Apparently this is a waffle


There has been talk about this little shop in crystal mall for sometime. I never bother because the "crepe" out there are all sale $5 for a flap of undercooked dough with over kill of whip cream.

Apparently the crepe like morsel I am to enjoy is a waffle?
It's very nice, maybe they're using a waffle batter instead? On a hot plate? Resulting in a more cookie like crepe?

Who knows! But it's really good!

A new discovery


I'm glad to have finally found a sort of new dessert place. It's nice, quiet and opens not that late but late enough. Excellent view and non stale or freezer burn,desert platter at a more affordable price. Their orange creme brulle is deffinetly worth order a full size of =D

My favorite beer


My new favorite is Guinness stout with vanilla ice cream.

The two together is divine. They just keep forever complimenting each other on my tongue. It's just beautiful. 

Bitter sweet yet finally can taste there is more in Guinness bitter stout. There is a herbal aromatic note only cream and sugar could bring out. 

Made my own soy hotpot


If you ever want to make your own "don't add water"

"asian soy milk" and stock. 
1:0.5 ratio I think or maybe less stock.

I'm still working on this

Pearl Castle


I Amos addicted to soy milk hot pot recently I just had to try the one pearl castle to !

I can't say it was good or bad it was really weird. (two different hot pots were ordered) for some odd reason both were sweet?  Mine is even weirder with the vanilla specs in it... Sort of taste like vanilla hot  pot... Ewww

Cloud 9


Beautiful isn't it? 

Don't ever bother going. I just plain out don't understand how this can happen. How can the desert sampler be so bad?
The puff and cookies are stale, cakes have ever burn and the creme brulé is dried out. The best tasting component in this is the fresh fruit and canned peaches...

Ask for Luigi


Ask for Luigi.
305 Alexander st.
Don't forget your reservations because your going to need it. A tiny place situated on cute corner of a street. They are like pidgin but with far less sketch. It seems the new era of blooming semi to gourmet restaurants pick the most awkward but probably extremely affordable location possible.

Anyways.. Today I'm having

(im sorry but I can't help my dirty mind but laugh)
Luigi's Meatballs (3pc)
It is very tasty. Whatever their secret ingredient is, it's amazing. My only comment would be "lay off the baking soda!" the portion of this is plenty to go around for 2people but the texture! Am I still eating meat? Because its almost like those beef meat balls at dim sum =(

Pappardelle and duck ragu
I know in the picture, it doesn't look like much and when they placed it in front of me I thought so too. I like how they stress "these dishes are made to share, you know, family style" 

It's true! share this delicious small portion looking like dish of freshly made pasta. Which has exact right amount of sauce (though again it doesn't look Iike it has much sauce) 

Nothing in this restaurant is as it seems. Their menu looks and sounds simple,and it even makes you think you can make it at home. How should I put this.... Don't bother, leave it up to the pros, just come to this non pretentious restaurant =)

Nothing better then a surprise


Could you imagine how shocked i was at work when I turned around to see this?
How fast did you lay this out lol?!

My 5th recipe


I can tell you that I can't cook very well, let alone come up with a recipe too! But I can tell you I have tenacity to keep trying. This is my first version of nabeyaki ramen. I love nabeyaki udon but I don't like udon I have replace many ingredients also because I can't find what I'm looking for. I still need to replace what I have replaced becaause the taste is missing something...

Oh and I felt so odd/smart thinking that nobody has yet to do nabe and ramen together 
I was wrong!

"Nabeyaki ramen has been eaten since after World War Ⅱ. A man called Taniguchi Hyoma opened “Taniguchi shokudou....”

This is actually great news I now have something to compare with and aspire to

You're hot and you're cold - "U&I Thai"


It's hot and it's cold..!

As I sat at the restaurant, you can feel the heat from the kitchen. It isn't like the warmth from the heater. It's was like sitting next to a fire, you could feel the burn on your cheeks. Whatever was going on they tried to regulate the temperature and opened the back door. Holy mother... A huge gust of fresh icy wind came rushing in. If they keep going at this rate I'm going to be sick. 

Heres another shot at Thai. I am in love with eating pad thai! This restaurant makes an exceptional pad Thai. I love thinness of the noodle. The rich and exotic flavors blooming in my mouth!

I also tried their green curry. Even though it was a little too sweet, it was so good with the chicken, egg plant and bamboo shoots. I personally dont like bamboo shoots, it's just this weird texrure and taste but this! This curry worked with the ingredient and as a result it's something I can accept.

Both dishes were a little sweet, I suspect this is to cater to the western tongue. Over all, nothing grossly over priced, and decent atmosphere. Hope they fix that temperature problem.

First meal of the new year is to eat like a...


"The first meal of the year is the most important" saids Gordana, "it will determine the rest of your year, you must eat well."

And did we ever! This year a few of the guest were sick =( that's too bad because this means more home made fondue for all of us!

Bread and spread? Of artichoke+something and baba ghanoush

Tomato bisque? With Creme fraîche

Fondue with cauliflower bread and fruits

Chocolate fondue with strawberries and raspberry

Cheese plate ... Soooo good....

Sixth (just in case we were still hungry)
Potatoe gratin 

And of course ever flowing champagne and wine

We ate from 1230? Till 7pm. Sometimes I feel so lucky to by chance met Gordana and her family, even more lucky to be invited for dinner... I just wish there is some way I could show? Give? More gratitude. I can imagine my life would be quite bleak without them.

Dear Diary


Every year i try my hardest to keep a schedule / diary thing. However it's almost always after a few months, I start to forget to write in it. I find it a hassle dragging a book around. Some people ask why not carry a smaller schedule? That is because I need a very specific planner.

Each month shown in grid format
Weekly section with a substantial space for me to literally write about the day.

This one  time I opted for a App, and guess what? My phone crashed and all of my entries are lost. 

I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world~ NYE


This year i couldn't decide what to do. I didn't want to do this or that but a "want" to do something.
I did my makeup and hair early but still I was late. I manage to get one selfie, and I am quite surprised! I look a lot like plastic!

The party, me and my friends went to turned okay! Once we all settle down and realize we narrowly missed count down everybody rushed out. I was a daze trying to open the champagne and then rushing out to only realized I rushed out alone. Alone ..amongst the couples snogging with fireworks and screaming in the background. it was a moment in time that I felt was soooo slow and felt like I had stood there for a few moments. Then it was like everything sped forward, people started to look out into the fantastic view of the water and light up a cigarette. I perched on a rail, lit myself one, and enjoyed the view and thought of "what have I done this year?" with that my answer had found me and came to hug/kiss me.

Boxing day


Awesome view for breakfast and spritzer to dull out the hang over

Finally waking up after a very long sleep and crawl'n over to Shan and Jamie's place for brunch AND making it ^_^ it's time for shopping! I'm feeling like I'm being rewarded!

What can I say about boxing day? There's some good sales but most things that I wanted where not. I found a bubble bar at lush and split the bogo free discount with Jamie ^_^ she got a massage bar =) then we went over, to see what dear heart was looking at. Heart's at Danier, because for the whole year, dearheart has been eyeing a particular jacket. Finally it's boxing day sale and the price is still the same =( the funny thing is that when she tried it on, she looked really butchy. there was another jacket with a much more slender and cleaner cutting that was cheaper. They only had a XXS but we needed the next size down =(, it doesn't have to be smaller but leather stretches so it's always better to get a smaller size.

We went to the bay and I introduced Illamasqua to Jamie, she got her clubbing make up done ! And their cosmetics sale today was $25 off of $75? Purchase
I too, was sold and bought the highlighter and their brush 

Anyways I was pretty beat, but had to make a stop by sephora and ever new.

At ever new, i ran around the store trying to look for this shirt i'I've been eyeing for some time, it's has beautiful lace! It wasn't much of a sale, but I'll  take that 25% off! Jamie help me find a skirt (I wasn't planning to buy a skirt) but at already 40% off with additional 25% off why not? My total for top and bottom $60

Later on went back to the bay for a make over and then off to Christmas clubbing.

Ever New - lace blouse one piece, gold brocade skirt
Illamasqua - blush up brush, gleam high lighter

Christmas dinner and left overs


almost forgot to show Christmas dinner! I helped in the morning preparing the chicken!
Just before we baked it off I
Bacon wrapped it!!! 

After eating I finished up cutting the chicken for tomorrows nom-alishious brunch

Santa definitely dropped by!


I can't believe how thoughtful everybody presents were! Thank you so much guys! Ya'll have no idea how happy I am^_^ and grateful!

I know I'm not suppose to pick any favorites but it's hard not to!


Is that for me ^_^?


Ciaté dangerous affair
Icing holiday red glitter
Deborah Lippman boom boom pow  

Secret Santa for MeiMei & DaVinci


It came the very next day! A box full of chew toys and a few sticker for me tool!
I cant believe I got something too!!

That is a picture of me all excited laying out their toys and as I turn around I see this.

=_=... How do you know it's for you?!

MeiMei pissy Christmas


I did a online chinchilla secret santa! It's almost Christmas and no presents =(
Maybe they forgot..?
MeiMei sure seems pissed..


I am revisiting my paradise ! We made bangles and painted nail(maybe I'm good with kids?) and ate awesome food by Chef Gordana! She always makes the best everything !
How awesome to spend Christmas brunch here?!

If she ever had a restaurant, I would eat there everyday.

Chef Viki ?


My attempt making fondue for the first time, recipe provided by Burgoo!
Wasn't the best and it took forever, god dam it. 
However 30 mins into eating the fondue, suddenly all the flavor kicked in!

Am I suppose to let fondue rest while heated?

Christmas lights


Some people put in hard work!

Recession,depression, The Christmas blues


My favorite type of meal, especially more enioyble during the holidays.I had my wonderful brunch on  half of the counter table as I watched shoppers come and go.  A customer came over to pay. So  I put away the prosciutto and she put down the product...but  before I could move the lunch box away she shoved the product in the middle of the table. needless to say, all the contents were spilled on to the floor. she didn't even look surprised or apologetic, just straight faced and didn't care. She apologized a few times. All I could do to disguise my hurt and near tears is to quickly duck and pick up everything off the floor. Then I proceeded to be very nice to this woman and offer free wrapping and whatever.

Normally one would, apologize profusely and later on bring back a muffin or smth. 

I find this Christmas people are unwilling to spend and strongly do not want any help from sales. 
Yes I'm here to sell you something but i dont have to hard sale you i can also socialize too!

Around this time of year I start up chats with people by saying things like

How's the Christmas shopping going?

Usually people warm up, and to further warm them up you ask

What's the coolest present you found this year?

From that, customers open up and chat, to either kill you're own boredom at work or they let you know what they're really looking for.

But I keep getting unrelated answers that really piss me off

"oh I'm good, how are you?"
"just looking thanks"

I didn't ask you how you were or what youre doing, what is with there people? This Christmas everybody is like brain dead, hardly cheerful. Even santa seem a bit off.

I obviously held my tongue.

Infuriated this year I took it out on wrapping their gifts, I even bought the glitter pen at work to make the final touches.

Their apologetic awe when they came back to pick up their perfectly wrapped presents. Their facial expression changes from gloom to happy, which made my day much better. Hopefully, their day will have more holiday cheers.

20 napkiner and earnest icecream

If you haven't already notice my new favorite place is Craft beer market. I am back here AGAIN with one of my besties. This time I wanted to brave a certain something on the menu.

20 napkin burger
Two 8oz burgers, 4oz brisket, crispy bacon, beer infused cheese, garnished with a mini burger.

From that description I literally thought they were describing to me a burger slider(like two small seperate burgers with a mini burger on top of it) It was a giantgantic burger with 2 8oz patties inside garnished with mini burger on top.

It's pretty good, and don't forget to bring a friend to share, heck bring an extra friend because it can at least feed 3 or painfully stuff 2 people.

Earnest Icecream

Yea yea I know I just finished a giant ass burger and now I'm having icecream?
I know =)

I've been hearing a buzz about this place for sometime, so I'm glad to finally try it. I'm particularly curious about the whiskey hazelnut and it's pretty good. Made of fresh local ingredients it's a light hazelnut icecream with a breath of whiskey.

Happy birthday Jamie!


Best things to do for birthdays are shots, especially these ones in a chocolate cup.  

Nicli Antica Pizzeria


It is one of the better upscale pizzeria out here in Vancouver and its not bad, other then the fact I find them a little over priced.

My favorite is always the margherita. Simplistic, fresh, and tasty. In the picture, the massive burnt blister is their signature, as ive been told by others. Who knew burnt pizza was a thing?
They provided rosemary and/or chilli flake oil to go with the pizza which really gave it the final touch for it. I don't know..the pizza should be complete but you need oil to complete it? The oil should only be the cherry on top, not the icing.

The dough is rolled real thin, especially in the centre. Thin crust  suppose to be a plus, right? However it can barely hold up the scarce amount of, I would hope is fresh or house made, tomato sauce. Let alone, holding up the toppings. And let me add one more thing, it won't be long till its soggy.

Honestly I haven't tasted authentic Italian pizza, but I'm sure as hell feel that it isn't a super upscale thing. How upscale can pizza be? The feel from this restaurant is almost like there should be some weird wild and exotic ingredients that can not be found anywhere in the world but in a specific meadow on a island in the Bermuda triangle.

Hmm... I'm not sure where my post is going...

It's pretty good pizza, but its kind of expensive.

62 E Cordova St. Vancouver BC V6A 1KA

Fat beggars




It's a very beautiful place. It's great for a date too. I thought its amazing, but there was a rowdy party group which made it all the less romantic. the feel at this restaurant is like a modern elegant sort of lounge.

If you can't tell by the picture, this is a Thai restaurant. Usually I'm quite standoff-ish for Thai food because of this one bad incident in childhood, has put me off.

We ordered pad thai, smth pork, and rotti.

The pad thai is amazing, I really like this dried thin tasty noodles! There are surprises in this too! It's even got prawns =D yummy!

Smth pork. (daily feature)
They must of used way to much fish sauce because I don't think pork is suppose to be fishy starting to go badtasting.

Rotti is rotti! If a restaurant cannot make something so simple, you should not go there.

    • Address: 1938 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M5

Anna Sui event by Kimee


I have to say this is one of the most fabulous event put together, thanks to Kimee. It's so much better then just afternoon tea. How about treats and make over?!

I'm an idiot and didn't have foundation on (rushing from work). I went to the next booth over at Illamasqua to try on foundation. Also because Ive heard great comments about it. I was sold, dam it!

Anna Sui  make up artist made me over, and I fell in love with two things. 

Rose cheek color - 600 antique rose
Ugliest color on the table of blushes I wouldn't even think of trying it on. She put it on me and I loved it.

Rose ring rouge - 30?
The color is nice and it shows on my lips quite well. I also gets an accessory to wear so why not?

Originally I wanted to buy the refill transparent loose powder. I'm not sure why, but they stock the box and powder set but not the refills =_=... I also want the pretty hair brush and the fairy wand as well.

At one point in my life I was quite obsessed with Anna Sui everything. Then one day I got sick of the rose scent. I still like everything of theirs but I'm going to just apply only one or two make up products from them. Their signature scent is very overwhelming.

Today is full of gifts! Gift with purchase, and a birthday gift from Jen! Thanks!
I hear word that maybe there is a spring party as well. I'm looking forward to that!

モモ ちゃん


I have received Christmas spirit and made it into モモちゃん throne and permanent home.

My day started with a..


My day started with spotting this cute vending machine at PC. Tweet for a free bear, that's what you get!

Not long after its time for Christmas market AND craft beer market! Again.

Did you know they have gluten free beer?

Nero Belgian Waffle bar

They're Waffles aren't bad. Their seating is horrible.
So if you ever pass by and it's quiet go on in. 

So my irritated 5cents ( from a different day)

There was only 1 group of 5ppl in front of me. The wait shouldn't be too long. We had already waited 30 mins (paying downtown meter is expensive) and at 45min mark a pair had left.
Took them 10 mins to notice and clean up. They wouldn't give us the table first, because the group of 5 is in front of us and they're hoping that the small table next to the empty table will also clear eventually. Get this! They have two large tables as well which are unfortunately full. 

Isn't it logical to seat 2 ppl group first? Most likely 1of the 2 large tables will open up when that occupied small table will free up. Which in that case you would have finished serving 4 people? 

They're not very efficient serving approx 18ppl seat cafe when they only serve waffles, with limited choices of toppings and for some very odd reason the 3 manning the front (waffle station, cash and coffee machine) is stressed out.

It's small cafe and I know it's rude and you can't ask people to leave but you can let them know they have 45min seating limit before they start so that everyone can have a fair chance to come to the restaurant. 

Waffle cost about $8 and you have 4 employees. Customers cannot sit for over an hr otherwise the the business is loosing money.
Min hourly pay is $10ish, they would need sell $40+ in profit after deducting pay, rent, electricity and water to stay a float @_@...

Blahblah I'm word vomiting

Elf hats ? Or Christmas condoms ?


Elf hats ? Or Christmas condoms ?

Whichever it is, me and my partner in crime dished out 80+ cookies

And they were all gobbled up immediately !

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree!


O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so bright and pink;
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so bright and pink;
You're always out and collecting dust,
But you're always a cheerful sight.
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging!

Perfect card for that special someone!


Victoria Secret Holiday


I desperately wanted those cute booties for winter because I want to be more productive at home. It's hard to get out of bed and believe me I got my house coat on and a t shirt (normally I don't wear pants, I have the oversized t shirt thing going) AND I'm wearing pants!!! But my little piggies just freezing over here!

I phoned all the VSand Pink store  in Vancouver for these and there are none =(

Metropolis had a few pairs of size L (I need a medium) so I went over to VS anyways to put my hunt to rest. 

Behold! the large size does not fit me, as I try to convince myself they do. The sales sees me and gladly checks the other bins for a medium. She assured me they're scattered through out the store, and to give her a chance to look around. Disheartened, I sat and waited ... Already knowing what the answer was, since I phoned yesterday.

Usually Victoria Secret has very good manners and it's one of those days! She brought me a pair of M that fit perfectly =D

 went to pay and notice their signature puppy dolls behind the cash counter. I asked jokingly "oh are those display only??"
Cashier tells me "they're gift with purchase." Over joyed I asked my love "which color matches the rainbow one I have at home ?"

It must be my lucky day because she gave me one of each, and so for the 5th day of Christmas VS gave to me

アルパッカソ メニア!


I have received モモちゃん from my dearheart ^_~ and maid version from my BFF
I don't have any stockings up but there is a advent calendar going on!

In the festive mood!

Got these clips from icing just for work!

Birthday dinner at Pidgin


We are finally here at the most talked about restaurant in Vancouver named Pidgin. It is located next to the extremely sketchy pigeon Park, but I'm glad there is a police car parked not too far away. I wondered if the police car is permanently park there because of how popular this restaurant is.

The first thing we ate was the half squab with pickled vegetables and apples. Which was shockingly plated with a roasted curled up claw of squab. It was very very moist and delicious, the best around I have to say. However for $25 for half a pigeon and bits of pickled vegetables is a little bit much.

Next we had the pork belly, Asian pear kimchi and quail egg(omg the yolk is too cooked!!!). It's taste like kakuni perfectly soft and tasty. I would have preferred a touch of sesame oil but it was drowning in it's own fatty oil. Don't get me wrong! This is very tasty and a I recommend it to anyone but beware of its oilyness!!

For dessert we had a Horlick mousse? with seafoam. Now that! my friends, should bring back some good old memories or the feeling that you are in hk at some dirty cafe. But here we are, when we open our eyes, we are at a nice semi formal chic restaurant enjoying Horlick with a bit of seafoam.

I feel that this place is expensive for what they're serving but I can taste the skill and time it takes to make perfection in this plate that I am enjoying.

Pidgin is a special occasion restaurant or book a reservation during late night service. Which ranges between $4-12