Ten dollars~

Today I was almost late to work so I had to skip breakfast

AND I over spent by 58¢ =(
What I got today

Pumpkin spice latte - $3.92
It is the perfect day to have an autumn drink to celebrate the beginning of fall <3

Roasted duck breast with blueberry gastrique pepper compote wild rice + veggies - $6.66
Devilously delicious!

The day to come..

Getting Ready For the day to come..
I couldn't get the nail set i wanted because by my birthday it would have grown out ugly =(
Instead i got these okay looking ones to get by till then... I'm so not use to it... doesn't have enough bling... I originally thought the picture of the nail set in the magazine was like a nude brown @_@ and pink spots apparently ... its nude orange with gold spots...
o welll....

on another note! I am finally having some success at the suji mori. I've got to admit I haven't really put my heart in to practicing to get the results this time and I'm surprise that I've tried less then 10times to get this I remember the first 3 times weren't the greatest following YouTube videos.

outfit run down
Dress Golds Infinity
Cardigan and shoes DreamV
Bag Bebe

Ten dollars ~

Hey guys!! I have decided to make a new tag!
"$10" is the name! Can you guess what's the game ?

I'm sure many of you have notice I really... really like to eat =P
So for the name of food I will sacrifice my non-existent shapely figure =D
I'm kidding lol!! It's really about what I can get for $10 during work days my breakfast and lunch money rolled into one =(.
From now on if you want to follow only these post "click$10 post tags at the bottom of my blog"

Today's $10 !
$2.58? Americano - Starbucks
$7.28 chocolate croissant and prosciutto and Swiss panini - 101 Bistro, Granville island culinary

I just cannot sacrifice the morning wake up call by Starbucks.. It just does it for me. Their coffee is much stronger then most local community corner coffee cafe. I forgot the reason why ...something about its bad for you... Smth smth......
Anyways! I need my daily fix !

the culinary school food
I notice they are trying very hard to make fancy food, It's not perfect but the price for it is.... Is very good for what is in it.