Boxing Day suprise!

I have never had such beautiful brunch buffet!

there is even a small candy action in the waiting area. which included chocolate snowman scenery and instant cotton candy!

the food was amazing to say the least!

what better way to end the holidays then to stroll by the winter deco before they take'em down !

Xmas dinner

Xmas dinner was such a cheer up!
the company and food was great! and presents too! lol lol I had to win my presents!

2012 Christmas morning quest

early morning, I woke up to a text from my cousin to go look for a cake =D
and a present from here mum!
what an awesome day eating cake, chocolates and drinking pumpkin spice coffee

airport afternoon tea

The view at Vancouver airport fairmont is beautiful!

sugar makes the difference

Referred from a friend to this cute little tea tasting bar

What's a tea bar you ask? Its pretty much a bar that serves tea. You'll have a adorable hostess telling you all about the tea your drinking from location to how its grown and harvested.

Usually I drink my matcha straight; I enjoy it's natural bitter sweet and relaxing veil it puts over me.
Our nice hostess told me that it is usually enjoyed with wagashi (japanese sweets) and offered me a specific type of candy.
I've already forgotten the name of our tea. The only word I remembered was "Asahi" hehehe sounds like the beer doesn't it?

Anyways... The wagashi made all the difference, it melted on your tongue and coated your whole pallet. Thus when you drank this meticulously made potion, it made all difference. Indescribable taste.(Indescribable feeling, tell me princess sine when did you last let your heart decide.).

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Xmas surprises 2012

The first of my Christmas gift from my awesome friends!

And a secret admirer too? Never had flowers delivered to my work hehehe

what's your poison?

One of my all time favorite cocktails is " Blueberry tea"
mix of Grand Mariner, Amaretto and orange pekoe
its a sipper
the initial taste is like... crappy cough medicine
but as you go along it warms you up and has quite the fruity taste to it =D

try it if you dare
and tell me what you think of it ^_^

Portland and Seattle 10-121212

First place we arrived at was Tacoma -I could be mistaken- at a quirky place named Vinum coffee and wine bar.
Their food is nothing spectacular but well worth your money!
Next event: shopping
I did most of my shopping at this one fun novelty store! Found cute rings for all my close friends.. I hope they fit them..

Finally we arrive in Portland; lost and with a broken GPS... Naturally I am on edge of freaking out, good thing my friend has a leveled head.. Otherwise I would have died on the spot... Lost with out a map too...
and instead of calling downtown Portland "city centre" they called it "rose city"!
How the flying fruit would I know that ?!
In the end, we found our way towards downtown Portland. We decided to follow the bus tracks on the floor and that's when we found a bus to follow around.

So! Here's a tip when traveling and lost
If you follow the bus when in a big city it will most likely lead you near the city centre.

By the time we got to the downtown area we were crawling with exhaust and just trying to find a place to eat.
After some time , the only good looking restaurant we landed in was a cute place called, "picnic house"
The dining area reminiscent of a grand hotel lobby of some kind.
Service there is excellent; the food was not bad.

After eating and some random wandering, we decided to find a corner store for wine and junk food (and also attempt to look for The infamous Voodoo donuts).

Our map reading skills must be on high gear because we found it after a few tries.
The place is ever so cool! Their brick wall is sparkly gold!

Next morning we went to best buy, lucky me! I found and bought a new gps wire, thank the gods!
Morning coffee has got to be at 'Stump town coffee house.' I'm not too sure what they're doing to the coffee but it looks pretty neat!

Breakfast is awesome after coffee; it was time to walk across their hipster alley way towards 'Dan and Louis oyster bar.'
Their Portland chowder with epic bacon is not really epic... Nor was the rockafeller oysters.
However! The oyster they produce and harvest -so they say- were excellent!

Of courses... Before we could end our time in Portland, we had to have 'Vita' coffee from next door.

On the way back we wanted to stop at downtown Seattle. Took us forever because the stupid gps is not updated to their new roads! We were lost for such a long time.

Tired and exhausted, we attempted to find a place for dinner. Just our luck we spotted this "icon grill" that looked promising.
When we entered we were floored, there were X-mas decorations everywhere! 😊
The food was fantastic, we highly recommend the extremely well prepared prime rib.

Surprise! We had to stay a night longer. It was the safest option as my friend could not drive anymore.
We stayed at what looked like a dodgey looking hotel on the outside, but once inside it was quite nice, real nice!
First up breakfast and wandering around seattle market, and of course, a must is to have a look at the mummies in the ye old curiosity shop lol

To end off our state trip we had more raw oysters!

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Christmas Market 2012

Ahhhh another wonderfully tasty year at the Xmas market. This year I didn't buy much..
I forgot to eat bavarian sausages too!!at least there was the mulled wine lol

Friend in need

passing by

where is this delightful place?
sorry dear, I cannot say.

Sugary confections cover this space
even the fake Christmas tree
Is powdered with cute cupcakes!

Secret Santa 2012

Isn't Da Vinci in a festive mood?!
Too bad Mei Mei can't get in on that (he's in then bkg)

This year I signed them up for secret Santa, they couldn't possibly be disappointed by their Santa! Just look how fast they nom =D

Santa even got me a little something !

Thank You
Our Santa Clause!