VDO2014 - Edible Canada $28 menu


I can't say I had a positive experience there. First there was a RSVP that my friend had to change suddenly as I wanted to join. Whoever answered the phone at the restaurant was extremely irritated by the request if one extra seat. It sounded very apparent that we are a bother to him.

No matter we made it to the restaurant anyways and our waitress was fantastic. She recommended items for us, patient and helpful. We took a little longer to order because we were deciding on wine. 

Appetizer came in a timely manner.
Yarrow Meadows Duck Rillette +$2
Rougie fois gras, Saskatoon berries, Canadian mustard, pickled onions, crostini
It was very games and very oily..

It took about 15 mins ? To come 
Seared Lois lake steelhead
Fraser valley winter kale, wild boar bacon, roasted hazelmere farm sunchokes
The fish was done nicely the kale was cooked beautifully, over all it tasted very good

We were sitting for a while, maybe 20min, we were basically waiting for whenever it showed up. This is when the host decided to come tell us we have 5 mins left for the table we are sitting at. Not even in a polite way. He sounded like those spoiled children that constantly talk like "you know like ... Whatever..." 
I was very shocked. I told him as straight face as I could, that we haven't even had dessert. I guess from his angle we looked like we were twittling our thumbs and staring off into space.

Canadian butter tart 
Macerated raisins, chantilly cream 
It was super filling lots of sugar and lots of cream

The food was only okay and I had ordered a glass wine that I didn't/ couldn't finish and a appetizer that needed additional $2. This menu was $28 and the grand total was $50.
I don't think I ever had such bad service for $50, my waitress was great, but the host could have asked our waitress to politely ask us if we need the bill. Instead it was "like you know you have 5 more mins for this table, you know like when you booked this table you have 1.5 hr"

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