Thai explorations


I have never had authentic thai food yet. One day I'll fly there and taste the truth =)

For now, I only have an idea what I think Thai food should taste like.

Today we are trying Longtail kitchen in new west. It's situated in market similar to Granville island except there's a lot less of everything but is newer and has so much more flair.

Rotti seems a bit fusionized. That have condensed milk on it... I feel like it's missing peanut sauce and feels like Hong long street sweets too.

Pad Thai, nothing special, which I'm very disappointed.

Fried oysters, omg order this! It's so simple! But so delicious. Fresh oyster is always key but the batter ain't bad either lol. Now the sauce is really something. Its um..very herbally? Fragrant? I'm not sure how to describe it, other then it's what I expect Thai food to taste like. I don't know what authentic Thai taste like but in my mind it taste something like this.

Feeling lucky


I am starting to really like brunch, it almost feels like its more awesome then dinner!

Especially when there is afternoon tea =) with a side of steaming gossip (just kidding). 
But don't you think that when you have tea with somebody you feel closer? It's the opportunity to share secrets and sort?

Sometimes I think I'm pretty awesome and lucky, to have found this lego figure. Just the the other day, dear heart mention wanting that exact one. It's was the previous collection of figurines limited collectible blah blah lol so of course dear heart was happy to receive it. Are you surprised my love ? That you hearts desire you shall receive?

St. Patrick's day


St Patrick's day always seem so uneventful for me, and also a let down too...

Morning started out with seeing the doc and then having a light meal at Besties. I'm glad they got their liquor license, it's seems even more cooler now lol.

Did my nails on Sunday, you'll have to excuse my neglect towards my cuticles.
What I used  is
Dior ridge filler - petal pink as base
Deborah lippman - build me up butter cup, mermaids dream, boom boom pow
NPW nail art - jewel collection 

My favorite Irish beer is Kilkenny. It's very frothy and creamy, but the best part is how light it is on the tongue, not just in taste but in weight as well.

So here I am again with dear heart, and our friends have decid to no show. Are we that unpopular?  Anyways the funny thing is the same friend that ditched us last year, did the same thing again. She was all amped up to go and looking for best locations too, but in the end it was a no show.

I got over it eventually, besides we were in the same bar as last year and got the same table too lol. Seems like its becoming a tradition soon in 2 person world. 

Tapioca for Zephyr


Sometimes customer service is everything, or just human decency makes or breaks it. Originally I was at tapioca cafe, and I was seated at a small table. The menu was thrown at the table, which I ignored and politely asked to sit at the 4 seater table. She saids "those are for four people". I pointed to the table in the corner which had two people sitting at a larger table, and said that they're sitting there. Then motioned at the half empty restaurant with plenty of large tales. Now she is even more irritated and gives me the "are you stupid" tone and repeats "those are for four people". 
The only reason I am insisting on a larger table is because I'll be doing my taxes and I need the room. However because of her poor attitude and eye rolling is so annoying, me and dear heart decided to go to another venue. I as a customer do not need to go to a restaurant that gives me attitude nor do i need to rant and rave about it. The previous owner of this restaurant did not hold up well and the the restaurant crumble. Now, with a new owner and fresh coat of paint, it makes no difference when they have staff that show how clearly they hate their job. 

We took our business else where and went to try out Zephyr. The staff there are super happy what a huge contrast!
They are decently price, and have many mini dinner sets to choose from. Sadly NO MILK POT!
Their taiwanese popcorn chicken, is not bad. My favorite item on menu so far is the taiwanese meat sauce? On rice. I just wish they would have put more meat on top of the rice and a little less sauce. 
Oh and did I mention it's $4?

Jang mo jib with friends


I'm finally back here with friends. Now I can try the short rib hot pot thing. Honestly I have to say it isn't as good as the other one. However the cut of the meat is more enjoyable then pork back and shoulder.

So I think this place is only so-so for these huge pots. Though their bimbimbap is one my favorites around vancouver. 

Korean rice wine?? It's like 甘酒 but stronger in alcoholic content ^_^...
I like it a lot but the bad thing it is artificially sweetened =(... And I don't like fake sugar..

Anyways ..there are a few more things I want to try on the menu before I over dose from them lol.

Care package from Kimee


I finally got around to write this. I might have used up some of the items already but here it is! A lovely Christmas gift from Kimee! I've never received this many different beauty products before! It's literally all in candy colors! My favorite so far are the nail polish but i havent tried everything yet! Also, I cannot stress how useful mini brushes are. They don't take up much room in my bag too! However my main point is, the varietyof brushes can help you when your out and having a make up melt down! Thank you Kimee =D !!!

My favorite dinner


Continuation of the same day. I realize that I didn't depart to you the name or location of this cute and inexpensive place. The reason for that is sometimes I like certain things to be mine, especially when I like to share alot.

Let me tell you, that this place isn't amazing like a gourmet restaurant, but it has great prices, amazing TW carried chicken, and most of all the milk pot I adore.

Tapioca cafe 三年一班
1438 - 8388 Capstan way (@sexsmith rd.)
Richmond B.C.

Chinese potions part 4


I couldn't sleep till late again last night. It's the same as yesterday, lots of tossing and turning. Yet today I am just as energetic as yesterday. The healthy color from my face has vanished. Probably from the lack of sleep =(

Today when I made my brew I burned it. I am so pissed off, because I planned/times everything carefully. At the 1 inch water mark I still had 20 mins(also have to be back 5mins early to throw in the other pkg). I went to blow dry my hair and by the time I went to check there was smoke every where.

I didn't know what to do I just threw in water again and brew. My parents came back and I told them. Dad further stressed me out by yelling at me "I told you to watch it I told you!"
I don't need you to tell me, I checked often ! You don't need to make me more aware of how I feel. I suffer the consequences. not you. Thank you for further stressing me out.

Mom told me not to drink it, when herbs are burnt their property changes. 

I won't have a potion tomorrow!!

Michael Kors review


The only things I like from MK, is the iPhone wristlet. I finally received one of these for Christmas. It is very nice! It feels like it has a lot of attitude, but I realize I am not fond of cross body bags. It's sucks that there is no optional wrist strap.

It's now about 3 months and I have discovered the the leather on the inside has cracked. I'm surprised leather would crack! Did you know they have 1 year warranty!? (I didn't know !) I brought it back, and they said  they couldnt fix it, so i can exchange it for something equal or more value.

Honestly I don't like much from this company. It just doesnt suit me. What am I going to choose now? The iPhone wristlets colors this season is only so-so. However there is a bag that sort of caught my eye.

In person the stripes is actually lighter in color and the over all feel is less obnoxious. I had originally gravitated towards it but I felt like it looked a little hoochie mama-ish. Also at a price of $350 and not all leather i was put off. 

Of the many items in there, i still came back to this bag. Since the print is more muted it feels more like a "I've gone to a dessert oasis paradise and come back and this is my trusty bag that held everything"

Also it's part of the new line up and the bottom line is I can't find anything else. I might as well upgrade. 

The faux draw string fooled me into thinking the opening of the bag is small and will make finding items in this bag a hassel, but that really isn't the case lol. It is very spacious inside and has 4 pockets (I think one  of them is especially made for the iphone) It also has 1 additional zipper pocket and a key clip!

Chinese potions part 3



Last night I didn't sleep so well, it took me a while tossing and turning before I could sleep. I felt too energetic to sleep. Even though I may have only slept for 4hour, I feel energetic and cheerful. It is also quite noticeable there is color in my cheeks. Usually people tell me that I have a grey sick hue color. 

I've been using a ceramic pot to brew, and it is so much more accurate to time everything.

Chinese potions part 2/6


Not much happen today, I walked about downtown for a bit and sat down at Faubourg for breakfast. I had pain de chocolate, lavender earl grey macaron, and solo espresso.

I feel quite happy today, even though my head is groggy in the morning, and my body feels energetic. The results is that I feel like I can do many things today, like conquer the world... Or maybe just a few countries to start until my head wakes up lol.

Chinese potions - Part 1/6


I forgot to mention, there is no fee to see doctor only if you buy your prescription. If you don't want to buy the herbs it will be $10 appointment fee. For me I am prescribed 3 bags of herbs which will last 6 days for $27 ($4.5/day)

To make "Chinese potions" you take the entire bag of herbs throw it in a pot and add X ammmount of water and boil for 1 hr until 1 cup is left. You may also receive a small pkg of herbs which you put into the brew 5mins before its done. For me, I am to drink half a cup in the morning and another half in the afternoon, no later then 1-2pm

I forgot to mention the extras
- do not eat red meat especially beef (unless it is organic and hormone free)
- don't drink cool and cold things
- stop with the rooibos 
- be aware you may be emotional

I am so tired today it's not even funny. Today I am going to use the Chinese medicine auto brewing ceramic kettle. I thought it would be easier until the second time around, because I had measure how much liquid i had in the kettle and caught it in time to pour. However when I thought it was one at 1 hr I poured in the 5min pkg...idk if I screwed it up already..

Second round I let my parents watch over it for me, since they are very familiar with the process.
I ended up with only half a cup and I was so annoyed because

- it took 2 hours or more when I'm suppose to boiling for 1 (is this going to affect the meds?!)
- half a cup?! I'm suppose to drink 1 cup (if I salvage it with some hot water does that count?!)

Next time I'm going to just use a clay pot and watch it myself.

Dr. Douglas Moore - Chinese Medicine

On Monday, I went to a Chinese herb store for dried chrysanthemum flowers for tea. There we a saw Caucasian Chinese medicine doctor, which is very rare to see.  Apparently, he had been living in china and probably studying there for most parts of his life.

Meet Douglas Moore, a registered traditional Chinese medicine practitioner at Beijing Trading Co. Ltd.

Surprising, no? It's actually a really good idea that he speaks english english fuently, since I fail to express what's wrong with me in Chinese. Anyways, so why would I choose to suffer their crazy bitter concoctions? It's because they believe in healing you or more accurately they believe in balancing you from the inside out. It can't possible be any worse from where I am now!

I have a variety of problems
- constant low fevers
- always fatigued especially at the end of work needing rest 
- hard time falling asleep (and don't tell me it's because I don't sleep early enough, 130am is late but 130am - 930am ish is exactly 8hrs, no more and no less)
- crazy bloating and weight fluctuation 
- recently breaking out really bad

I can't remember what exactly he's said because I was quite distracted by one sentence he said. Here's the just of it maybe you can guess what im so distracted by lol.

Your Yang?? Is imbalance and your pores are opening closing at the wrong times. thus your energy comes out of your pores around the afternoon (he's talking about the fever and exhaustion, how does he know it starts in the afternoon??!! I never mentioned it!!) and the he tells me about what he thinks of my PMS-ing, I'm not going to go into detail about this and yes the doctor will ask you for every last detail about your period.

Meds start tomorrow wish me luck!

My energy is leaking out of my pores..... WOW I believe you up to that sentence, I still believe but you have to stop lololololol

Mondays haul - Can anyone dig up anymore info on teacup?


Here's my haul, I'm a little unhappy about it because I did not expect to spend that much money today =(

Here you can see the adorable teacups from Royal Grafton. It is really too bad they never gained popularity, because they didn't invest more into their designs. These particular cups are made around the 1950s. I can't find much information or a name of the series though. The only things I did find out was:
- it was made in 1957+ according to the stamp
- it appears to have 4 designs to this series
- registered design name?number ? 2025
- signed "Foster" next to art work, most likely artist, but who is Foster? 

Can anyone dig up anymore info?

Monday was so much fun


Well the day started off sort of late, with coffee at Musette. Obviously blonde me did not realize that I am at their newly opened second location. In which, I commented to the cashier, "oh you guys look so much like that bicyclist coffee shop some where else." as my turtle dove nudges me with a dumb smile, to indicate my blonde-ness.

Then I went antique shopping and according to some people, that is "junk shopping". To my horror and surprise I found a pile of hollowed out preserved mice, like taxidermy. Then I saw some feet! As I thought to myself "my! Dont those look like chinchilla feet!" I cleared some paper weights that was blocking my view and found a chinchilla. I felt very tempted to touch the ears, but was too chicken to do it. That's when the owner popped by, trying to sell me the chinchilla shell. Apparently, it was a collection owned by a professor. Regardless, if they are going to mutilate a dead body they could at least make it beautiful, just like the life-like taxidermied animals at the museum. 

Anyways I found two cute teacups made in the 50s (which I will tell you about in the next post).

I'm mainly in boonieland today because I am looking for dried chrysanthemum for tea. Did you know that when you are parched in the summer, that this is the best thing to drink cold? Add a touch of honey and you will be amazed by how refreshing this is, along with the fact that it helps vanquish acne!

As usual, in a Chinese herb store you will also find a chinese doctor. Honestly, I don't know why I listened to dear heart to see him, but I will tell you all about it in the next post. 

Let's party before the babe shows up!


My friend's bun is almost done in her oven ^_~ now before it browns we need to get together! 
Lots of food and beer for everyone. I tried a very interesting hazelnut beer, and I think it would make a great beer float =D.

The night ended off with a delightful cake from Ganache! A matcha mousse with mango, lychee and black sesame. At first, I thought the homemade strawberry icecream would go great together, but it was the worst idea ever. They both tasted great, but the strawberry icecream is a lot stronger than the delicate taste of matcha. I should have eaten it separately.

Spring 2014 nails


Deborah lippman - butter me up buttercup
Ciate -
NPW nail art pens - pastel set

Jang mo jib - robson


Finally!  I got to try this massive pot. It says it's for 2 people but that's hardly the case.

Gam Ja Tahng - 29.95
Korean traditional pork back and neck bone with green onion, onions, Asian leafy greens, chilli powder, crack wild sesame seeds, potato wedges in homemade soup served in a hot pot.

Honestly, it's gruesome looking at the spine, but when pulled apart, it looks more like rib plus a spine bit.. doesn't look so bad. Some of it is really tender, and some not so much. Overall it's pretty good, but what I really wish to orderis the  beef short rib instead... But that's way more pricey at $38.95.

Baan Wasana Thai


I have a pad Thai streak recently. So I did my research (haha!) and found that this restaurant scores 

93% - urban spoon
3.5/5 - yelp
4.5/5 - trip advisor

I really liked the skewers, because they used real meat. (none of that ground processed stuff)

However the pad Thai was super disappointing. It should taste good but can't you tell by the color? It's very pale ! It's lacking soy?oyster sauce? Something salty? Is authentic thai this tasteless? I've never had authentic thai, but I imagine it to be exotic and spicy.. Far from bland. I'm unsure why this restaurant has scored so high. Overall it is a nice and friendly restaurant.

Medina Cafe and Aquarium


Apparently everyone has been to Medina cafe, except loser me. I've seen it many times when I was in college, but I mis-took Medina as Chambar (I'm guessing they are the same owner). Now that I've sorted this all out in my head, here I am with the prince and princess.

Today we are having:
2 fried egg, braised short ribs, roasted potatoes, caramelized onions, water cress, applewood cheddar. Grilled focaccia.

It's a bit much first thing in the morning but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially when the egg yolk runs all over the braised succulent short ribs over a nice grilled focaccia. Can you imagine that bit of heaven with some gravy? 

I also had a lavender latte.

Make sure you are there early or right before last call because this tiny place is packed, including the bar seats.

Jellyfish exhibit! I think they changed the aquarium a little. I don't remember if I saw these guys last time. The spotted jelly reminds me of クララ from jellyfish princess anime. 

Here is a picture of the turtle eating sand, poor guy honestly needs a bigger tank. Hopefully there is a new tank waiting for him in their renovation plans.

Off to watch the oscars and a lot of food


I couldn't resist! I swear this is the last lama!!

Today's menu is a charcuterie plate (oyama sausage co.) and wine.
I've taken notice that their fairly inexpensive house made ham prosciutto is excellent.

Roast from Granville island. They always sell such good quality meat. I was surprised that this one had some gristle! I'm not sure if is was seasoned already by the company, but other than the tough inedible part it was very good.  All I know is some vegetables were tossed in and we were all down to watch the Oscars.

(Editor comments:  The roast is actually seasoned by yours truly, so that's why it tasted so good.  Not bad, especially since it was prepped quickly and then popped into the oven last minute while watching Oscars.)

Dessert is frozen strawberry yogurt. We all played around a bit and added beet/tomato/celery juice to it. It's a gross thought but it tasted okay!

Birthday location


Every year my birthday is very special to me, and I always try to make it as fabulous as possible. My special day contains two parties. One which my beloved lolita friends are invited for tea, and the others are my closest friends for dinner. 

Maybe we could go to this place for a snack and party instead of a birthday dinner. 

Alpaca Galore on FB


Today I met up with nice girly, whom supplies my lama fixes! I realize now I don't know her real name lol other then by her Facebook name: Alpaca Galore.

She's located in general vancouver and so if you ever wonder how I am accumulating my lamas, you can contact her through Facebook.

Today I bought these two. The purple is named Princess Lavender (LaLa for short) and the brown one was a present and awaiting his name still.  Ideas anyone?

Ra Ra and La La, aren't they cute??

Alpaca Galore has excellent service, and you always get a little treat from her!! Hehehe this time I got lama socks!! She's very kind and gentle so don't hesitate asking for specific lamas.

Rain or Shine


Rain or shine icecream

It's a cute place! It is an au natural, local and freshly made ice cream. There are so many specialized shi shi places, I love it! It's like, back in the old days, where you only have one profession and you are damn good at it!

One of the recommended items is the balsamic blueberry. I know it's odd, but the sour-ness really intensifies the natural blueberry flavor. The natural taste of blueberry is like a shy a girl, it is too often and too easy to fake it.

Now, if you can't decide which flavors to choose, they give generous amounts to taste. Thank goodness the server has patience because after all that tasting you can order an ice cream flight. You can have it all and not OD.

Guu-ing maybe addictive


There's always something new here! Today they have tuna and 7 friends (usually the salmon version is available only at gastown location) which is one of my favorite dish. So what is the cute little pot in the back? It's a tofu making set. We over cooked it, so it was bit rough and quite firm.