I finally got a spot after returning 30 mins later. I am at their new location in park royal. It seems more popular here than the downtown location.

Today I am having Marco Polo tea. I believe they are one of the few that has imported Mariage Freres tea to Vancouver. I only know about this tea because one of my beloved friends often brews me a cup. I remember her telling me that it has a bit of chocolate in it or something.

I also ordered a lavender earl grey and salted caramel macaron. I am disappointed. One of my friends assured me that they have improved, and brought me some macarons one day. Indeed they did, but as of today I realized that they are inconsistent.  The flavours are good, I love it!! Normally I don't like lavender tasting food, but with earl grey and buttercream it really makes a difference. It has barely an air pocket, and it's not crunchy or chewy. The texture is like a cookie. The salted caramel filling looks like it was melting and curdling. The shell rose enough for this one to have an air pocket and it was crunchy but barely chewy. Both batches of macarons did not sport a pretty skirt =( 

Anyways, on a more cheerful note, the fragrant tea goes very well with the lavender earl grey macaron. The two together almost tastes like some sort of milk shake!

The first time I reviewed this cafe/bakery, I rated it so-so. Today I give them 65%
They've improved in their recipes by reducing the amount of sugar. However it's hard not to be impatient when the line up is out the door and there is only one person serving and doing cashier. Shouldn't it be all hands on deck? I know the owner is there and there is 4+ employees somewhere ..

This location doesn't seem to handle large crowds well even though they are bigger. Their recipes have improved so I shall be back in a while to try again!

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