You're hot and you're cold - "U&I Thai"


It's hot and it's cold..!

As I sat at the restaurant, you can feel the heat from the kitchen. It isn't like the warmth from the heater. It's was like sitting next to a fire, you could feel the burn on your cheeks. Whatever was going on they tried to regulate the temperature and opened the back door. Holy mother... A huge gust of fresh icy wind came rushing in. If they keep going at this rate I'm going to be sick. 

Heres another shot at Thai. I am in love with eating pad thai! This restaurant makes an exceptional pad Thai. I love thinness of the noodle. The rich and exotic flavors blooming in my mouth!

I also tried their green curry. Even though it was a little too sweet, it was so good with the chicken, egg plant and bamboo shoots. I personally dont like bamboo shoots, it's just this weird texrure and taste but this! This curry worked with the ingredient and as a result it's something I can accept.

Both dishes were a little sweet, I suspect this is to cater to the western tongue. Over all, nothing grossly over priced, and decent atmosphere. Hope they fix that temperature problem.

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