Hair Days

As you can see, not the piecey looks i wanted but ......... not too bad either, another usual hair do i already know how to do T_T i want to do more!
models where are you?!
I was at a family dinner. Food is great blahblah
Main issue. I don't know what it is that I deserve to be treated the way I do by my cousins and especially my brother. My mother saids they are just teasing you. Teasing me is one thing and then insulting my family, my mother my father and my grandparents is another thing. Let alone insulting me.
It hurts. What did I do to deserve their petty insults. Including demeaning comments. Is it because I don't fight back with you?

As for my brother he has no respect at all for anyone or responsibility for other peoples lives. Even when I scold him he probably hates me. Maybe it's a phase? But I wasn't as bad as he was. For whatever reason it is, my parents feel they can trust him more then me. As i point out to them, that he's getting out of hand, I was never out of hand and that he deserves some sort punishment for his bad behavior not just letting him do w.e he pleases...They said they never punished me, but I never needed to be punished!~ I never skipped class for the reason "because i don't want to" and other things.I may have been rebellious, but never was I reckless and irresponsible like he was.

Sometimes I wonder what is going on in those heads to think of such things to say to me. Does it make them feel empowered? or does it make them feel cool because they can pick on me?
The uncles and aunties teased me but it was at least lightly not mercilessly. What is up with this side of family like this? treating me like so? My beginning entries was also about them...
So cruel..

I dont remember what the insults were other then one that really vexed me. Everything is blocked..........I wish I could remember

It isn't like I said much? Anyways I'm glad Stanley came to the rescue, he came by picked me up for dessert. I so needed a drink. mmmm baileys!

Models needed

Finally!!! A new ageha magz I've been waitin to get another one for some time now!!
… been feeling kinda crappy not being able to get new magazines for my hair clients -_-
besides ageha is only worth buying one every 3 ish issues, otherwise they all start looking the same
Which this one still does look a bit like the other ones!
On another note!

INEEDHair models!!
must be
- free for 2ish hours
- have at least just past shoulder length or longer hair
- must be open to any style updo to my choice

So why not get pretty hair for free?!
Why not get pretty hair everyday till I get the hang of it?!

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Shu Uemura 2010 winter

I was so late to Shu Uemura make up event thing.
Anyways I got these lashes cause well.. the hearts! of course hearts~!
Unfortunately when she put the ones on the top they didn't really stick up the way i thought it would. So I think next time i'll only put it on the bottom.
They also did this thing where they customize lashes with crystals and stickers @_@
I wanted one of the samples they made with a few crystals and bows =(

Met up with Scottie, he was super late. We walked around downtown again. I wanted to go to metro but since we were both late wakers, no possible way to make it there before close on a Sunday.
As we tried to think of a place to eat, we stop by various hair places. T_T why do they not make hair spray the good ones in travel size?!
We decided in the end we'll go to Guu wasn't big on it but how can I say no to salmon and 7 friends XD
I tried a new drink some sort of fresh muddled strawberries and some alcohol together. It was so pointless to drink. Less then 5secs. your straw would be stuck with some piece of strawberry.
Afterward I wanted to go for drinks so we stopped at the alcohol store near oakrdige but realized it was closed. So we decided to skytrain all the way to SW marine drive and saw the bus pass by.

Bakers Market

I could barely wake up this morning in time to text Abe that I'll be super late to meet up with him.
Really not much there, not too sure why they moved it from the original place as there were like maybe less then 20 bakers? each only covering one table and some covered two?
any how I didn't see the cute bear macaron, could you imagine my severe disappointment?
Top some sort of cake on a stick by Vanilla pod
Bottom macron peppermint/lemon by Buttercup
-still needs some work, it crumbles into sugar and the filling has crystallized into sugar
Right- they seemed to be not fresh as the shell has soften but I can tell the inside is cooked perfectly chewy, the best was Lavender and Rose by Fur Elise

We then went window shopping for gloves for Abe instead @_@ we ended up with him playing dress up at Urban Out Fitters

Gal Hair Show

oh i have so many new pictures to post but lazy and tired etcetc

today or well yesterday considering the time...
I went to the gal show really psyched about it but then T_T
severely disappointed, you'll see in the pictures -_-
they named it gal hair show T_T out of all of them I only say one gal hair style

with poof swept to the side and one side is twisted looking like a braid

well i can't say that was the only one there was another one which was like curly all over and pinned up here and there and a random poof poof on the back of her head which kind of looked like a turtle shell

really.... after a few more girls they went and pinned a pizza box to the sided swept hair girl and I think ? a bubble tea cup/straw thing in curly hair girl T_T

both colorings are amazing, maybe a bit on the solid side, they needed to add depth
and not to pretend to be .... modern? and pin a fucking pizza box on something thats already perfect T_T AND NO IT DOESNT MAKE IT CUTE IF YOU WRITE STRAWBERRY ON THE SIDE
maybe the way she was dress in a nice formal blue dress and fur cape-ish thing (kinda reminds me of something i wore... hmm.....)
that perhaps her hair would be better fitted with strong crisp black fishnet tulle fan with maybe soft white/silver or maybe a little bit daring purple ostrich feather fuz at the base.

I met up with Kim first and he apparently found his friends and eventually ditched me -_-
So any ways I made new friends and of course old friend, Shawna darling!
and Riyota? Iona?
T_T I forgets~
but they were lots of fun! I had my first tequila shots @_@ their not as bad as I THOUGHT it was going to be HOWEVER
T_T I had a huge headache when I got home as I was sobering, while at the club i couldn't feel my head pounding @_@ the music was more pulsating then my head

I hope to see them again!

On another note ^_^ did I tell you i'm going back to school?
hoping to take up English something certificate?degree?bachelor?
mom's really happy that I want to go back to school!
I was thinking, as i'm taking UBC transfer @_@ is it possible to take Japanese class as credit?

why that is any matter is because I can't wait to pick up from where I left off with Mayumi ^_^ THE MOST AWESOME TEACHER EVER!!!

left over pics
I almost wanted to grab the pin the from the stylist and pin the freak'n gigantic mess properly up, obviously it looks more creative awsome-ness with him holding it up T_T why didn't he just use a jaw clip kinda thing?
Kinda also looks like anna sui doesn't it? realize sounds a bit like a insult and it isn't, it looks good when your holding up the hair @_@

Second picture is nice not Japanese per se but it's good, something i've always tempted to try @_@ or alreadi did no pics because I failed

there's more but i feel lazy -_-


Friday 12 Nov.
So i manage to get into this part of the trip
(apparently i was forgotten to be asked to go along with -_-)
any how we went to bellview?
went to cheese cake factory for the very first time T_T they're good but I was disappointed BECAUSE i did not get a chance to eat cheese cake ....

We then went to Marshall , where I've discovered the new winners!
where everything is still new and not wrecked to the point for additional 50% off!!!!

I did finally found something ! Something I was a little bit against getting at first but when I think about it back then I wanted a similar one in white or the one with highlighter purple/black streaks

OBVIOUSLY this one looks more normal XD!

Why can't beauty be easy?!

okay slightly controversial, but here it is
beautiful women are beautiful is because they work hard for it because they TRY
OH ! and don't start on me about girls trying, telling me how girls try so hard they go anorexic
You know a good example of who tries? Lin some one I regard as a sister if I could of had one.
Have you read it ?
She's always out there trying to find the best money can buy (coincidentally as much as she can afford)
Do you think it's easy to scrape up money that you don't want to let go on extra things like this... because its not that it isn't worth it but deep down you think ... this tiny little tube... really 30$? ... really?!

If it isn't facial care it's hair care if it isn't that it's also general health too
Have you been sleeping on time? and the proper bare minimal 8hours?
Are you still eating junk food?or how about that wonderful drink, alcohol? oh so bad for your skin! or that pop! nice cold sweet syrupy sugar overload POP?!

So! when was the last time you had a healthy 3 meal day ? with the correct portions? and at least a bit of exercise wouldn't kill ya?

But that doesn't mean throw olive oil on your hair because its good for your hair! which is more loss then gain if you do that.
Reason: Now you've gone and made your hair water proof. Disgustingly oily isn't it? your hair soaks up very little of the good things from olive oil, but you might as well save your money and buy a hair treatment that uses chemicals to deliver the conditioning effects straight into your hair ! worst of all if you use olive oil it might make your oily dandruff worse =(

and to top everything off! WE all want to buy pretty clothing and accessories to completely the new beautiful you!
oh and lets not forget our pretty expensive manicures as finishing touches!

So why am I pissed?
I'm tired! why can't soap and water just make me pretty?

Here's my Face List

Shu Uemura White Recovery Brightening Cleansing Oil

Why I choose this
Oil base face cleanse, omg my most water proof make up doesn't even stand a change against this!
Not only does it take off my make up in seconds after I come home from clubbing and prefer to flop on to my bed it also balances the oil/ moisture w.e in your face too!

Shu Uemura -red-juvenus-vitalizing-refining-lotion
Why I chose this
I got this as a sample and it does what it saids but paying $40 for it, is way too much
During my Las Vegas trip of late night sleeping and early rising, while using this every morning. It removed all the oil (I skip washing my face in the morning by using toner provided u wash your face night before ) and face felt fresh, by the end of the trip my skin was radiant soft and supple....
versus... sephora toner @_@ it always leaves some sort of residue after..

Shu Uemura Red: Juvenus vitalizing retexturizing cream
Hallelujah! my skin is saved! I'm not so sure that I should be using such a strong moisturizer at such a young age as I'm not pruning yet @_@ but OMG I'm like radiant as if I'm pregnant! (not that I would know... yet!) Only one week, my skin came a long way.. I wore make up everyday too and went in the scorching sun and didn't drink much water maybe some alcohol @_@ and held like endless amount of chocolate and fried food buffet the works and by the end of trip ... skin was pretty good..

But all together the only thing I would be willing to buy of the three Shu Uemura items even as much as I love the toner/face cream (i got travel size samples) is the facial wash as I could only afford that *cries*

Icelandic Relief Eye pen with Biospheric Complex
It helps slightly with my dark circles but out of all the things I've tried. This is like the only thing that even made my circles BUDGE. I was looking for in expensive eye cream delivering lots of moisture as it feels dry there. Sales suggested me this as they didn't spend all the money we buy from them on campaign adds went to real research. But at 20$ that makes my circle budge and compact easy to use and carry around ( i forget to use in the morning, better off leaving in my bag) then why no? this little pen of 14OZ lasted me i think now... 3 months?

Viki's Hair List (OMG)
So you know being a hairstylist also get you perks to really REALLY up keep you hair!

For gloss and shine,
I do a hair color that has no color =P it's a gloss, you know how every time you finish getting your hair colored and your hair is nice shiney and soft? basically that's what this "gloss" is for. While your tree like hair flaps are open the hair color also has a conditioner molecule that's stuck along with the color molecule to go into your hair while door is open. So now i on purposely open the door and put in just the nice shiney stuff XD

Shampoo I don't have much preference for this as I only need it to be gentle and remove oil from scalp and hair spray. I use several different types or a blend of w.e I feel like, depending on the day and whats going on with my hair.

Redken Scalp Relief Oil Detox
It's for build up in the hair, you girls and boys the wax and hairspray don't come off easy, if it doesn't come off it's going to weight it down and its hard to style.
This type of shampoo isn't a every day shampoo if your hair is fried like mine. its like once a month thing? or every two weeks ? If your like my BB using half a can of hair spray every time doing his hair then.. maybe every time he washes his hair after spraying it... It's a very strong shampoo that strips wax/clay/hairspray or the ridiculously oil hair completely out of your hair. Beware colored hair! for it can also strip you out too!

L'oreal Professional Silver Shampoo
Once again not a everyday shampoo.. unless you want to.. for the blondes like me who refuse to go flaming orange and prefer ash tone then... this is for you. But when you reach lighter then me and you use it every day your hair will take on a tine of purple/blue.
This is the one I the most affordable and the smell is not so bad.
I use to like using A/G which is good but it was the wrong hue of purple/blue for me. I find this one much more effective
I use this maybe once every 2 washes? or everyday ... w.e I feel like... sometimes I mix a touch of this with my regular shampoo

Bumble and Bumble Mending Series
Here's where my perks kick in. When I work in a salon they always encourage to use their product, if I like it. Obviously I'm going to be a very good sales for it. Good for me Good for the salon. So great thing about it is: it's the new more concentrated version of what it use to be. More affordable then the past but still running from about 28-36$ each. Better then when it was like 50 -_-... gawd.. 50?! Okay not very conditioning shampoo/cond/leave in
and for some reason my scalp is itchy form it.. helps when i don't apply it to the scalp for long but after long time use no longer itchy..BUT BUTT!!! THERE'S A BUT! it saves your hair. When I was platinum blond my hair was just hanging in by a thread.... LITERALLY brush it the wrong way its like threatening suicide.
How my teacher got me to understand!
Your hair is like a ladder, every time you color your hair you break 20% of the runs
and then you go blow dry it unprotected and flat iron it curl it you break god knows how many more runs now your hair is just too straight vertical stick probably splitting at the bottom.
So what this does is, put in artificial runs of in a ladder! =)
not conditioning but saves your hair!
Now the masque is wow, what difference in formula since they started! very conditioning maybe that was suppose to compensate for it @_@
MIND YOU ! since this is full of protein which is good for your hair but too much your hair will become crunchy @_@

Redken Rescue Force Masque
RESCUE ME! T_T it's my weekly hair masque or more like every other day conditioner! If you want to intensify it, apply to hair 10mins under heat! JUST FEEL the difference.

Redken Anti Snap leave on
This leaven on treatment gives your friend ends a reason to live. Beware too much and you'll go oil. there is a reason why this in such a small bottle.

Bumble and Bumble Super Rich Conditioner
La Creme de la Comb - especially coarse, chemically-treated or generally parched - it detangles, softens, restores luster and spring.
That's what they said and that's what it does.. Generally Bb what ever they say it does. it will do. You don't have to worry about going out to try things when this company actually delivers provided you know you use it properly and if you don't they've got videos on their website to tell you HOW TO! Though on a side note.. give it a few mins before washing it off.

Viki Hair Style List

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Serum.
Little bit on watery side, never understood why they didn't make it in to a spray bottle -_- can you see the words really?
It REALLY makes your hair thicker give it about a month you will FEEL/SEE the difference. My bangs are thin and a bit on the sparse side to do the straight across bangs and of course using this I've got the cute thick and nice straight across bangs. They are certain that it doesn't wear off only when you cut it off @_@

Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion and Redken Hot sets 22
Redken22 Strongest hold they have and it's for heat protection.It's like sun screen for your hair. Instead of your hot tools burning your hair it burns that
Two favorite, styling lotion is weakest hold of the 3? of Bb hairsprays.
Why I would use the weakest one because! My hair is fried to the point of " I will do anything!" So I just need a light hold.
I like these because you can spray them in when your hair is wet. You can forget it about it afterwards............. so if next day you want to curl your hair! curl with no fear! plus it lasted me 3 days up do XD did you read that entry?Doesn't mean you don't finish off with a final spritz of finishing hairspray!

Bumble and Bumble Prep
make up you need a primer to smooth out the surface so you don't need to apply more product.
Same thing with this, it is less acidic then water, it's full of good stuff I forgot.. go look on their site.
You can never over spray using this.
What I like it for.
When I wake up in the morning and my bangs are a-walling , instead of water I use this
Second which is THE MOST IMPORTANT
Instead of washing your hair because you want to change your hair style, spray your hair down with this it will re distribute what you've already put in your hair, dry and re do w.e style you feel like~...
its like a wish in a bottle =P

Bed Head Hard Head Spray

Finishing spray to back combing spray, all I have to say for this is that it STAYS!

there was this one time when... my hair was literally falling down, i sprayed it all the way around my bee hive supported it with my hands in the back to push it back up and wait for the spray to dry, and when it did @_@ IT STAYED

Burlesque OPI

I don't know why I don't do it, I get a ridiculously early preview of hair / nail / beauty products that I can give reviews but then kinda broke for buy these extra things @_@ though I could do a donation box from paypal but then who and why would they help me??

Burlesque by OPI
I was already very intrigued by the collection when I first saw it maybe two?three months ago. I didn't buy it then as the mini weren't out yet. I really do hate buying the big ones, I can't even finish half the bottle let alone a third of it before it starts separating.
The color you get in "Burlesque little teasers"
Rising star - warm gold with lustrous fine sparkles
Take the stage - least favorite but very pretty orange
The show must go on - medium amount sparkle hot red pink
Ali big break - I was going to say no to this as it is red but when I tried it on it has a hint of pink minimal sparkle in this. Red is like finding a red lipstick, it's not for everyone. But OPI had done a excellent job with this by adding a hint of pink so that everyone can wear without hesitating
( you know how it's like un-hygienic to try on nail polish but it's so pretty in the bottle…)

The next I also bought, unfortunately in a regular size bottle.
From Burlesque line "Bring on the bling"
Why is it so hard to find a decent nail polish bling?! Finally here is ! With dominant gold sparkled and a touch of colorful sparkles too! Is the sparkly line from Burlesque! you will find that it is injected with so much sparkle that one coat is almost plenty.

Hopefully I will bring myself to buy Joico kpack steam?hot? Damage/mending treatment. Dunno if my clients would use it or it'll just be me. Thoughts??

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Dunbar haunted house

Fri 29 October
Most unfortunately I am covering someone today at work. Soooo… there was no way I could dress up for the haunted house-ness. I could of been one of the ghoulies !! =(
After waiting for a long time and screw ups on the way me made it there at about 7ish and didn't make it in till 10?11?
I didn't feel like I waited that long possibly because I had BB and Helena there. Though annoying thing did happen while in line. There was a group of boys behind us that were maybe having a sugar rush? because they were quite obnoxious and kept harassing the actors and two girls between me and them. Eventually the girls left and we were stuck with them. Great thing though, their "adult" stepped in so that they could run off to get snacks. While we played with sparklers ^_^ bb brought for us to enjoyed and be distracted for good half hour!When they came back it seemed like they were worse, now harassing every actor walking by, and screaming along with little kids that were screaming because they heard the victims in the haunted house screaming. Their so called adult, maybe one of the fathers, told the very obnoxious one " that's enough… stop encouraging the younger kids screaming"
So much for even being firm about it. About five mins later they started up again. Now BB was getting extremely irritated, he finally blew up when one of them screamed in both our ears. BB scolded them and they were a little taken back.
***to hear more about this rant scroll down to the stars*****

going through the haunted house was pretty good XD the only bad thing was we all kind of rushed through it and the traps weren't reset in time for my group. The cutest thing was a girl dressed as a plant, she did give us a scare while she sat in a pot. But she had the cutest voice ever!!
Everything in the house the decoration was top notch almost like a movie!!

I'm amazed … this kind of behavior would never be tolerated in a asian family. First for bothering people in a unfashionable manner. Second for making a fool of themselves screaming (indirectly embarrassing the parent) and lastly having someone else scold the child is ultimate humiliation for the parent,( indirectly telling the parent that they have done a bad job raising the boys.)
I mean the first offense wouldn't be so bad if they were lightly teasing the girls and actors, as a joke but they clearly had gone too far and started bothering other people, why didn't the adult step in ? Is this what white people think that this kind of behavior is acceptable because the boys are young? Or because they act that way too and it's seen as a joke. If your going to accuse me of being racist then according to this, in my life time of all the white people including CBC ive met/chatted with from work/school/random places it seems that 40% of them act like those boys or the parent. At least a favorable 60% i'll most likely meet a well mannered person. So now you say "how about asian people, you forgot to criticize them!"
Okay … uhh they're full of zen and manage to let everything go =P

I'm joking if u couldn't tell !
Asian people …
With most children, god forbid the child indirectly embarrass the parents! When they get home innocently thinking they didn't get yelled at in the car or at the place that they haven't done ne thing wrong, the parent scold the life out of them. Worst case scenario they'll be beat >_< thankfully we are all in Canada !!!
Second dealing with problems most of them ignore it and let it brew inside till they finally explode on innocent soul like their significant other or bff.
Towards other people/kids most likely they let the other person fall and pick up their misfortune if there is ne. Then again a lot of people do it not only Asians.

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