yet another fabulous dinner by none other


Yay!!! another fab. dinner by my awesome friend, Gordana!

I forgot what the first was .. smth baked cheese
white wine stew smth
cheese platter
and dessert

the hi light of the night, is Rudy breaking the bathroom door and all the house handy men came running, could not put it back together again !!

Christmas nails

nov. face of happiness

Las Vegas bestys


since my dear bestest friend is leaving me forever. she had decided that we must go for a trip!

very conveniently I caught the flu a few days before, and literally dying through out the trip.

During the trip i also ran out of medicine too! stupid me , must of been the fever! I had notice the night time cold medicine did nothing for me and also I did some reading up on the medicine. for whatever fucked up reason it has lesser dosage and fewer drugs in it. I would appreciate to be able to sleep when consuming the night time version. oh right! the stupid thing is.. I had asked the doc if it is okay to eat the day time one instead of night..and she gave me the okay, and explained it just doesn't have the sleepy effect, that's all. so that night I went and bought a day and night time flu meds! oh!! why would I buy the one including night time ?!?! stupid stupid stupid!!

it had failed me one night(and i am dumb enough to eat night time version!) I could not stop coughing through out the night. I ended up loosing my voice the next day.

I wish I could of enjoyed the trip more. I had to retire back to the hotel earlier then everyone else, the fever was off and on through out the day.. every time it just zapped all the energy I had.
good thing besty is a nurse and monitored me through out the trip.

I didn't take many pictures, but at least my friends did and compiled them together ^_^!

I didn't end up buying much there
here's my hauls
shoes - this desperately needed but did not want to pay more then 100cad for a pair, and nothing looked good in Canada
bag - impulse but I don't even like Le sport sac but this was different..

the one thing I didn't buy and now regret: is the bacon ornament. I should of got it !!!

Halloween 2012

boy was Halloween ever eventful!
It's been quite boring ever since I got tricked into growing up.
Young adults now a days go clubbing because old ladies look down at us for trick treating =(
So instead go drink and dance until you ear drums pop...
This year was nice! I got invited to two parties =D
and they're like sort of house parties..
I'm glad I got to do something this year instead of nothing

my extent of cooking from scratch

Well you know me! I can't cook even if my life depended on it.
Mom has been bugging me to cook something and I said I would but I didn't say when. So one fine day I decided to give my go at it.
Unfortunately my beloved store no longer exist and I'm not sure if I can order online?
I don't see them on arbutus St. any more =(

First thing that came to mind was I got this wonderful black truffle sauce form .... whole foods?
I only knew that it was FANTASTIC with brie on crackers...
practically devoured sample table at the grocery table... oh so lady like of me...

so i searched up what I can do with such thing... apparently the only thing I found was it goes well with any cream sauce thing.
top suggestion was pasta (i don't know how to make pasta from scratch... i could open a can?)
i don't even know how to make cream sauce FML

So with my decision i further researched on how to make cream sauce... i figured I'll buy fresh pasta at the market and some how make a cream sauce and broccoli? asparagus? and pan fried chicken?

After a while I decided it would be pretty to do criss cross? weave? sliced asparagus on top of ravioli!!
and put chicken on top~

I must be lucky because Gordana (amazing chef and mom) drop by my work place. She basically told me how to make cream sauce
(i felt so dumb)

fry/soften some onion
add soyu
add cream 
maybe starch
and pour on top of pasta

and then I also found cordon bleu at the market all wrapped up for me to bake =D

by the time I finished cooking we were all so hungry and gobbled everything up before I could take pictures

I also forgot to put salt so the truffle cream sauce tasted bland....

and also because of timing ... somethings were cold by the time i started to plate..


my last part of my birthday was a dinner, with my bffs and bfs. 

the restaurant was nice enough to let me decorate my table with pink and white rose petals and jars of tea lights.....
the bread basket was amazing!
my new favorite place =D

now who doesn't like presents???
I love presents, especially cards because I keep them forever =D
just in case you didn't know the bags/boxes are empty


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My birthday ! one of my most favorite time of the year !!!!!!!!!!! This year I decided to try out Patisserie Fur Elise.
I've followed them from when they first appeared in the bakers market in the village =D
Though I am not a fan of their macaron I can say that they're food speaks otherwise.

I actually quite like their store. It's beautiful elegant, the girls have a very modest uniform their manners are impeccable ! and gracious. I feel they've chosen their staff wisely!

On to the food! by now I don't remember which one I didn't like. I liked everything except one savory item, the jello cube (too sugary for my liking not that it isn't good) and the macaron.

Crunchy-ness 1/5
Chewy 2/5
Taste 1/5 (because I got all the floral scented ones... which I don't like)
Over all ?/5

I will most likely try again and properly grade it with something non floral

Patisserie Fur Elise
847 Hamilton St.
Vancouver BC

la petite cuillere

lovely Karen hosted wonderful tea party at la petite cuillere =D

I had their petite tea service, I'm not particularly ecstatic about it, but this is a wonderful place for a small snack and a drink to laze away the afternoon

never cease to amaze me

i don't know how you manage such amazing feats

Famous Warehouse

baja fish tacos, mushroom jack burger, nachos for one

Famous Warehouse
This place has always been a favorite of mine, especially through college.
My all time favorites of course is wings night! 15¢ wings pretty hard to beat! I could spend back then $10 max $15 on wings and A drink. 

Anyhow since college days I've recently visited the Warehouse again =D
to my surprise! they have renovated  the kitchen. Between the bar and kitchen, its like two completely separated worlds. The moment you enter the other half of the restaurant, you can see the kitchen, its like a professional gourmet clean quick paced kitchen!
Of course this recent trip is on a Wing Wednesday !
Peculiar though... our server told us there are no wings that night something about "shipment didn't arrive.."
Fine with us so we order fish tacos, mushroom burger, tacos
at the awesome price of $4.95

However as soon as our food arrived, the tables around us were being served wings. Of course I'm annoyed! I'm here for wings! I wouldn't have ordered food if I could have wings. I tried to explain to another waitress that the other server should know that there is wings being served! I got hushed by my friends -_-...
we ordered wings anyways...

Baja Fish Tacos
cajun seared white fish, roasted pepper, chipotle mayo, sweet roasted corn salsa, crisp shredded cabbage, lettuce, fresh cilantro, soft flour tortillas
This was really good and odd at the same time, figure four tiny taco isn't going to be filling but it was and the odd thing is! it kind of feels healthy!

Mushroom Jack Burger
premium Alberta beef, sauteed mushrooms, gravy, macho sauce, monterrey jack, toasted brioche bun, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickle
Again with the small portion but if you measure it properly this is one serving, how people SHOULD be eating. For the price of $4.95 it's perfect it's sets the bar so high for a burger. It is very tasty not greasy like fast food joints (burger that would cost more then $4.95) it is filling. Has that nice meaty beefy taste to it.
Love it.

Nachos for one
fresh nacho chips, cheddar and jack cheese,, bell peppers, onions, jalapenos, fresh salsa, sour cream
standard nachos, like they should be! you would be amazed how many places can @#%# up something so simple. If you want to play it safe, this is safe =D

Come on Down for Good Eats and Good Music.
Hours of operation: 365 Days a year.
Mon: 11:30am – 2am
Tues: 11:30am – 2am
Wed: 11:30am – 2am
Thurs: 11:30am – 2am
Fri: 11:30am – 2am
Sat: 11:30am – 2am
Sun: 11:30am – 2am
Downtown Vancouver
989 Granville street | Vancouver, BC | V6Z 1L3
Vancouver, B.C.

(I just realized they close at 2am! now i know where to grab late night snacks =D! )

The French Family

Recently my dear friends that are originally from France (but now live in Canada) just touched down back to their Vancouver home =D
they brought along goodies! only things that I could only dream of! they texted me to come over immediately after work the next day. I was in such a hurry leaving I even took a taxi. Gordana (the mom) is the most amazing cook I have ever met, everything is so tasty and coincidentally SUPER scrumptious. I can never praise her enough. I wish I knew how to cook just like her. Simple healthy fast and easy!
Dinner was a weird sausage in panini bread (i know it sounds weird but it's soo good)
there was also cherry tomatoes that she splashed a bit of vinaigrette and olive oil? 
cheese and bread 

actually i could go on and on about her cooking she made a vegetarian pasta with heirloom tomatoes that made your mouth water as if it was steak~
the ricotta dip, or the tuna something lemon zest to put on bread.

okay okay
they also had Rudy and Chen over for dinner
which is always so fun because Rudy has such a potty mouth =D!!!

great food amazing company and adorable kids!
oh I am so jealous!!! they're adorable little red heads! I love red heads! 
If only i could have red head kids!! or if I could be one! (tried on my hair, didn't work)
these two kids could never shame their parents they are brought up so well.
there's attitude but it isn't in a negative way  

(near the end of the night i started playing with her daughter's hair)

sheesh i need to stop, I'm so glad I've met and are friends with such wonderful amazing people

here's the greatest part! after dinner was chocolate tea, and macarons from Laduree!
one was chocolate and the other is salted caramel
along with some choco malt? meringue 

they told me all the wonders of Paris and I day dreamed through their pictures, travel guides and fun stories.

Guu'd Lunch

I don't understand why lunch ends at 1:30 at Guu Thurlow, I wake up around 12 ish(which is noon right?) and by the time I get ready ad out the door and arrive at Guu it's 130 maybe later!why can't it end at 2 or 3?

I really like their lunch menu, mainly of grilled fish. Let me tell you I don't usually like fish. This is some real fantastically cooked fish!

I use to only eat the curry because it was safe, now that I've expanded to including grilled Saba. It taste a lot better then eating curry every time! Now onto eating grilled Saba every time lol 

Guu Original 
  • 838 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6E 1W2
  • TEL: 604-685-8817
  • Lunch
    [Mon-Sat] 11:40 - 13:40

Save on meats

 Top to bottom Open sandwich with fried onions and steak, Tomato soup, turkey pot pie

I found out of this place on TV. Diner Drives in & Dives. I recognized this place right away. I always thought the neon piggy sign was cute, and thought it must be a really crappy place selling discounted meat (not in the nicest area in town). Boy was I ever wrong! Apparently it re-open with in these few years, revamped and everything. Just because TV is showing it to me and it's reachable why not try it out =D

Open sandwich with fried onions and steak
It was a daily special and I very much recommend it!
add a bit ol' ketchup it makes a difference

Creamy Tomato soup
the rainy day cure
I'm surprised this did not make it on the episode, this is THE best thing I've eaten there so far!

The burger
The best damn deal in town & save on meats original claim to fame! our burgers are made with hand ground chuck steak and fresh herbs in house everyday
topped with our buterh shop bacon, melted cheddar, smoky BBQ sauce, tomato & lettuce. Served with choice of fries, mash, coleslaw or green salad
This was also show on TV, I expected something gourmet for some reason. I'm not disappointed, it's a very good home style non processed burger..

Smoked Turkey Pot Pie
As seen on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives. Winner, winner turkey dinner. Served with choice of mashed potatoes, peas & carrots, fries or green salad.
Its not bad not great, I still like the soup a hell lot more!

Doesn't get more comfy than this. Served with choice of mashed potatoes, peas & carrots, fries or green salad.
Chinese cuisine also make a sort of meatloaf but is steamed, this reminds me of it but baked with crunchy goodness!

 Banana Split
You've earned it. 2 scoops of vanilla with hot fudge, fresh banana, whip cream cherries & walnuts 
 oh yes! the cherry on top (didn't eat it the cherry) hot fudge apparently is in house made, has this amazing crunchy stuff in it! I want more! I was surprised it didn't come like the generic type you know the strawberry/choco/vanilla , banana split!

Save on Milkshake
Surprise flavor
I have no idea what I drank, i think it was chocolate strawberry shake, it was very filling, good, and I'm very surprised =)
Daily Cookies

Chocolate Bacon cookie
 This is one of those things that make me really wanna try it (one of those things you've gottah try.. like the bacon sundae)
I was kinda dissapointed I had no bacon chunks I could not taste any bacon at all
It tasted like chocolate chunk with nut cookie, I phoned them back about it, they told me I might have gotten a unlucky one that I'd get a good one next time =D
they told me it's made with chunks of bacon and bacon fat

Things I still want to try
Tuna melt, Reuben,  Apple Brown Betty, The knickerbocker glory sundae

 Save On Meats
43 West Hastings St. VAncouver BC Canada
open 7days a week
Diner mon-sat 7am -10pm
Sun 8am -10pm

bird that likes me

Finally a bird that likes me! Yes he's a parrot =D  
why I say that is because I sort of had a bad experience with this one parrot. where it really liked my boyfriend. Even through the pet store cage! every time I put my fingers to give it some scratches and pets, he'd snap at my fingers. My boyfriend told me I'm doing it wrong, and grabbed my hand and put it close to the parrot. While my boyfriend held my hand the parrot looked really confused and sort of ever so slowly tried to bite me....

On to this little guy here, not very loud or screeched like some of the larger parrots at the store. Extremely affectionate. I really wanted to take him, I don't have a affection towards parrots but I like animals that like me ^_^

I found out later that night, it was the same type of parrot I had liked at another pet store which named them "Meyers parrot" and this pet store named him "brown headed parrots"
They're suppose to be the same type of bird....

End of summer

I've been eyeing this dress at  Juicy Couture for some time. I didn't dare try it on. Why bother? I probably couldn't afford it anyways!
So now at the end of the season I saw it for sale, "why not try it on?" as I said to myself while the sales was trying to convince me it's a huge sale

YEA SO MUCH FOR SALE! after discount it's still $500CAD 

holy mother of sweet Jesus!

on top of that I realized that if I don't stand like how I did in the picture I look very frumpy. Its like Angelina Jolie and her leg =D

Mei Mei in a comic

oh Mei Mei! you adorable self you!

Secret Location

I found this restaurant from luck I guess, because I randomly thumbed through some Japanese magazine and saw some pretty pictures!

I think it's a fairly new restaurant because I haven't ever seen it before. Funny enough theres no label on the outside the restaurant that there IS in fact a restaurnt inside. Confusing no?

the restaurant is called "secret location"

 I've been looking for a restaurant for my birthday and I figured "lets go try it out, it looks like it could be the one"

I forgot what kind of drink I ordered, it simply put - tasted nasty
i remember something about elder flower in it..

Grilled AAA Beef Striploin
Potato zucchini galette, corn pudding, fava bean and pecorino stuffed squash blossom, peppercorn sauce
I dont understand why there is soo many tendions in my striploin, I could not chew threw it. They were very heavy handed on the seasoning,

Smoked Porcini Crusted Tenderloin 
Onion cracker bread, shaved tenderloin, fig compote, and crispy onions.
I think that's what the square meat is. This was under seasoned but it tasted a lot better then too much salt.
 it was very bland, not the greatest or worst

Chocolate Praline Crunch
 Rice Krispy Praline, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Chocolate-Caramel Cremeux, Caramel-Hazelnut Mousse, Cassis-Blackberry Sorbet, Lime and Blackberry Coulis, Blackberry Compote
this was the best out of everything, not overly sugary and extremely well put together. i thought it was very funny that there was rice krispy in it!

Over all I had expected more from this restaurant. I may come back in the future to see if they have improved. The prices are quite reasonable. Their service is impeccable along with their outstanding, beautiful modern decor. Alas, they along with many restaurants do not allow outside birthday cake, they didn't decline me as gracefully as some have, but they did do it as nicely as possible.

Sadly I cannot have my birthday party at place that has so many no's

1 Water St
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2H9, Canada

Thierry update

For some reason I think I've done 2 other past Thierry Chocolates reviews on their macaron.
Any how I've went back and gave it another shot. I'm not sure why I was compelled to.

Here's the recap
First time- " it's amazing, no other macaron place has produced chewy macarons!"
Second time - "they have not improved, all they have is sugary super chewy and jam packed food coloring in it"

THIS time.
I am pleasantly surprised. Its either they have improved OR I just haven't tasted it forever. They have finally put a little less sugar but still on the sweet side. On the colorful side they put less food coloring which is great! before, it had so much color, that it looked more like an object then food. Your spit will still be colorful after eating but not as vibrant as before. Just my luck when tasting, they seemed to have added more butter in the filling? It taste much more amazing and amplifies the fresh blackberry inside, making this macaron ultimately not a sugary thing anymore, but a pastry.

taste 85%
texture 70% (just need more crunch)

1059 Alberni Street (Thurlow/Burrard)
Vancouver, BC, V6E 1A1
604 608 6870

Helena Birthday

The day started with me arriving about an hour? or few? way too early =D.
I spent the time exploring stevenston. I found this one store which had the cutest candle holder (useless no?)
Plus I had to go back (because birthday girl + everyone else was going to be half hr+ late) so I had to sit down first. Did I tell you I got lost?
Isn't the place adorable? =D the tea house is called Adorabelle Tea Room. On the ceiling was the Eiffel tower in the point of view - looking up at it.
 Finally the beautiful birthday girl arrives~

 Afternoon tea is $23/person
for the price it's amazing, I have nothing to complain nor compliment.
Though my most favorite was the strawberry because it was the most beautiful!
Adorabelle Tea Room & Gift Shop
12051 Third Avenue
Richmond, B.C. V7E 3K1

Phone: (604) 241-1947



Here is the best picture of everyone ( michelle is holding the camera =( BOO!!!)
It's really nice that Helena planned for a small group outing. It's the first time I felt, wow ! this group is talking together. There is no one person focal point. It's really together! I hope Helena plans more of these =D

Happy Birthday Amazing Girl!

Marciano Fall Launch

Sally coordinate, accessorized, hair and make up courtesy of me =P
A few times every year, I'm invited to the Marciano seasonal party full of alcohol shopping and fabulous food and people! This year  they invited to highlight whats in this fall. Along with making the party even more awesome by making everyone a faux magazine cover.
The item that caught my eye that day was the already out of season wide brim sun hat, I thought it completed my outfit. However I do imagine that if the base color was black and the stripes were white and part of the brim was a semi opaque stiff black material, it would match me even better !

Sally found a power suit for interviews and work which we had to wait forever for. We had pay parking twice just waiting for her to try on the dress. She also bought a very fancy subdued maroon dress with a thin waist belt. Both dresses with a wow factor =D
best of luck job hunting with your new power suit!

What is a party with out swag?

Sally's Birthday

 First we all started our adventure to white rock with cream lollipops!
 Arrival at afternoon tea. I was surprised that the savories were on top of the dessert! no matter! the price was well worth the amount you receive!
Make a wish Sally!
 To mark her special overcasted sunny day we all had henna art done =D! and they thought it would be painful hehehe!
Happy Birthday Darling =D!

In time

after work I was inspired by the movie "in time"
to do something after work with the extra paid transit time I don't use.
( what that means is I used pre-paid tickets, from the moment I use one I have 1.5hrs before it expires)
I wasn't very hungry so if I went home I wouldn't be doing anything but have a snack nap and play with my chins then go to bed.
Any how, I went downtown to look for shoes. to my dismay, pacific centre apparently closes at 7pm on summer Saturday night. (they use to close at 9pm every summer day)
I wanted a pair of heels that would match my birthday dress, something rough edgy hardcore? no! ... intense rock and roll glam

I'm not sure why I'm constantly attracted to silvery glass/crystal shiny heels but that doesn't fit no matter how I looked at it.

I visited the piercing shop hoping for some good edgy shoes which I saw some ..but then.. I didn't have my dress with me =(

I was hoping that a louboutin pair would catch my eye heavily, I was prepared to pay for these. I looked they caught my eyes but wasn't what I was looking for =(

I ended up with this pair from aldo that I spotted late spring (but was sold out in my size). they had apparently new half sizes!
I wouldn't say they are the most comfortable heels ever but they fit sort of what I was looking for.

it's better then me going out and buy a plain heel order loads of crystals in every size, hues of black and spikes and then glue it on to only find out they start peeling off. Even with crazy glue!

the rest of the night
I spent time playing with meimei and davinci
did laundry showered Facebook surfed and photoshopped some birthday pics of my friend

I think time well spent isn't it?

Da Vinci

he's starting to tolerate me more and let me sort of give him scritches.. he's still quite snippy and whole lot of attitude

maze house

I went Eco friendly and recycled a box at work in a toy house for my chins!

shangri la

I recently got my chance to go to the shangri la hotel for their afternoon tea.
the restaurant decor was so so and I don't fancy their western take on Chinese people with that a side everything else was nice.
their tea set wasn't prettiest, interestingly enough it reminded me of Versace epic shower room..
now on to the food:

food 75%
There were 3 plates, I liked 2/3 of them. they were pretty unique, especially the savory tier ..even though it is savory it is incorporated with fruit. which IMO is probably really hard to do well =D
why 2/3? because the sweet tier could not compare to the other 2... I didn't like the cookie the most. I had expected more in quality

service 60%
the hostess wasn't at her pedestal when I arrived, security had to go get her in the back room, at the time there was only one group seated and already served... she has reservation list and should know when she should stand outside.......
anyhow she did her job, served us, told us what we were eating and poured our tea. I didn't really feel like I was serviced...I'm not sure what I could say more but some people when they serve you it feels like you have been served and greatly appreciated and taken care of

ambience 80%
it not that it isn't pretty, just not my preferred style

Macaron was fail i can't even grade it

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

Another beautiful day at Rocky mountain flatbread and co. if you ever want to eat out and be healthy and support w/e you live, it's restaurants like these you want to go to. Fresh local and organic food. I never really like vegetarian food but this please it taste dam good!
This is what me and my friend John ordered (he's chosen to be vegetarian)

Fresh organic green leaves, brown mushrooms, mango regular 
and roasted red bell peppers tossed in a basil &blackberry dressing.
-this salad makes me want to make it and have it every day, hits the right spot on a hot sunny stuffy day!

Topped with a combination of four to five seasonal local and
or preserved vegetables, three herb pesto & Capriny goat’s cheese

Brown mushrooms, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes,
goat’s cheese & fresh chopped herbs
too much goat cheese that it took over the other flavors... luckly they only put a load in the centre

Lastly there is a lunch combo so have a look there. Pizza and salad combo $15
you might be full after eating that between two people !

Main street location
4186 Main St. Vancouver
tel: 604 566 9779
10am - 12pm
11:30am - 4pm
4pm - 10pm
10am - 2pm
11:30am - 4pm
4pm - 10pm