VDO2014 - Chambar $38


I give up, it's like I never get to use my own computer! I can't get a hold of the appetizer pictures, I was dumb forgot to extract them.

I'm not really sure where to begin with Chambar. We ate so much it's ridiculous!

Have you guys noticed the better pictures since the last post?? That's because I'm stealing my dad's photos!! Also.. Because it was too dark to take photos with my phone.

Les petits plats

Charred baby carrots, macerated kale. Crisp pappadum. Pomegranate. Tahini &miso emulsion. Espelette vinaigrette
-I didn't try this one but according to Grams she loved it!

Gamas et chorizo
Olive oil poached prawns grilled chorizo escabeche vegetables avacado & peruvian peppers
- prawns tasted delicious, I ate it too fast and forgot about the chorizo

Choux fleur et topinambour
Cauliflower soup, barbequed sunchokes scallions mint pistou
- I love soup.. It was divine. What is up with restaurants using sunchokes. It's like a trending thing with chefs =) or maybe the name is cool?

Foie de canard “villa Lorraine” +$8
Spiced foie gras terrine port reduction kriek granita truffled brioche french toast
-finally something I can tell you about!
I love truffle oil I love it even more in a toasted brioche. I don't think I've ever had whole brioche before. Let me tell you, I didn't want to share... The brioche had a buttery flavor .. Light fluffy texture but with just enough weight in it to be bread ( maybe lots of eggs??) it was heaven!! As if that was not enough, I got a good slice of pate. Perfectly spiced with a slight sweetness from the port ...served up slightly melting on warn brioche bun... As I write this now a month later oh how I wish I wish I wish! I could re-live this moment again.

Les grosses pieces

Duo de truites
Cured&pan seared steelhead trout,swiss chard, sultana capers, shavedzucchini, meyer lemon & parsnip puree mustard sauce
Okay I think it's very funny that people would order this. Well I ordered it before (sides were different back then) but it was just as pathetic looking as it is now. Maybe they could have the fish serving a little bigger so it's more visually satisfying?? Let me tell you, it's cooked beautifully. But I wouldn't pay much for it.

Moules frites “vin blanc”
Mussles white wine butter celery & leeks corse black pepper
- I came here for this, my favorite. Every part of it was perfect. The only sad sad part was too much wine! They practically drowned it! Might as well call this drowned and drunk mussels with butter and celery ! It had so much wine that it became bitter.

Canard aux marrons
Spice rubbed duck breast wild berry chestnut hummus Brussels sprouts & pistachios
-standing ovation. It was cooked perfectly! I was worried that it was going to be some weird Asian fusion dish. Grams and my dad had this. I got some, I got a good helping too... =)

L’entrecote grille +$10
10 oz new York 100% natural Okanagan angus beef, celeriac & boquefort remoulade. Pomme boulangere. Black pepper & shallot jam
- isn't this disappointing. What happened? I mean it was a great piece of steak but that's it! All this extra stuff didn't taste very good. I remember years ago it was amazing. Perfectly cooked steak and lemon herb ? Butter on top and some boiled potatoes and gourmet sausages as sides and some green stuff..

Le dessert

Chocolate brule 
Chocolate espresso torte apricot puree pecan brittle caramelized apple lemon ice cream
- it was very refreshing with the lemon icecream

Meli melo de fruits
Coconut raspberry panna cotta green apple sorbet macerated asian pear
-I'm not a fan of coconut but I am a fan of panna cotta =D it was a very contradicting taste and feeling in my mouth. 

Selection of cheese tomato jam mulled wine jelly and mixed nuts
I didn't really want to order this, I wanted the other two but my parents insisted. My favorite was the blue cheese with roasted tomato jam? I'm not usually accepting of blue cheese but this was pretty good. Lately , my dad is really into cheese. He liked the ?? Cheese with cherry wine jam!
The Brie with nuts and cracker was okay. I think they could have been more successful with a good size and cut of a triple cream Brie with all the same sides they provided and maybe some of that brioche too ;)

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