally I have variety in macarons.
Here are so far what I liked
- filling is not too sweet
- delectable fresh fruit centre

After going for sometime I started to not like it too much. I'm uncertain on their desserts. When I say uncertain I mean like dessert is nice and airy and not sure if it wants to be a mouse or jello =(

I also tried out their real hot chocolate with a scoop of I forget? Raspberry or strawberry sorbet
I thought it was a pretty horrible item. I guess I didn't know what to expect as well. It is luke warm and extremely thick.

The macarons get to you after sometime. There is way to much food coloring to the point your saliva becomes fun colors. Even though in the beginning the chewy-ness was great, that's basically all they are about.
I am giving them a 68% on their macaron. It is only because there is actually far worse in Vancouver and they are definitely on the better side of the spectrum =)

The bakery itself is great! Beautiful and modern. A CD on constant repeat if you should stay for too long. The people there are fantastic! Cheerful helpful and always a smile! If it were not for that I would never go back!

Lastly I'm sure many of you have passed by it or heard mixed reviews about this place. It's worth a try !
Here are my favorites there
Blackberry macaron
?? Chocolate hazelnut taste like ferro roche macaron (shell is light brown with dark brown streaks on it)
Macaron of the day is usually interesting enough to try
Pumpkin soup with a drizzle of hazelnut is best on a crappy or cold day =)

Plaisir Sucre Bakery

Just my luck last Wednesday ! I manage to finally get my hands on macarons by Plaisir Sucre Bakery

Crunchy-ness 4/5
Chewy 5/5
Taste 4.5/5

I'm sure many people would have not notice them if they weren't looking for it or have knowledge that this bakery makes them.
They are a decently priced at 75¢ for a mini.

I also believe that they could be more crunchy if they were properly stored. They simply cannot go in the refrigerated glass display case with cake in there too!

As for the deduction in taste tyat was because.... Some of them (which ones I don't remember) was hard to distinguish the different flavours. Otherwise it wasn't overly sweet, you can taste a hint of the almonds and the ingredients are well sifted. So it wasn't lumpy to distract from the awesome-ness of that is Macaron.

Plaisir Sucre Bakery
2668 Arbutus
604 781 0115

The best I could do with messed up hair

It took a long time to get ready in the morning because of my hair. For those who don't know I cut it shorter.. And then the hairstylist took off an extra inch which I didn't want to do totaling at 3+inches off the bottom AND the worst part was the layers around my face. It started at my cheek bones instead of starting from my chin
Not only that when it came to combing a section of my hair he forgot to close his shears and basically shredded out a chunk of my hair >_<..
Needless to say I have short hair weird hime ish cut in the front and a chunk missing
I'm a hairdresser too and I can be understanding but the amount of mistakes is unbelievable.

On to a better note...
Today is a date with BB , I had to do his hair which sucked because he went and touched it up in his style -__-
We first dropped by Ganache. I got to try crepe fleur? I don't remember but basically cake created by layers of crepe!
I've heard about a great one in NY I think ??? I got opportunity to try this one instead... It was .... Not as I expected it to be like... I feel like there's plenty of room for improvements. I think I can make it taste better
I also had a black forrest cake which I have been craving for weeks. I basically swallowed it in a few bites like a piggy =P so no pictures of that

Next stop I drop by my favorite misc/furniture shop, "The Cross"

If I had thousands of dollars to spend I'd have them re do my room, better yet please redec my whole house too!
I picked up a small glass cake stand to put my random pocket change and random stuff on =D
BB also pick out a macaron trinket box for me ^_^ ***happiness***

I decided to drop by two places as well
Shu Uemura for fairy pink blush
Anna Sui for their table mirror

Now both items are seasonal and when I first saw them 2?3? Days ago they had only 2 or 3 left. I was hoping that by the time my will power had vanished that it would be sold out and I can give up ! =D
Behold!!! Everything I wanted was the last one >_< **watches money fly out the window**

Cin Cin dine out 1.20.2012

I've always wanted to go but ..,. It's pretty pricey there too! Me and Alice arrived first and the hostess sat us down at the bar to wait for our table. I was starving by this time and couldn't help but mouth wateringly stare at these pretty and extremely long bread?cracker stick in front of me. I had wondered with Alice if they were edible or for decor. I thought that maybe... they were high end substitute for peanuts at the bar =) until I saw the people next to me eating it, I knew for sure !

Commence the improper gobbling!

What I ordered (can barely remember)
Garlic soup
Pesto lamb pasta?
Panda cotta

The soup was my favorite however almost immediately after consumption I got heart burn. I can't have to much garlic and raw onions =(

The pasta came next, the lamb was cooked perfectly but for my taste ... It was heavy handed on the salt

Lastly I had the panda cotta, I know dairy items don't exactly help but by this time eating something cold and light was the perfect prescription !

My rating
Food 3.5/5
Ambience 3.5/5
Price 4/5

I had high expectations for this restaurant and perhaps because of my expectations I rated them lower then I should have.

Gothic Lolita wigs

I bought a wig off a company named gothic Lolita wig on Facebook. I was really excited to receive it but why?!
Communication 5/5
Shipping time 5/5
Actual item 3/5

In their description it was a blend with white and pink

What I got was a pink wig with 2 huge white streaks and white tipping

They stressed how blended takes more man power there for costing more

I told them about it, they didn't really respond =( not even apologetic about it (I would have accepted since its not a huge deal)
Which is too bad I was really hoping to try out other things as well

I guess at least it photographs well

Spoiled Rotten Jan2012

Bb is finally home! I can't believe he actually got the stupid Lama in the big size!!

Chinese New Years

Finally got my new set but I don't feel like its.. Festive enough... Looked more like Christmas then anything

As to why so many hair pics that's me giving up half way and changing which side the hair goes and which accessories to use

Boxing Day

Boxing day made some pretty bad damages, because everything I wanted is not on sale.

I nearly missed buying the naked pallet from urban decay

Mei Mei pet of the day!

Yes! That's right! My darling made pet of Day =D

Closing in on Christmas

I got my boys loads of Christmas stuff!!

Doing something rather then nothing

I think this was at Ajisai in Kerrisdale
They would have received full marks if it were not the fact they gave me a few uni at the base of the uni flower...that tasted funny and off color. They would not replace it or go ask the chef if it was edible.
They said to me :
"everyone was eating it today, they're fine"

If all the uni that was served today came from the same pod then it would be identical in health... In theory

If they did something rather then nothing...

December 2011

I manage to get the Pocky making set from bandai! I see these great things a while back and should by but didn't bother so now years later I'm looking for a discontinued product
Blah blah

For Christmas I made everyone Pocky! Dark Chocolate base
White chocolate drizzle
Candy cane sprinkles

Nov 2011

Finally I bought something specifically for Da Vinci ! Naturally MeiMei hogs it as well =(

Nov-Dec nail set

It's funny how I start off with pointing at this nail set and liking the base for it but hate the deer but I like this deer from this other set
And! I get shown some premise charms she has in stock
Blah blah I end fantabulously with this

Mei Mei and Da Vinci

At the end of October I have successfully introduced my two chinchillas. I must say .. At first it was stressful and worry some but I'm glad they now have each other

October 2011

Usually after my birthday rolls in a series of my favorite events.
Halloween Christmas NYE Valentines

Back to Halloween, I wanted to have a costume party, it's unfortunate i don't have the money =(

Of course that didn't happen!
Instead my festivity started and ended on my pets and nails

Happy belated birthday to me?

So I know that I am late to write my blog post nowadays, OK really late!

So let's start off end of September 2011

I had two parties .. A afternoon tea and a dinner.

I'm really happy lots of my friends came to share my most favorite day of the year!

But honestly it was a very brain tiring work out. Almost every other hour I contemplated on canceling everything and not bother to waste everyones time.

At the very least BB, being the most supportive person ever ! Help me move on from stress and enjoy the day instead.